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Monday, August 15, 2011

Used Goods Hunting & "Your Face" Project

Hi, Friends, did you enjoy your weekend?
Yes, I did! I enjoyed sketching and shopping around secondhand goods. So, this week topic is treasure hunting.

But before that, tada~~, I'd announce another project, "YOUR FACE" for this blog followers. Based on your avatars or photos, my quick watercolour portrait comes up. At random and from time to time, not strictly regular. Let's have fun if you can tell me who's who--- "or not"...means my poor drawing skills?! Gulp. Here's, a first person. This face was made from an old avatar. So, you may not find this lady. Can you guess who is this lady?**Some hints are at the end of the post. If no one tells who she is till this Thursday, an answer will come up right here Thursday afternoon.
OK, back to the topic. Secondhand goods shopping.
Where do you go for second hand goods shopping? Garage sale, markets or Vinnie(= St Vincent De Paul)? I often try a market and Vinnie.
Market (Sold. The Gentleman bought it!)
I was looking for puppets at a market.
I'm asked to teach 50 kindergarten children how to draw in a part of BookFest next week. 50 children!! It would be a great fun or I must make children happy. I bought two puppets; a bear and a wombat. I fell in love with this wombat at once. Wombat! What an Australian animal!
Look at this face! Yey! I'll use this for my "assistant" to teach kids. Well, I'm thinking of her name. Something very girlish and easy to call.After the market, I visited used book shops near uni for a treasure hunting. Children picture books are my target. Unfortunately, children picture books often become print-out very shortly after publishing. So, I always check new books and get favorite illustrators' work. For collection, "hard cover" is preferable. The problem is "cost." Honest, it's not cheap. Nowadays, Internet is handy to get old picture books. But I still love a market and a secondhand book shop. If luck smiles at me, I can get a brilliant book at an amazingly cheap price. Have you ever hit a wonderful treasure before? If you do not mind, could you tell me the story in comments? I, a book warm, love to hear it. (*Any book will do. But particularly, kids picture book info is welcome!!)

This book shop, "Gould's Book Arcade" is my favorite near to uni. Huge collection. I used to go there, when I was at uni. The owner of the shop was kind and often did a discount for me. Sadly, he passed away. Now, under his daughter's new management, the shop has had a new born.

Believe or not, secondhand goods were not either popular or common in Japan. (*Used books is common, but not goods.) In Japan, a charity shop like Salvo or Vinnie was hardly found.
Once, when we moved in to Sydney, "garage sale" was a new word. In my view, appreciating old goods is wonderful for recycling and fundraising for welfare at the same time. Today, not sure if Japanese society is positively accepting recycling. But it's worth trying.
Garage Sale
I once helped charity shops. Quite a busy and demanding job. Goods are scattered away at once. They must be put back to in order again. Endlessly, cleaning is needed. But working at a used goods shop is fun to see many customers from all over the world. Backpackers want cheap clothes. Students try to find wired goods for a disguise at fun parties. Each customer has a different reason and a motivation to come to the shop.
I felt, "Wonderful. We are different, yet, same human beings!"
...and I love this system, "recycling" and "financial resources" for welfare agencies.

OK, I'll practice moving Womby in front of a mirror.
Happy painting and have a nice week!
**In response to the ask for hints about the lady...A French, watercolourist, so fond of washes(really beautiful!), handles interesting subjects, particularly, related to "sea," as she lives near there. The current avatar shows a widly opened mouth for laugh!
...and hopefully, she would never say, "Sadami, this is the end of our friendship!" Gulp?!



  1. I feel as though I'm treasure hunting when I'm in the woods ... will I find a new flower, bug, a pretty piece of wood? I'm forever coming home with pebbles in my pocket, but I seldom pick a flower. If there are plently I may pick one to put in a vase, or if I feel I need a specimen in order to identify it. Next to that used book stores are my favorite place to treasure hunt.

  2. Beautiful watercolors!

  3. I enjoyed this post, and I love Womby! 50 children.... good luck, Sadami! I live near a charity shop and I love finding treasures of all sorts! Cheers, Judy.

  4. This is all so interesting. I am not a 'rummage' shopper but maybe I should go just for sketching!

    Love your little Willa Wombat. The children will be so delighted.


  5. Great paintings as always. Wombat is very cute. Have a nice week.

  6. Teaching 50 students, no matter what age, sounds like a challenging, but fun task. Good luck. Also, your paintings look great.

  7. Good luck with teaching the children -looks like you already have a wonderful plan for that with Willa Wamby :) I don't know who the 'your face' is --but thats because I don't know the person --has nothing to do with your skills :) Love all your sketches in the blog. happy painting!

