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Monday, October 27, 2014

Australia's Largeast 3D Chalk Art, Awesome & Mind-Blowing in Sydney

Hi, Friends, how was your weekend? I enjoyed Sydney Chalk Festival 2014 (u can see the image!). The finished artwork was 350sqm last Friday. Unlike other years competition style, our chalkers have collaborated and created a huge 3D painting on Custome House square in Circular Quay in Sydney this year. Bravo! I've sketched their event each year from a start. So, regular chalk artists and I know each other. The festival is a fun time to "catch up update."

Jenny McCracken and  Anton Pulvirenti lead a chalkers team to form the work. Jenny and Anton are intenationally acclaimed chalk artists. Jenny is so caring and humorous for anyone and encouraging emerging artists. Anton also supports the team from another aspect. Indeed, he sketched the event in black and white from muti dimentional ways. Guest artists are from Netherlands and Germany.
I interviewed chalkers, regarding a working together style. Friends, each chalker's design style is so different that fascinates me how they cooperated and if it would be any merits. An artist said, "An artist did not work on his/her own black and white drawing. We worked on other artists' drawings. It's good to learn different techniques! We learned each other!" Ohhh, that's nice and interesting, wonderful chalkers! Your mateship has made a huge, awesome and mind blowing 3D chall art! 

Brian Tisdall creates many smaller works for visitors. 
BTW, creating chalk art requires huge energy and sophisticated techniques. Bamboos or long sticks are very good tools to prevent back or neck pains like Jenny uses. Furthermore, an artist can easily step back and check an ongoing work. Imagine, if you were crawling on a ground, it is very annoying to stand up and set back often.
Also, a 3D composition is tricky. Images on a ground are distorted for viewers. In order to achieve a normal image, paradoxically, length and height get looooooong on the ground. You can check the came up image. This is the view from Custom House on their facebook. 
Lian, this year, helps volunteers' work, too. 
Now, I'd say special thanks for an organiser Andi and volunteers, great hard workers behind a scene. In particular, Andi, since the start up of Chalk Festival, has been incessantly working to make this event publicly known and successful at an interstate and international level. Today, mass media braodcasts her chalk festival. Andi, you're great and very caring, we know. You always spend each time every day for any involved workers from security, volunteers etc, etc, and to artists. Your humble and sensitive attitude touches my heart and, sure, all participants and people who have enjoyed the 3D work. Please take care after the hard work.   

It was wonderful to see old friends, enjoyed a chat and learned each other. The chalkers celebrated my publishing next year and my ongoing project. It encourages me so much. We look forward to seeing each other in a next chalk festival. Yes, I'll work in my watercolour and illustration areas in 2015.

Friends, stay tuned to Chalk Festival next year! 

Happy Painting!



  1. Sadami, unas pinturas preciosas las que nos enseñas en estas páginas. Felicidades!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias, dulce Joshemari! Estoy en este momento trabajando en el proyecto para Oxford University Press y ocupado. Fue bueno para unirse al festival de tiza para relajarme. Pronto, voy a publicar de la portada del libro de dibujo para OUP, para el libro de mi profesor de lingüística.
      Cheers, Sadami

      Thank you, sweet Joshemari! I'm right now working on the project for Oxford University Press and busy. It was good to join the chalk festival to relax myself. Soon, I will post of the book cover drawing for OUP, for my linguistics professor's book.
      Cheers, Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      Sadami, beautiful paintings that show us in these pages. Congratulations!
      A hug.

  2. How cool is that! I think those chalk artists are wonderful. I had been practicing to try to learn this technique so I could paint a big hole in our driveway and fool my husband when he comes home from work. We need a new driveway badly. I thought this might be a good way to let him know. :) But, I gave up because the driveway is too large and I only learned to draw a small hole. Silly me! Thanks for sharing this Sadami, you are wonderful.

    1. Dear Carol, Thank you very much and ahahaha, a good idea for your hubby. Amazing, if you can draw on a ground and already learned a technique. You have to teach us. Hopefully, your area will get a new driveway. Cars damage them and always we have road work day and night in Australia. Kind regards, Sadami

  3. ciao Sadami,
    i tuoi dipinti degli amici artisti sono belli, sanno far emergere le diverse personalità creando simpatia e interesse di chi li guarda.
    Peccato che siete così lontani, mi piacerebbe vederli al lavoro!!
    Ciao, abbracci, Floriana

    1. Grazie, Floriana! Vieni Sydney! Il loro lavoro è così bello e vale la pena visitare. Il vostro lavoro, troppo, è così bello. Solo il peccato è troppo lontano per vedere il tuo lavoro nei miei occhi. Un giorno, spero che potremo stare insieme.
      I migliori auguri, Sadami

      Thank you, Floriana! Come over Sydney! Their work is so nice and worth visiting. Your work, too, is so lovely. Only the shame is too far away to see your work in my eyes. One day, I hope we can get together.
      Best wishes, Sadami

      hello Sadami,
      your paintings of artist friends are beautiful, they can bring out the personalities creating sympathy and interest of those who watch them.
      Too bad you're so far away, I'd love to see them at work !!
      Hello, hugs, Floriana

  4. Siempre que leo tus posts paso largo rato buscando mirando las obras de otros artistas que me descubres, muestras tus acuarelas, muy buenas, pero el texto siempre es una alabanza al trabajo de otros y a la amistad. Eres increible!. Un abrazo.

  5. Gracias, dulce Tina! Esa es la manera de hacer amigos con otros y nos apoyamos mutuamente, ¿no? Estoy seguro de que si estamos en España, me gustaría disfrutar de dibujo y café juntos. "Los amigos hacen todos los días una fiesta!" que decimos. Mis mejores deseos y abrazos, Sadami

    Thank you, sweet Tina! That's the way to make friends with others and we support each other, don't we? I'm sure if we are in Spain, I'd like to enjoy sketching and coffee together. "Friends make everyday a party!" we say. Best wishes and hugs, Sadami

    >>> Tina said...
    Whenever I read your posts I spend a long time looking looking at the works of other artists you discover me, show your watercolors, very good, but the text is always praise the work of others and friendship. You are amazing !. A hug.

  6. I'd love to have seen the chalk painting. I just love your people, they are real and full of life. Have a lovely weekend

    1. Thank u, Polly! Come over next time! Yes, I love drawing people most. You, too, enjoy a weekend. Best wishes, Sadami