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Monday, January 23, 2012

Artist's Dilemma Between Self-Growth & Business

Hi, Friends, how are you? In Australia, summer. Cicadas make a shower of sounds and conduct a symphony.

By the way, cicada shells reminds me of an artist's dilemma
in art market. Conflicts between Artists, Consumers and Art Dealers(=eg, Publisher, Gallery) in a benefits orientated business. Because artists are changing styles like cicadas leave shells, sometimes not easy to respond to a customer's order and meet public expectation. Changing styles is equivalent to an artist's growing process. 
So, appreciation of art work can be "looking at old work," or shells left on the earth. As far as I know, all illustrators change styles and want to challenge something new. Artist is not a one-trick pony.

But ironically, once, an aritst makes a very big hit, market demands
same products. In order to pay bills, an artist does reproduce it. In my eyes, sometimes, the more artist becomes famous, the more a tragedy becomes serious. 

After knowing famous artists' pains, I've become sensitive for chats. A commercial success does not always promise an artist happiness in a creative journey.
One artist said, "Being famous is...empty. Empty..."
Yes, a shell is empty...not alive...
I thank for my being nameless in market.

Also, many artists have varied styles together.
Several years ago, I sought a very successful illustrator's advice on what sorts of styles to keep. The illustrator said, "I used many different styles to pay bills. But keep the most comfortable one. Stick with it." I see...
Again, the answer taught me how important to be
faithful to what I am.

Anyway, c
icadas sing as much as they can in a short life after years under a ground. Like cicadas, most of us do not come up on a central stage. Often art income is not either enough or stable. My dear friend and artist affirms, "Yeah, our artist life is not long!" in a merrily and positive way.

Yet, cicadas sing loud with all their lives.
Yey! Go, go, cicadas. Live short lives fully.
Friends, happy painting!!(*I watercolour painted the below really looking upward a summer sky.)



  1. Really like your sketches of these noisey little creatures.

  2. Vaya, Sadami hoy estás filosofando... y cuanta razón hay en todo este pensamiento.

    Pues ya sabes... a cantar!! y fuerte!! Que todos nos oigan! Como las cigarras! Cri..cri!
    Para empezar, lo suelo hacer con frecuencia!
    Un abrazo.

  3. Hi Sadami! Great post and a wise lesson from the cicadas! Enjoy the summer, lovely sky!

  4. You have expressed the sentiments very eloquently! I feel each piece tells me how to paint it and I just go with it :) I used to struggle with trying to stick with one style like all the art advisors say we should do --but found out thats not me. I may loose something by not developing any one medium/style to the fullest but I am going to go with what my muse says and make peace with my self!

  5. Your words are so true. It seems when artists start selling their work, their creativity goes down just from too much worrying about selling. Good thing it is not happening to you. Like the advice, keep your own style that you love.


  6. Great post Sadami, so maybe to continue creating it is much better not to become famous :-)) Love your very creative cicadas.

  7. I love your cicada sketches, and I love your thought-provoking post even more. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Beautifully illustrated cicadas Sadami, as you may know know, one of my favourite subjects. I sense a little sadness behind this post, I hope things are going well for you this year and the hand is okay. Gong Hee Fat Choy (or something like that, forgive me Chinese speakers), it is the lunar New Year, a second chance to make a fresh start (like every day!) Hugs Carole

  9. These are lovely, Sadami. Sometimes we loose the joy that comes with self expression when we have to earn a living at it. Very thoughtful post.


  10. Lovely illustrations of the Cicadas. Try different styles, but paint what is comfortable. I like that.

  11. Some wise words that tell a great truth!
    We needs win the lottery to follow our own star :)
    That way no pressure from bills that need paying - else we have a second job that does pay the bills. This is what I do. One job to feed my body, artist's work to feed my soul :)
    Blessings as always and best wishes for upcoming surgery xx

  12. Hi Sadami, I like very much your sketches of the cicadas....and I like this post too!! Hugs!

  13. せみのひどい思い出があって、せみを見るたびにもうしわけなくなるのよー。


  14. Dear Ann,
    Thank you! I'm sure they think of us, "these noisey BIG creatures."

  15. Oh, Joshemari,
    Muchas gracias. Sí, vamos a cantar alto y fuerte!
    Por cierto, Joshemari, su paisaje se pone mejor y mejor. Cuando usted tiene una exposición individual? No diga que en el futuro, "¿Quién es esa pobre chica australiana? Seguridad, sacarla de mi partido apertura de la exposición!" Es broma. Usted es tan agradable y cálido.
    Mi mano derecha se pone peor y necesita tener una cirugía. Voy a colgar en él.
    Abrazos, Sadami

