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Monday, May 25, 2015

May23 measure cup, 24made of metal, EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, I delivered Helen's portrait to See Street Gallery for The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize. Now, a daily challenge! A "measure cup" is for May23. Cooking is a fun time for children or a disaster for parents?! It's a great expectation time for younger ones in siblings. What will come up for a result? --- beautifully baked up cookies, pies and what else? Or..., gulp, messes? Btw, regarding cooking skills, I've been boasting, "I can open up cans!" in a humble and modest way. Do you have any funny stories related to cooking? If you do not mind and ok, let us share yours.
May 24, "Made of metal" 
I chose a clock. It is lovely to see sleepy kids nearly at a bed time. So cute. It is a pleasure for parents to have a bed time story for children, btw. Read picture books for your children. It would be children's wonderful memories, when they are grown up.   

I'm very happy that Sydney sketch club members love my illustrations so much.
Btw, I saw many finalists' paintings at See Street Gallery. It's really wonderful and a high level. A very lovely section is for young children! I saw a daughter and a mother submitting their work. The young child looked so proud of her work and a bit shy. Oh, so cute. I really look forward to Thursday opening night (6pm - 8pm)!! Come over, Friends.

Now, this marathon monthly challenge is now nearly at the end. 
May 25. A theme is "your favourite “Muppet.”" A Muppet! Mmmm... well, see how it goes. 
Friends, Happy Painting!


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