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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Exhibition & "Love Ye"

I'm getting ready for Ku-RingGai Art Society exhibition in St Ives shopping centre.
Mona Vale Road St Ives
Monday 15 to Sunday 21 March
9am to 5:30pm
(9pm on Thursday)

I'm going to submit the "Acorns and Leaves" at $150, framed 32by28cm. Gulp. I hope someone will be a "step mom/dad" for my little work.

By the way, sometimes or often people ask me "How did you learn drawing?" while I am sketching. Oh, that's a good question. But I do not know how and where... That question puzzles me. I only can say Little Sadami was enjoying drawing at a very early stage of life. It might be before a kindy. "I wanted to draw and did it. Self taught," is my dead honet answer.

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In reply, I ask, "If you ask a bird "Why do you sing? Where did you learn it?," how can they answer?" All the people, with a big smile, get what I mean and quietly leave me alone working on sketching.

Or some people enjoy a chat with me over drawing. They say, "I can't draw like you. I only can draw a stick figure."
I say, "Great! Everyone begins wtih a stick figure! Can you draw a line?" Anyone nods. "Good. Can you make a circle?" Anyone says, "Yes." "If so, NO PROBLEM. You can do it! Please remember when you were young, how much you enjoyed drawing, didn't ye? Joy must come first. I think, at some stage, children get hurt by adults's comments on their work, such as parents and teachers's say and stop it." The listener always nods more and tells me an individual story. I encourage them, "If so, please remember your young days and do it like a child. Enjoy it."
Like this song, "Love you." And I love you,too, Friends.

Parents often ask me to teach children. "No, they are my teachers. They are geniuses," is my answer.
A very shame, if we, adults and our competitive value system steps over talented and sensitive children.
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Of course, we, fine artists try competitions. Not all of us can get prizes. But ultimately, the criterion of pirzes are questionable, becuase it depnds on judges' value.
I'd like to pass on this wonderful say to the broken hearted people after missing out prizes.

"Rejction means you are one step closer to your goal,"

and let us work on our styles.

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