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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Archibald 2010 "Size is Matter:Small is Powerful and Sexy"

Today, I enjoyed Archibald. 2010 winner is Sam Leach. Sam made a record that the smallest work won the prize.
Many people looked at his work. The work-- small and based on a traditional style-- won it.

In the evening, the NSW Gallery had an interviewing of the winner. I was one of the crowd and sketched Sam. He confidently answered an interviewer's questions. I focused on his body language and quickly sketched my impression.
After the talk show, I met him in person. He got a bit surprised at my quick watercolor, but happily singed it. Other people, too, got impressed with my work. He cheered me up so much.

Apart from the first prize work, I felt, "The Previous Life" done by Apple Yin was very interesting among the finalists.
The work combined different religious worlds togehter. There were a few small works and most workds were so big.

To challenge it or not to challenge it-- that's the question.
I had a headache for years. When I thought of my tiny watercolor work, I did not have guts to submit it. Most of works are so huge. As big as a wall! (No kidding, Friends!) Oil or acrylics or mixed media is a main stream. Watercolor is hardly found. What it worse, Archibald requires to frame a watercolor work. (*Canvas work does not need it.) If I make a bigger work, framing costs my fortune.
But today, Sam's work inspired me and Sam encouraged me so much. I will keep trying it, even though I may not get through a selection forever. I will try it with my own style in watercolor.

I keep what I am and will become what I can be.


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