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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I assume creativity and imagination comes out of emotions.
When I see subjects, something moves me and I make it into drawings and paintings. Honest, I cannot tell what drives me for art work in language. So, I try to express what I feel in drawing and painting before my feelings are gone. Quick, quick! Work, work!

But Friends, I believe each person has a different channel of an inner world.

I often imagine....
a long, long time ago, say, in a Stone age, people gathered around a fire, looking at a beautiful sunset in silence. It was a long day after tough hunting. The colors of the sky moved each of the people. Then...

One began to sing.
One began to utter a word.
One began to paint it on a rock.
One began to give another a big hug, and so on.
...civilization : music, language, art, religion and culture was born. Although I might be too optimistic or simple, I feel we can understand one another, because we can share same feelings.

In addition, when I was at high school, I always made portraits of famous authors printed in a literature text book. Their unhappy faces in old fashioned costumes amused me more than boring classes. Other students and my friends really loved my graffiti that became so popular. Quite fun.

Moreover, when I was at uni, I secretly made a cartoon of a professor and submitted it with my essay writing assignment. The linguistics lecturer had a sense of humour and enjoyed my doodle, even though my score was on the 'border line' to pass the unit.

By chance,
I had an opportunity to show other professors my art works. How beautifully the lecturers employed language to talk about my work! That was "Art of language," indeed. Their comments impressed me so much. On the contrary, I had no idea how to say it with words. I felt language was not a good communication methods for me.

Certainly and proudly, I got "I'm a dunce. A country of language is not a place for me to settle down." I set off to immigrant to a country of art. Today, I've settled down and happy.

Guys, if you are students and wondering which way to go, try any direction and find something your favorite. Finding a future direction is much like searching a gold mine under a ground. I believe each one has something valuable. It wants to be discovered by you!

Anyway, back to the subject.
Drawing and painting is universal language. Anyone all over the world can understand drawing and loves it. I believe we can understand one another in art that overcomes any differences such as race, politics, religion, culture, language, space, time, distance etc, etc.

Let's make doodles! Your doodles would be a historical heritage million years later like cave men's graffiti.



  1. 色々想像すると楽しいですよね。
    石器時代ですか・・・ この絵、大好きです♪

    It is happy when a variety of imagining it.
    Is it the Stone Age.....
    It ..this picture.. loves.
    Purity, earnestness, and warmth are transmitted.

  2. Dear ランシオさん、
    ありがとう!想像力と想像力って、人間に与えられた最高の能力だと思うの。それは天翔る翼なのです。この絵、私も大好きです。パっとひらめいて、ホンの30分かしら。仕上げました。大好きな夕焼けを思い出してるから、もう、夢中。それとwet in wet が楽しくて! あなたの作品楽しみにしています!

    Dear Rancio,
    Thanks! Imagination and creativity are the wings given to humans. They enable us to fly across the sky! I really enjoyed this cartoon. Especially, my favorite sunset and wet-in-wet excited me so much. I look forward to your work, too.