  8. Sadami, what a wonderful, eclectic life you lead!!! And with so much joy; it comes through in your writing so much. LOVE the wombat. Your blog reminded me of the books I had when young - loved them, and still love books. Any way, much luck to you with your teaching. I'm sure you'll all have a great time!! :)

  9. Hi,Elva,
    Thank you! Me, too.
    Certain you have awe of life and always appreciate how precious life is. Your blog proves your love for life on the earth. Please keep up.

  10. Hi,Antonio,
    Thank you for always cheers!!
    You, too, enjoy painting.

  11. Enseñar dibujo a los niños tiene que ser reconfortante y maravilloso. Tus acuarelas fantásticas, como siempre.
    Un abrazo.

  12. Yahoo, Judy,
    Yes, I'm also asked to design a program cover. Busy. Teaching kids is challenging. I'm carefully planning it NOW. Ahahaha, do you know? Australian English often puts "-y" to the last of a noun.

  13. Hi,Teri,
    Nice of ye! Yes, go there and sketch markets and bookshops. Wombat is so cute. She and I are good friends! Kids, I'll make you smile!

  14. Dear Evelyn,
    Thank you! I'll introduce this Wombat as my friend to kids.
    You,too, have a nice week!

  15. I can't guess who the portrait is...who is it? I loved your gorgeous watercolors that told the story of your post. I have too many I try to stay away from book places these days--it was fun to visit a bookstore "with" you, however!

  16. Dear Tim,
    Yes,indeed, the fun task! One day, you have to come, join it and have fun together!

  17. Dear Meere,
    Oh, thank you so much! You,too, enjoy painting and drawing. Sharing time with kids is wonderful. I love it so much.

  18. Dear Kath,
    Thank you for encouraging! Very happy to know you love my great assitant, Wombat.
    Well, like you said in the comment, the impressive books impact on our life, personality, society, whatever. SO, as an illustrator, I want to make nice picture books and deliver hope& love for readers!! Indeed, the real purpose of the event overlaps what you said .
    Cheers, Sadami

  19. Estimado Onera,
    Sí, el evento será una gran diversión y también alentador para mí. Gracias por comentario agradable!
    Cheers, Sadami

    Dear Onera,
    Yes, the event would be a great fun and also encouraging for me. Thank you for nice comment!!

    >>>Onera said...
    Teaching drawing to children has to be comforting and wonderful. Your watercolors fantastic as always.
    A hug.

  20. Dear Celeste,
    Later, I'll disclose who's who. Hint. A French lady, watercolourist, fond of washes, brave challenger for interesting subjects.
    Regarding bookshops, yes! One day, let's go there TOGETHER!! I love literature. In addition, when I was young, I always chose books by illustrations!!

  21. I can't guess who the lady is either. I wonder if I am following her blog?

    Your watercolours are fabulous as always - and I like the name Winnie for the wombat :)

    I love books too, and will always search a second had bookstore. My favourite recycled book is one by Winston Churchill on painting, which my friend in Texas found for me!
    And in other recycling news - my gorgeous doggy was a second hand dog, too. She's my best treasure!

    love and hugs xxoo

  22. Love your paintings Sadami. As always your posts are interesting, I enjoy them.....ann.

  23. Dear Pat,
    Mmmm...I do not know if you're following her blog. That French watercolourist shows a widly opened mouth for laugh at the current avatar. Her washses & subjects are very interesting.

    Oooohh! "Winnie" for the wombat. Sounds nice. But...doesn't it remind of another famous English child literature? I'll consider it though.

    Your favorite one sounds itneresting and what a nice friend you have in the States!! My father was a big fan for Churchil and I read his biographies lots in my school days. I admire his artistic talent.

    And, yes, Missy!! Yey, yey!! You and her story always touches my soul. I hope none of us will hurt any small life on the earth... they have same rights as us.


  24. Hi,Ann,
    Thank you very much! When you come to Sydney, let's go for used goods hunting and sketching together!!

  25. Womby will make a very good artist's assistant. Another enjoyable post, Sadami. I do love seeing all your sketches - my favourite is the man in the market.
    Do the Japanese hang on to all their stuff then, instead of selling it or giving it to charity? Its very interesting to read about the differences in our culture.

  26. Dear Gillian,
    Thank U! Your favorite one was sold at once. The man bought it.
    I'm planning several demos for kids and want them to have fun together like games.

    Regarding recycling, unfortunately, Japanese social norms do not accept used goods well. Why? Used goods imply "already scratched or damaged" = less qualified. Consequently, goods were often chucked into a bin. It might have relation Japanese industry produces astonishing "high-quality" products and new goods.

    ...but I'd dare to raise a Q. Why could a society give anything & anyone a second chance or a second wind? Competitive society does not tolerate losers. In that meaning, social mobility is quite tight.

