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Monday, March 15, 2010

Be What You Are

Friends, what a hectic life!
Tears and Laughs are next door?!

Bad news, first.
My watercolor, "Acorns and Leaves" did not get through a selection. I picked it up
in the morning.

But once, I wrote about it ;

"Rejection means you are one step closer to your goal,"
is ture.
Now, the bad news turns out fruitful and good news!

By chance, other members looked at my daily sketches of people in vivid colors and spontaneous style. Yes, Friends, you know my quick watercolors in this blog.

"Wow! Different person!! These works are done by a different person!! You submitted a wrong work. If you
replace this work with the one(in a frame), soon someone will buy it," the oldest artist cried out with a surprise.

...gee... I was told that portraits were hard to sell. So, I've never submitted any portraits or human figures for exhibitions.

"No, you got wrong information. This work is not a portrait.(The artist picked up my quick watercolor of a band playing music.) Colourful. Lively. Oh, clever...! Next time, submit this. " She continued,
"Heart. Listen to your heart. Be honest (with yourself)."

Her say reminded me of the most precious thing,
"Be what you are."

I appreciated my rejection that became a clue to know my style.

Also, Australian Society of Authors is my guardian angel. Experienced illustrators and the staff gave me a good strategy how to negotiate the Centre at an annual meeting last Saturday.

My quick watercolors of an new ASA executive and a guest speaker, Tom Keneally caught other members eyes. Impressed members kindly offered me more help. Oh, so lovely and I'm relieved.

From now on, I will only make what I want to do. I'm a portraitist and picture book illustrator. Nothing else.I do not need to be someone else. Otherwise, I will make a junk.

I just remember the most impressive say
in a psychology lecture at uni. I do not know who said this. It goes...

"I can no longer be a "victim-of-my-problem," it involves taking responsibilities. No longer just seeking to explain how we have become who we are, but working on how we can become what we are not yet."

The acorns have certainly showed me a way to go. Some of my friends looked forward to seeing me at the exhibition, but let us keep that joy till a next exhibition.

Go your own way, Sadami, go!


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