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Monday, September 8, 2014

Heesco Made Mural on Eastwood Library Wall

Friends, do you want to know the tips how to paint or whatever answer in art forms? I sketched a renowned street artist from MelbourneHeesco working on Eastwood library. His portrait, "Daniel Boyd in Primary Colours," became Doug Moran Finalist 2013When we had a chat over art, he gave the advice for any artists seeking for help, 
"Drawing. All the problems are in drawings. Draw.
It's cheap. You just need papers. Draw!" 
What an inspiring say! Heesco's say means, "All the answers are in drawings." Yes, me, too, believe so. Draw, draw, draw my head off! 
Interestingly, my eyes commanded me, "Stop! Don't go away. Look at his work! Sketch him!," even though I was walking by the library. The artist's outstanding drawing skills hooked me. I could not walk away any more and started drawing him -- Heesco. 
In my eyes, Heesco so much enjoyed spray painting even in rain and a cold weather. 
... and one more person enjoying sketching him in rain -- it was me, hahaha! ( *People told me, "Interesting to see the artist sketching the artist!") A wet weather was not good for watercolour. I brought a dryer in case from a second day!  
The mural symbolises the rich linguistic diverse and cultural heritage in four children. The common element, "green apples" are known as "Granny Smith Apples," our pioneer's legacy. Maria Ann Smith started to grow them in 19th Century. These children encompass our bright future. A fun event was we could see real "petit" models in front of the "big" painting in Moon Festival ceremony. So cute they were! You can see how huge the work is below. 
In three days, Heesco finished up the spray painting on the public library wall. Quite fascinating to look at the process and spray can techniques, although I have no idea how to use a spray can. I wondered how on earth to use sprays like "brushes"? Kind Heesco showed me how to use a spray head to draw a "thin line." That's a great bonus! Does anyone know what spray like is for an art material? Spray is opaque. It could be more like acrylics and oil or close to gouache in watercolour? His "use" of white is opposite to my transparent watercolour's white "creating."  

We praised at our stupidity?! or our love for drawing. Yes, simply because we love drawing and we've been doing it since childhood. Do you know this feeling? When I wake up and feel like drawing on a huge wall, it's a very good day and I get on work. I simply want to draw and happy! Friends, I know you have the same enthusiasm. 

Heesco used so many cans. Wow, it amazed me, for I do a "limited palette" technique = use only a few colours.  
But when he finished it, he picked up all the messes and cans on his own. He cleaned up there and "spotless," which impressed me. "You're so caring and nice!" I said with a smile. Shy Heesco smiled back. 

The lovely mural tells "Living in harmony" on the public library entrance. Widely ranged library events activate a community and help education and welfare development. Hardworking and caring librarians are no less than social workers in a residential area. We, picture book illustrators also help events at libraries such as workshops for children and author talks. Libraries and I are planning them right now. Very exciting! I heartily hope to bring children love, hope and dreams through picture books.    
Look forward to Sadami's watercolour workshops and author talks at public libraries. On 1st October, I'll run a watercolour workshop for children aged between 8 and 12 years at Parramatta library. 11am-12pm. $3 per person. A school holidays program session. To book, please contact the library on 9806 5159. Come over, children! 
We're planning my "author talks" especially, 2015 onward after publishing a children picture book. I'm happy to making my dream come true step by step -- "make kids happy by art activities"! 
Thank you for kind visiting of this blog. 

Friends, Happy Painting!

Let's draw!! Have fun!



  1. Lovely blog Sadami. Ye, drawing is the key!

    1. Thank u, sweet Martine!! Cheers, Sadami

  2. Completamente de acuerdo, el dibujo es la clave.

    1. Oh, dulce Tina, gracias! Vamos a disfrutar de dibujo. Cheers, Sadami

      Oh, sweet Tina, thank you! Let's enjoy drawing. Cheers, Sadami

      >>>>Tina said...
      Completely agree, the drawing is the key.

  3. Juste un petit mot pour te souhaiter une bonne journée, bisous !

    1. Vous aussi, douce Lydie, merci beaucoup! Cheers, Sadami

      You, too, sweet Lydie, thank you so much! Cheers, Sadami

      >>> Lydie said...
      Just a quick note to wish you a good day, kisses!

  4. Your excitement shows in your post, Sadami. I would like to see a spray paint artist work like this, too. I've never seen that.

    1. Yes, very interesting. Kind Heesco showed me how to make a spray "thin line" for "writing." Yes, he knows how to use spray like our brushes. Cheers, Sadami

  5. fabulous sketches, even if the weather was against you. How lovely that you two artists shared tips. Good luck with the watercolour workshop. I am sure you will be a big hit! xx

    1. Thank u, Pat! Having a chat with another big name was a great fun and I was honoured. You, too, pleaset take care and enjoy life fully!! xx Sadami

  6. Wish we all could stay with such harmony. This is a lovely work Sadami. Your sketches are so lively. Love them.

    1. Hi, AK, thank u! You, too, enjoy life and drawing! Best wishes, Sadami