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Monday, August 4, 2014

Silent Auction of My 4 Watercolour Works for Wesley Donation 3-10 August,220 Pitt St Sydney!

Hi, Friends, Wesley exhibition has started up well. Please pass on this post to others interested in donation. My four watercolour paintings are set for silent auction for fund raising : "Sydney University," "Children in a Tree," "Flowers," and "A mentree and Sadami." All works are original, signed by me and size A4 (Arches, 300gsm).
@ Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000(map). Contact 02 9263 5500 

Yes, my sketch of our uni's clock tower! We often got together there. A stone building is lovely. A kind professor and linguist has invited me for tea. When I finish up this Wesley Building Dreams project, I'd like to tell her my wonderful experiences in this project.
These flowers, "Greviellea" are very common and native in Australia. Birds enjoy nectar. Can you feel an Australian breeze in this work?  
This is my part of character design for picture book illustration. 
I used to love a "picnic" in a tree like these kids. 
This is my mentree and me. 
Today, I met people at the exhibition :  volunteers, visitors, and a school teacher for special education. Wonderful time we shared. The teacher shed tears with my say...(*...and me, too.) I perfectly understand how much she's struggled and kept silence because of confidentiality of info in education. Also, most volunteers are youngish ladies at uni. We chatted over "dreams"! Yey!! All of us have promised to get together again and to keep in touch! My social worker friends celebrate my contribution and encourage me so much! 
... a bit embarrassing?! They all had watched a video on a wall and wanted to take photos being with me, saying, "I met her(=an artist)." I felt like running away!! (*Wesley Mission produced the record/image of this project that has my mentrees and me in it. Yes, ... I'm a bit shy.) 
Anyway, I hope all the visitors will make their dreams come true!! 

We'd love to see you here! 
Wesley building dreams exhibition 3-10 August (*facebook link)
Where: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street, Sydney 2000(map). Contact 02 9263 5500 
Yes, @ the heart of Sydney! Closest train station : Town Hall. 
Cost : Free 
Opening Hours : Everyday from 9 am to 5 pm. Except Saturday 9 August.
More Info : Wesley Mission 1800 021 821 

Friends, thank you for warm cheers. 
Happy Painting!!! 



  1. That building is awfully beautiful - I've never seen you do the like. And the tree climbing one is so touching (of course, I've already seen the first).

    I have met a true artist online, sigh. Swoon.

    1. Thank u, sweet Dan! I've learned waiting for something wastes a precious time. Take an action. My American friend told me long time ago, "If you work hard (for something good), certainly, people will help you." Her say is true. Good will is sweet and lovely. Dan, go for it!!!
      Cheers and best wishes, Sadami

  2. Eres muy buena Sadami! Seguro que con la subasta de cualquiera de tus pinturas hará feliz a alguna persona. Son tan hermosas!!! Me encanta el de un "día en el campo" porque es estilo Sadami auténtico! También el último que parece que sea un dibujo donde estás tú ayudando a dibujar a una niña! No es eso?
    Suerte!!! Te admiro!!!
    Un abrazo

    1. Precioso Joshemari, gracias! Mi amigo me dijo hace mucho tiempo: "Si trabajas duro (algo bueno), sin duda, la gente va a ayudar." Su palabra es verdad. La buena voluntad es dulce y encantador.
      Su trabajo se suelta y de colores más que nunca. Joshemari, mantener su arquitectura viva y enfoque humanista. Te admiro !!!!
      Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Lovely Joshemari, thank you! My friend told me long time ago, "If you work hard (for something good), certainly, people will help you." Her say is true. Good will is sweet and lovely.
      Your work gets loose and colourful more than ever. Joshemari, keep up your vivid architecture and humanistic approach. I admire YOU!!!!
      Best wishes, Sadami

      Sadami're really good! Surely with the auction of any of your paintings make someone happy. They are so beautiful !!! I love a "field day" because Sadami authentic style! Also the last one seems to be a drawing where you are you helping to draw a girl! It is not that?
      Luck! I admire !!!
      a hug

  3. Te deseo mucha suerte en este proyecto te lo mereces y ademas tus obras son magnificas.Tienes una especial sensibilidad cuando representas los niños. Una cosa curiosa,, en Valencia hay muchas grevielleas en los jardines y calles.Un abrazo

    1. Oh, dulce Tina, muchas gracias! En realidad, yo también asistí adultos, también en el proyecto. Muchos cuidadores y familiares se queman a atender a las personas con discapacidad. No es fácil encontrar una agencia que proporciona apoyo y respiro. Espero que este proyecto va a seguir adelante y ser un poco de ayuda de bits para el sufrimiento de la familia y llevar alegría a las personas con discapacidad.
      Por cierto, gracias por la información que usted. No sabía grevilleas son comunes en Valencia! Comprobé sobre grevilleas en red. Nativos de la selva tropical y más abiertas hábitats en Australia, Nueva Guinea, Nueva Caledonia, Indonesia y Sulawesi. Pájaros bonitos trajeron sus semillas a Valencia ?! Mis mejores deseos, Sonrisa, Sadami

      Oh, sweet Tina, thank you so much! Actually I also assisted adults, too in the project. Many carers and family members are burnt out to care for people with disability. Not easy to find an agency that provided support and respite. I hope this project will go on and be a little bit help for suffering family and bring joy for people with disability.
      BTW, Thank you for the information. I did not know grevielleas are common in Valencia! I checked about grevielleas on net. Native to rainforest and more open habitats in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Indonesia and Sulawesi. Pretty birds brought their seeds to Valencia?! Best wishes, Smile, Sadami

      >>>> Tina said....
      I wish you good luck on this project and you deserve your works are also particularly sensitive magnificas.Tienes when you represent children. A curious thing in Valencia, many grevielleas in gardens and hug calles.Un

  4. The tree is my favourite, but all are fabulous, Sadami! Good luck on the project!

    1. Thank u, sweet Judy! Yesterday, our official opening and announcing children winners. The Wesley top and I will discuss about the future plan this week. I hope we can carry on this project as respite for clients' carers who are already burnt out. Also, I'd hope to bring joy, assist clients to have self-esteem and maximise their talents. Creativity and imagination gives us wings to fly across a sky.
      Best wishes, Sadami