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Friday, September 14, 2012

Lunch with Children & Tobby Riddle at Book Fest

Hi, Friends, exclusive! 
I was invited for the lunch and enjoyed it with children at Book Festival today. 
We, authors and picture book illustrators met 500 children in a Hall. 
A panel discussion was a great fun. Authors often made us laugh. I sketched it. Can you see children looking at them with a great interest?

For children, we are super heroes --- I felt my responsibility as an artist. Kids took lots of photos of us.
 ...personally, I really love these naughty pretty girls ( I used to do it! and still do it!!), ahahaha!  
Friends, see this great talent! One girl, Lyn sketched me. It captures me very well and very cute and pretty! Thank you, Lyn! 
Ten students, a teacher and an author or an illustrator were at each table.  We had a wonderful time.
Many children made a queue to get my authography and a quick drawing with a message, "Love and Hope!" 
Often kids said, "Coool!" "Funny!" "Awesome!" Hahaha!  
Yes, my message is same as before and will be so in my artist life. I'd deliver children love, hope and dream.  

One girl talked to me at the end of the festival.
"Can you remember me?" she asked. 
Oh, flashback! I remembered her! Yes, the girl asked me to sketch her a year ago. She kept it for her treasure and showed it me again. Oh, Sweetie, lovely. Thank YOU for remembering me! 
Children, you deserve to be happy and beloved.
I heartily hope, one day, children will look back this day and this memory will help them get through a tough time.

A big bonus is I could meet the brilliant author and illustrator Tohby Riddle in person. I'm his big fan! His great surrealism, sophisticated humour and sweetness, very heartwarming messages are so lovely. Well, you can find Tohby's duck sneaking in my watermark!! Got it?  (*Yeah, I was nothing different from other children. I put myself in his queue to get it!)

I'd really appreciate organizers' hard work and other backstage players efforts for the event. Thank you for giving me the great opportunity to share time with kids. 

I certainly feel an illustartor is a wonderful job! I love it.
Have a wonderful weekend, Friends!!  
Happy Painting!! 


  1. That sounds like such fun! I love all the photos! And your painting is wonderful. (I can't call it a sketch, it looks too good for a sketch...)

    1. Hi, Katherine,
      Thank you. Children got excited so much. Nice!
      Yes, my sketches are my work even though some are references.
      Kind regards, Sadami

  2. What a great time for you and the children! Those giggling girls are great!

    1. Dear Judy,
      Thank you. Yes, a great time. You should try it, too!
      Cheers,wink,wink, Sadami

  3. Thanks Sadami for this reportage!It 'nice to read your post on the event and to know the
    exceptional artist you introduce to us! His work is truly amazing!
    Lovely your work and the pictures!
    Have nice week end!

    1. Dear Rita,
      Thank you! Very happy to know you enjoyed Tohby's work. I love his work that reminds me of Charlie Chaplin -- quite sophisticate humour, satire, but so sweet.
      You, too, have a nice day!
      Cheers, Sadami

  4. What fun Sadami! I love the little girl with her sketch. So sweet.

    1. Hi, Teri,
      Thank you! Any child is a living angel! Sweet!
      Hugs, Sadami

  5. Hi Sadami, it is so nice to see these events, where children get such great encouragement. Good luck to them all.
    ann +

    1. Hi, Ann,
      Thank you very much! Me, too, pray for them. (*All children have difficult backgrounds.) Enjoy painting and have a nice weekend!
      Cheers, Sadami

  6. Es genial tu labor con los niños, Sadami. ¡Se os ve a todos muy felices!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Hola, Onera,
      Gracias. Oh, usted debe tratar de visita a la escuela como un artista y alegría compartir con los niños. Es tan bonito!
      Un abrazo, Sadami

      Hi, Onera,
      Thank you. Oh, you should try school visit as an artist and share joy with children. It's so nice!
      A hug, Sadami

      >>>Onera said...
      It's great to work with your children, Sadami.They will see you all very happy!
      A hug.

  7. Hi, Sadami! It's always fun to watch your sketches and read your stories always full of anecdotes. Keep on telling them, please. Cheers!

    1. Yahoo, Albert!
      Thank you for encouragements! Yes, I'll keep up. You, too, enjoy painting and blogging.
      Cheers, Sadami

  8. you are correct, that there will be children who will always remember that day and your sketches. When I was a girl a talented illustrator came to talk with us and draw for us..I have remembered it all these years --it was a huge thrill. I am glad you have such a big heart and that you inspire young people...I can't think of a better way to "spend" your talent!

    1. Oh, Celeste,
      Thank you! As we know, could be a little thing, but it might become the critically important life changing experience for a person. Children are very sensible and dead honest. So, I respect any child's say and look at them with care.
      Cheers, Sadami

  9. Hello Sadami:) First of all thank you for your reply on my previous comment.
    Second: Your painting is lovely! Also love the little sketches you made and the photos are great! Your "love and hope" sketch is my favorite:)

    1. Dear Renate,
      Thank you so much for encouragements. Very happy to know you appreciated my reply. I'd always reply for each comment with all my heart. Also, very happy that you like my message, "Love and hope". Have a wonderful weekend.
      Best wishes, Sadami

  10. What fun, Sadami!
    Your zest for fun and life is catching - and I'm sure these children caught it, even the seemingly naughty one! :)

    1. Hi, Pat,
      Thank you! They are so cute!! All are angels.
      Cheers,wink,wink, Sadami

  11. Lyn es una magnífica dibujante hoy. Mañana, seguro que esa niña será otra Sadami. Tiene ingenio y te ha retratado perfectamente. He, he, he! Si la vuelves a ver, le felicitas de un amigo tuyo desde España. Hola...un beso Lyn!
    Cuanta transparencia hay en los niños! Verdad Sadami? Tú eres como un niño: auténtica, transparente e irradias amor!
    Qué bonita es toda esa relación con los niños. Comprendo que seas feliz. Te quieren! A mi también me gustan mucho los niños!
    Un beso.

    1. Hola, Joshemari,
      Thank you so much! Sí, Lyn es genial! Voy a pasar tu beso en cuando Lyn siguiente. Como has dicho, un maestro y yo hablamos de cómo yo, un ilustrador capaz de inspirar a los niños que conocí. Un niño me preguntó acerca de "lavado". Él tenía un gran interés en las técnicas de acuarela.
      Sí, me encantan los niños, como te amo a todos. Ellos están viviendo los ángeles. Nosotros, los adultos tienen la responsabilidad de hacerlos felices. Yo lo hago en mi trabajo. Claro, Joshemari, que está haciendo el otro sea feliz en su dibujo y la pintura.
      Un beso, Sadami

      Hi, Joshemari,
      Thank you so much! Yeah, Lyn is great! I'll pass your kiss to Lyn next time. Like you said, a teacher and I talked about how I, an illustrator could inspire the children I met. One boy asked me about "wash." He had a great interest in watercolour techniques.
      Yes, I really love children like you love them all. They are living angels. We, adults have responsibilities to make them happy. I'll do it in my job. Sure, Joshemari, you're making other happy in your drawing and painting.
      A kiss, Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      Lyn is a great artist today. Tomorrow, I'm sure that child will be another Sadami. You have wit and perfectly portrayed. He, he, he! If you see her again, I felicitas of your friend from Spain. Hi Lyn ... a kiss!
      How much transparency there is in children! Sadami Truth? You're like a child: authentic, transparent and radiate love!
      How beautiful is all that concerning children. I understand you to be happy. I want! Me too I love children!
      A kiss.