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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog-Versary, 2nd yr & Happy Valentine

Hi, Friends, 14th, Happy Valentine! 16th, this blog-versary!
Wow, amazing. I've been blogging for these 2 years. Thank you for cheers. Soon, they'll remove the stitches from my hand. Ah, I wanna say, "Dr, set me free!" Hopefully, I can update the blog Monday like before. Thank you for patience.
I sketched the fast food shop one day after the surgery. Really lovely to see my right hand work smoothly. Even though still the hand is weak, it gets stronger day by day, step by step.
Now, I've got back on the illustration project. I've done many "double spreads"(=*2 page scene in a picture book).
I keep on sketching between illustrations. Sketching our daily life makes me think of life. I want to capture snap shots of our daily life.
Finally, the wonderful singer has gone back to a heaven. I've been her big fan. Often my colleagues would tease at me, saying, "When Sadami hears this song, "Step by Step," she gets excited."
Well, we have many troubles in a job place, family business etc. This song has always cheered me up at tough times.

I'd pass on this song, "Step by Step" to anyone facing difficulties.
Have a listen of this song. Slow, but steady steps lead us into hope and a bright future.

Say it, Baby, don't give up.
You got to hold on to what you got.
Oh, Baby, don't give up.
You got to keep on moving on don't stop (yeah yeah).
I know you're hurting, and I know you're blue.
I know you're hurting but don't let the bad things get to you.

Never give up, Friends. And please remember you're not alone!Don't lose your heart.
Com'on Baby, keep going!
Happy Painting!!



  1. What a beautiful sketch of Whitney! I've just been listening to a tribute to her. We'll miss new songs coming from that beautiful voice.

    And i'm so excited you are about to be stitch free. ..... Elva

  2. さだみさんへ



  3. Happy blogversary and happy Valentine's day, Sadami! I'm glad your hand is on the mend! Your sketches are great as always!

  4. Dear Elva,
    Thank you! You, too, take care. Your posts and drawings are wonderful. Keep up! Talk to you soon.

  5. Love your tribute to Whitney, another who succumbed to the pressures of stardom.
    Hope the removal of your 'hand embroidery' goes well. Carole

  6. Yahoo, HaniHani,
    ん、まあ、遠路はるばるざますね。が、画材屋さんで私もウットリとする性質ざます。すばらしい遊園地だわ。だけんさあ、私、年二回のバーゲンでまとめ買いするので、日頃はフレーミングの折覗いて, 面白い材料と本を楽しみます。
    なお、病院のセンセ達,いたく私のスケッチを気に入ってくれて楽しいワ。Tomorrow, they'll remove my stiches. Yey!!

  7. Hi,Judy,
    Thank you! Yes, they'll remove my stiches tomorrow. You, too, take care and enjoy life fully!

  8. Dear Carole,
    Yes, I agree with you...(I'm very happy with this tiny life!) Hahahah, your sense of humour is always nice and elegant(*I wish I could follow it. Oh, but my poor mental lexicon is obstacle.) Tomorrow, they'll remove my stiches. I can't wait!! BTW, drs really love my sketches. Hahaha, another bonus?!

  9. Hi Sadami, I like your wonderful tribute to Whitney, fantastic singer and unfortunate woman. Happy to know that your hand is getting better. Hugs!

  10. Happy Blog-versary :) I love your whitney houston sketch !and I admire your discipline about sketching all the time! I am trying but unfortunately I end up going for days with no sketching :( wish you easy pain free stiches removal and more happy sketching!

  11. Hi,Tito,
    Thank you! You're always caring for artists, especially, unknown people like me. Tomorrow, they'll remove my stiches.
    Hugs! Sadami

  12. Happy Blogger-versary!!! And many more to tome, I'm sure. These are wonderful sketches today and what a great song to share to uplift those around you :) What a sad thing fame can be for those who can't say no to all the temptations that life brings - this is a wonderful sketch of Whitney and, in it, she is singing and happy.

  13. Hi,Meeraʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ ,
    Thank you! "All the time sketching" is quite simple and effective to improve drawing skills. Try daily sketch for a few minutes(eg, 5 minutes. No longer. Whatever finish or not, stop it in 5 minutes). Gradually, your hand moves quicker and better. Like the song, step by step, little by little.
    BTW, tomorrow, doctors will remove my stiches! Yey!