    Oh, Joshemari,
    Thank you very much. Yes, let us sing loud and strong!!
    By the way, Joshemari, your landscape gets better and better. When do you have a solo exhibition? Don't say in the future, "Who's that Australian poor girl? Security, get her out from my exhibition opening party!" Just kidding. You're so nice and warm.
    My right hand gets worse and needs to have a surgery. I'll hang in there.
    Hugs, Sadami

    >>>Joshemari said...
    Well, today you are philosophizing Sadami ... And how right there in all this thinking.
    Well, you know ... to sing! and strong! May we all hear! As the cicadas! Cri cri ..!
    For starters, I usually do often!
    A hug.

  16. Hi,Judy,
    Thank you for warm cheers. You, too, enjoy drawing!!
    Best wishes,Sadami

  17. Hi, Meere,
    Thank you for the great comment!! That's what I wanted to write! "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" is true. I always feel each person is a small universe. Explore it, Meere!
    Best wishes and hugs,Sadami

  18. Dear Teri,
    Thank you. I remember, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" So true. Not easy in business, but I'd keep my own way.
    BTW, take your time and take it easy. Your posts are always lovely.
    Love and smile,Sadami

  19. Dear Jane,
    Thank you!
    Ahahaha, nice! I love your comments so much!! Yeah, I always tell other artists, "When you get money and time at the same time, you're cheating!! A person cannot possess them at once--is Sadami theory." Everyone agrees with me and we have a big laugh.
    Love and smile,Sadami

  20. Hi,Debbie,
    Thank you and I love your posts, too, that are food for brain.
    Look forward to more!!

  21. Oh, so caring Carol,
    Thank you. Yes, I know you love sketching cicadas. Australian cicadas are different from Japanese ones. I'll write about it at Urban Sketches(I belong to Sydney Sketch Club.)
    ...and yes, like your sensitive caring, there is famous guys' sorrow and my sorry for them.
    BTW, the right hand gets worse and needs a surgery soon. I'll organize what I've done for a picture book and send them to my mentor. Wish me good luck.

    I love your positive thoughts to make fresh start "like every day!"

    Big Hugs and smile, Sadami

  22. Dear Nanina,
    Thank you! Yeah, I always tell other artists, "When you get money and time at the same time, you're cheating!! A person cannot possess them at once--is Sadami theory." Everyone agrees with me and we have a big laugh. I'm ready to die in poverty but in joy!!
    Cheers, Sadami

  23. Hi,Maria,
    Thank you and I'm convinced that you're a so caring and smart teacher! Why? You summurized my post one imperative sentence, "Try different styles, but paint what is comfortable." Enjoy teaching!

  24. Hi,Pat,
    Thank you. I often remember, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" is so true. (*My economics theory--We cannot get time and money at the same time. If you have both at the same time, you're cheating! Hahahaha!)
    My right hand gets worse and really needs a surgery soon. I'll get well!
    Love and hugs, Sadami

  25. Hi, Tito,
    Thank you very much!! I love your posts and paintings, too!! Keep up.
    Best wishes and hugs, Sadami

  26. ありがとう。このセミの絵はfeedabckが良いですね。また、大切なprivate memoryを話して下さって有難う。 ううむ、が、私は別の角度から見ます。ワタシは図太くなったのか、すべて肯定的に見ますねえ。 あのね、そういう経験が大切なのだと思います。それが無かったら、果たして今の貴方は優しい人になったでしょうか。 メッタやたらと横道それた御仁がいいパパになるのは良く知られて居ります。逆に、全然真面目だけだった人はアレもコレもやれば良かったと後悔するのを聞きます。貴方は何も後悔する必要はありませんよ。 前を向いて突っ走ってって下さい。後ろ向きでは進めませんし、時間は有限です。
    Cheers, Sadami

  27. Sadami, you know what your are writing about! When commerce enters into things creativity can be compromised!...not for you, though! Your work is always 100% these works

  28. Oh, Celeste!
    Of course, I know! I dared to have written it. As I want to make this blog is an oasis for artists and art lovers. I'm ready to die in poverty, but happily looking up a sky, holding a brush!!

