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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sketching Makes Us Friends

Sketching outside is really a fun!

I sketched Town Hall. It took an hour to finish this work. I start drawing with a pen directly on a paper. Once, drawing is finished, putting colors is an exciting and happy job. I smile, sing and dance on a street. Well, I also feel some people begin to look at me from my back. (*Thank you very much for your kindness not to disturb me.)

Some people gave me nice comments. They made me warm, even though winds were a little bit cold for sketching outside and sitting in a building shadow. Mmmm....autumn. Leaves that were green turn to burnt sienna, red, orange and yellow. Beautiful.

On my way home, I saw a young artist offering others freebie caricatures. We enjoyed sketching each other.

While I was sketching him, young people came around us. Ah, that's it! Art is universal language that anyone can understand and loves it!

These days, many artists have begun to join my blog.
Thank you for visiting my blog. Your cheers are great encouragements. I'm learning lots from other blogs.

I hope I will upload good work that many people can enjoy.



  1. Dear Sadami,
    I am truly impressed by such wonderful work, thanks for sharing. Discover your space has been an important event for me. I would get to paint like that someday, although I know that never achieve it. (Sorry for my poor English).

    Congratulations for your art!

  2. Dear Carmen, (*your English is excellent!!)
    Thank you for your encouragements. I really love your work and thoughts in the blog. Me, too, love philosophy and poems. Like you, I am self-taught. I’m learning lots from you about landscapes and still life. Anyone and mother nature is my teacher. But also I’m on the way to discover “who I am” and “be what I can be.” Encounter with myself through art activities. You, too, congratulations on your style and great achievements!! Let us share your wonderful work.
    Wish I could see you in person one day!!
    Kind regards and smile,

  3. Hola Sadami, eres una gran artista, me encanta tu blog y tus retratos son increibles, sobre todo hechos en vivo, he difrutado mucho viendolos y seguiré haciendolo, saludos.

  4. Dear Francis,
    Thank you so much. Me, too, enjoy your blog and am learning lots from how you handle water,light,mood & people in landscapes. Please keep up your wonderful work. I'll visit your blog!
    Kind regards and smile,

    >>Francis wrote
    Hello, Sadami, you're a great artist, I love your blog and your pictures are amazing, especially live events, I enjoy kiting a lot and will continue seeing them, salutations.

  5. Oh, thank you ... I note with joy that both agree. All persons are teachers, nature and everything around us, is not it wonderful?

    I love the opportunity to meet you some day.

    Ssshhh, the teacher looks at us smiling!

    Kind regards

  6. Dear Carmen,
    Yes, wonderful to learn from anything at anytime! Your visit encourages me and leads me into deep thought of many things. Please keep up your beautiful work and share it with us, which brings us joy. I really look forward to your upcoming work. Thanks millions!!
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  7. Dear Carlos,
    Thank you soooo much for your visit and comment. I've read through your blog from the beginning to the present. As well as watercolor work, one cartoon impresses me so much. It says, "¡YO QUERIA SER YO!(=I wanted to be myself!)"
    Yes, me, too. All of us are pilgrims in the country of Art and try to find and be "¡YO QUIERO SER YO!(=I want to be myself!). Please keep up your wonderful work!
    Kind regards and smile,

  8. Ah...what a worderful artist you are.Your work is so delicate and bold at the same time, I love it!

  9. Dear Fabio,
    Thank you for your nice comment, really spot on.
    You, too, a wonderful artist!! I love your sensitive work and admire your sophisticated techniques that inspire me so much. Please keep up your wonderful work that brings us joy!
    Kind regards, wink, wink,