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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homeless people

I helped food service for homeless people for the first time as a volunteer. There are many homeless people. Our service is run by a local church. A bus comes fortnight Saturday evening at Town Hall. I was a bit late for helping the service. Most food was gone just in twenty minutes. The staff told me, "Quick. In a few minutes, gone!" Ooops, I did not know it. With given gloves on, I handed out dessert and waited for late comers.

The bus has computers and telephones for homeless people. So, they can access internet and ring up someone they want to talk.

Female staff appeared to be popular among homeless guys?! (*always short staff and a few female volunteers.)
One homeless man talked to me. Very much mumbling. Another staff whispered me, "Sadami, I can't get what he says and he comes to you too close." From another staff's eyes, I might take a risk
with this drunkerd or might be a drug user. But I was convinced that man really, really wanted to be heard by someone. No harm.

The man kept telling me his story. A long story. I listened to him very well. He began to tell me how other family members treated him "kindly." He talked to our team leader, too. Then, he came back to me and asked,
"Do you come next time?"
" Yes."
The homeless guy with dirty beard took my hand (in a glove) and kissed it like a noble gentleman.

After the service, the staff had a discussion on today's work. They invited me. It was really good to have a frank talk about each one's job. The staff and I talked over the man and how to help him. We learned a lot, encouraged each other and prayed. This small church's great work moved me and touched me...

In my eyes, homeless people seemed to be very lonely and exhausted with life. First of all, the people want to grab food. Then, they want to be heard. Not many homeless people were cheerful.
They want someone to listen to them. When the bus was gone, I saw stars in the sky. The homeless people went back to silence and loneliness again. I hope our tiny help makes a bit difference for our society.


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