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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sketching is fun.

I always go outside with papers and a handmade tiny water
color kit. I love quick drawings. My favorite subjects are people.

Sketching is a meeting point for me and people. Anyone loves drawing and painting. Some people talk to me and want to be my models.

Face expression is a very fascinating theme. I often go to a junk food shop or a cafe and sketch people day and night. Each one's face tells me a life stroy without a word. Indeed, most of them are silent and alone.

I do not use a camera or photos. With my own eyes, I observe anything and everything like a new born baby.
Michelangelo and Rembrantd did not have a camera. Lautrec did not use Photoshop. I know great artists made their astonishing works without technology. I also love having a look of great artists' quick drawings. From their croquis, I've learned a lot. They sketched anything at anywhere. I believe tens of thousands of croquis enabled famous artists to make their incredible works.

Often I hear some people say the word, "talent" and give up drawing soon or already. I partially agree with the view that talent could be important. But not vital, I believe. As far as I know, none of great artists became great without manmos efforts. No one achieves anything w
ith only a gifted talent. Behind the artists' fantastic works, there should have been their tens of thousands of unknown croquis or messes. So, it encourages me.

I just keep drawing! Above all, joy must come first. Otherwise, why do I pick up a pencil or a brush?
Let's have fun, Friends!!



  1. ランシオです。
    It is rancio.
    It came immediately to come.
    The touch of the picture of Sadami is good.
    I think envying in the atmosphere that cannot be drawn in me.
    Person's expression is wonderful.

  2. ランシオさん、ありがとう!うれしい!!あなたのcommentがちゃんと日本語で出たので最高!!で、headderに日本語を入れました。どうぞ、遊びに来てください。私もあなたのwebsiteとblogに遊びに行きます。 賞めてくださっててれてしまうわ。あなたのコンピュターテクニックを私は羨ましく思っています。いつか教えていただきたいです。
    Thanks, Rancio! I'm very happy to get your comment in Japanese!! Come and have a chat with me. I really admire your "computer skills" that's amazing! Teach me one day.