  14. Happy anniversary and keep on going Sadami!

  15. Hi,Rhonda,
    Thank you! Very happy to know we can share the song and you've enjoyed my sketches. Tomorrow, doctors will remove my stiches. You, too, take care of yourself. I always think of you, Rhonda.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  16. Hi,Dora,
    Thank you! Blogging is not easy. I admire you, a busy lady! Let us move onto the future. Pass my best wishes to your child and family!

  17. Wonderful drawings Sadami, and so glad your hand is getting there.

  18. Hi,Ann,
    Thank you for kind cheers! After removing the stiches tomorrow, I'll visit your blog.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  19. Hi Sadami! Happy Anniversary for your blog!!! And a very Happy Valentine's Day. Your portrait of Whitney is brilliant, as are all your sketches. I am so very glad to hear your hand is on the mend - that's the greatest!!!
    Cheers, my friend!

  20. Hi, Sadami. I'm glad to read that your hand is recovering properly. Your sketches are as nice as always, especially the first one. For sure it's a big loss for all her fans. Cheers!

  21. hola Sadami, me alegro que te recuperes rápidamente, de todas maneras no te impide regalarnos excelentes dibujos y acuarelas, tus comentarios son siempre interesantes.

  22. La cancion es preciosa. Me alegra que tu mano esté mejor. Un abrazo.

  23. Dear Friend Kath,
    Thank you! Drawing Whitney was interesting. Especially, colour and value. I chose very limited colours and made strong contrst like 2 values=without middle value. Doctors will remove my stiches today. I'll enjoy working on illustrations.

  24. Hi, Albert,
    Thank you! Ah, doctors will remove stiches today! I can't wait. Drawing portraits is fun. I'll display famous figures one day on the blog.

  25. Estimado Francisco,
    ¡Gracias! Sí, la recuperación muy rápida. Espero que la eliminación de puntos de sutura en la actualidad. Mi mano se necesita más de 2 meses y 1 semana para la recuperación completa, pero comienza llevar cosas pesadas día tras día. Socorro y feliz!
    Saludos, Sadami

    Dear Francis,
    Thank you! Yes, very quick recovery. I look forward to removing stiches today. My hand needs more 2 months plus 1 week for full recovery, but it starts carrying heavy stuff day by day. Relief and Happy!

    >>>Francis said...
    Sadami hello, I'm glad that you recover quickly, however does not prevent you to give us excellent drawings and watercolors, your comments are always interesting.

  26. Hola, Tina,
    Muy feliz de saber que disfrutar de la hermosa canción, "Paso a paso". Los médicos me quite puntos de sutura en la actualidad.
    Abrazos, Sadami

    Hi, Tina,
    Very happy to know you enjoy the lovely song, "Step by step." Doctors will remove my stiches today.
    Hugs, Sadami

    >>>Tina said...
    The song is beautiful. I'm glad your hand is better. A hug.

  27. Yippee! Soon be free, Sadami. You are flying along in your recovery. Your sketches are fabulous and a wonderful tribute to the lost singer.
    Take care, I hope you never need the comfort of the song again because your life will only be filled with wondrous things xxx

  28. These sketch snap shots are all brilliant! Just wishing you well too!

  29. Dear Pat,
    Nice!! Yes, I want to fill my life full of joy!
    Removing the stiches was easy. I'll do a scar management and bit rehab.
    Love, Sadami

  30. Hi, Adebanji,
    Thank you. Very happy to get your kind encouragement! I'm getting better day by day!

  31. Hello Sadami,
    an anniversary and an Valentine day ! What a great idea to have began this blog two years ago !
    You portrait of this great singer is fantastic! she's so alive under you pen stroke.
    Hugs !

  32. Hi,Lydie,
    Thank you! In fact, my linguistics professor's idea/encouragement to set up a blog. Very happy to know you enjoyed my tribute to Whitney.
    Hugs!! Sadami

  33. Happy Blogiversary!!! Two years is an incredible achievement as is the fact you are sketching, painting, and working again so quickly after surgery. I'm so happy for your success!!! Your buildings in this post and the last are fantastic! You are well on your way to completing this New Year's resolution. :))

  34. Dear Nanina,
    Thank you for giving me your always warm cheers!! Busy and happy. I'm practicing architecture and landscape. Your blog and posts, too, show your achievement and incessant efforts towards a future. That's great. Let us keep up!!
    Best wishes,Sadami

  35. Happy Birthday to you blog Sadami !! Hope you will go better and better Sadami. I don't have so many time for blogging at moment but I am thinking of you. Bises.

  36. Hi,Olivia,
    Thank you~~! I'm getting better and better! I always look forward to your blog. Keep up!