    Well, the positive aspect of the intolerance of used goods. Japanese people's used goods are nearly BRAND NEW! So, I dash to Japanese people's garage sale or used goods on net. Really, truly "GOOD AS NEW."

    ...based on my experiences and sociological analysis.
    Thank you for reading.



  28. Dear Harlequin,
    Thank you! Uahahaha,I still keep the first portrait secret. Later. Yes, next Tuesday, I will see the kids. Wish me good luck!

  29. Hola encantadora Sadami... la dama pintada es otra encantadora dama que aprecio mucho y pinta como los ángeles! Pinta, peces, flores y animales e incluso verduras, con una soltura y una gran personalidad. Su mombre empieza por "O" y acaba en "a". Dejo que sea otra persona que diga su nombre completo.
    Soy un visitador asiduo y comprador compulsivo de libros y objetos de segunda mano, cuyos comercios llamaría brocanterías. Te refieres a este tipo de ventas?
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  30. Estimado Joshemari,
    ¡Muchas gracias! Sí, usted golpea la respuesta.
    Lo sentimos, Joshemari, no puedo obtener el meaing "brocanterías" (*incluso en una traducción no lo muestra). Sin embargo, el tiempo que les encantan los libros, no un problema. Lalala ~~~! Me estoy preparando para ver a los niños el próximo martes.
    Un fuerte abrazo, Sadami

    Dear Joshemari,
    Thank you so much! Yes, you hit the answer.
    Sorry, Joshemari, I cannot get the meaing "brocanterías"(*even in translation does not show it). But as long as you love books, not a problem. Lalala~~~! I'm preparing to see children next Tuesday.
    A big hug, Sadami

    >>>Joshemari said...
    Hello lovely Sadami ... the painted lady is another lovely lady who appreciate and paints like an angel! Pinta, fish, flowers and animals and even vegetables, with an ease and a great personality. Your mombran starts with "O" and ends with "a". I let someone else say your name.
    I am a regular visitor and compulsive buyer of books and second-hand shops whose brocanterías call. You mean this kind of sales?
    A big hug.

  31. Sadami,

    I can't guess the lady in the portrait, but what an interesting project! I love the idea behind the "your face" project. The portrait is done beautifully, as always. The puppet painting is soooo adorable! I don't know how you give life to objects in such a wonderful way. Thanks for you're enthusiasm about the last post over at Proserpine.


  32. Dear Wren,
    Thank you for a precious time in your crazy busy days! Oh, your work is really, really beautiful beyond my language.
    Very happy to know you love my project and the puppet. Me, too, love that work. I'm planning several demos so that not to bore children next Tuesday. Wish me good luck!

  33. Oh, yes, I recognized her right away, you beautifully portrayed her. She is very cheerful and friendly, paint fish, flowers, vegetables ... made great washes in watercolor. Her name starts with O and ends with A, first name Q. I follow her for months. I Not reveal the mystery yet, I prefer to follow the game and give opportunity to others :). Very nice project, Sadami.

    I love koalas and bears, and also buy discounted art books

    Very funny post

  34. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you! BINGO! You got it as well as Joshemari!!
    Very happy to know you enjoy this project.
    You, too, enjoy photos and drawings.

  35. Saddam Hello,
    Joshemari and Carmen took the words from the mouth. I thought to this pretty neighbor ( Brittany is next to Normandy) who smiles all the time on her avatars and has the stars in her eyes.
    Your Womba is a very sweet girl, I love her. Have a good fun with all these children.

  36. Dear Lydie,
    Thank you! Ahahahah, she is your "next door"! You,too, very lovely lady. I'm preparing for the teaching and others. Yes, Wombat is very cute.

  37. It's a beautiful painting and portrait Sadami!
    I love treasure hunting in these places. I organize the flea market at my church festival every year and we find many amazing items. It's so much fun. I like to get lost in a great second hand book shop in NYC when I can go. The Strand has books from everywhere!
    I enjoyed your post here today, thanks!

  38. Hi,Dora,
    I enjoyed your post on the market(great!). I wish I could join your flea market.
    Thank you! Let us enjoy our lives fully!

  39. Great portraits Sadami! I like the gentle look and emphasizing on the models' eyes.
    Studying an art history of Renaissance this Summer, I've learned that back in 14-16th Centuries woman portraits were actually are not allowed to look at the viewer from the painting (therefore, a lot of old portraits of women look away) Can you imagine! I am so glad we live in present time that we can express ourselves and paint our painting as we want!
    Have a terrific day Sadami!

  40. Hi,Irina,
    Thank you for the very interesting fact. Sounds you're really enjoying studying. Yes, I agree with you and feel we're living in a very interesting era, regarding human rights, freedom of speech, copyrights & technonogy. They all require an artist to study a lot.