  29. Hi Sadami,

    You are a very positive person.Actually I'm not a kind person at all. I want to be though.

    Japanese singer, Rimi Natsukawa sings "Be an one who can give a dream". Whenever I listen to this song, who can do it? How can do it? But these days, Whenever I read your blog, you are a person who give a dream to lots of people. You have a natural talent to make people happy.

    Happy Tuesday! Painting, painting.(I hardly listen to Japanese songs these days, accidentally I found out from a store room. I feel like oh-, it's nice to listen to music sometimes.)


  30. Hi, HaniHani,
    Thank you so much! 貴方は照れ屋なのよお。
    Unfortunately, I do not know that song. I looked up her name at Youtube and could not find it. Interesting, your comment overlaps my way to live, "Have a dream and live it." As long as a person has a dream, s/he is young=if not, old. One thing I'm sure is we cannot be happy all alone. In other words, "sharing" is the key to be happy. So, I share what I have with others. Then, we, altogether, can share joy, sorrow and whatever.

    一つ、いいお話を。昔々、an American friendが私に, "あのね、目標に向かって一生懸命やって居たら、必ず助けてくれる人が現れるわよ、"と。ソレはホントだと私は実感しています。In Sydney, ある人は私のこの受け売りの話を見下しました。が、幸いな事にお一方だけです。熱意と真摯な姿で夢に向かってがんばる人を足蹴にするほど世のなか廃れて居りません。そして私は心から人が、人間が好きです。大学へ挑戦して頑張った時間も、今も、人から、"Energetic and very kindね、" と言われます。みんな私の絵を見る人が"full of joy,"と言います。 気がつきませんデシタ。 Hahaha!

    著名なイラストレーターと交流しはじめています。が、私のガンバリが道を開いて来ているのを感じます。明日はその一人と午後を一緒に過ごします。既に、いい友人なので、楽しみです。大先輩ですが、丁寧に私を指導してくれます。お互いの仕事のはかどりのみせっこをします。いいわよお。そんで持ってくだらないバカ話。これ最高!だからネ、私はいつも思うの。"I'll pass on the kindness and my happiness to othersと。そして、社会の中でhappiness and joyは巡って行くんじゃないのかしらってね。


    Cheers, Sadami

  31. Unos pensamientos profundos acompañados de unos deliciosas ilustraciones.

  32. sadami 17 years underground ! i miss the sound of summer ... love the top sketch of these incredible insects ...i always enjoying reading your posts and thoughts...have a good week

  33. Querida Tina,
    Muchas gracias! Vamos a disfrutar de la pintura en su totalidad.
    Cheers, Sadami

    Dear Tina,
    Thank you very much! Let us enjoy painting fully.

    >>>Tina said...
    Some deep thoughts accompanied by some delightful illustrations.

  34. Hi,Jane, thanks!
    Wow! 17yrs!!! And a few weeks life on the earth! I look at them with awe. Very happy to know you enjoy my posts. Me, too, love your blog so much.

  35. What a fascinating - and accurate analogy. Yes, we artists have many shells that we shed along the way - I'm happy to know that others keep changing styles too! Your sketches make cicadas look so beautiful! x

  36. Dear Gillian,
    Thank you! Let us enjoy changing shells lots!
    Cheers,wink,wink, Sadami

  37. Sadami
    A very good post - a dilemma I understand very well. I understand people who can stay true...

  38. Hi,Evelyn,
    Thank you so much! Let us enjoy art activities.

  39. good job Sadami, close to my home living many cicadas and other animals : )

  40. Hi,Sadeu,
    Thank you! Let's make friends with them! They are really nice models, aren't they?

  41. They are really nice models ; )

  42. Once again, Sadami, I love your post and of course these sketches of these strong and powerful little cicadas...!!!

  43. Dear Hilda,
    Thank you! You always cheer me up! Cicadas are singing right now!Let us enjoy art activities fully.

  44. OOO, the last painting makes me dizzy :). Nice work Sadami.

    1. Hi, Evelyn,
      Thank you! Indeed, "upside down work," really.
      Cheers, Sadami