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Monday, June 8, 2015

Bluegrass Music & how I've learned drawing

I sketched the bluegrass band at a market. Music is universal language. While I was sketching, I began to sing together and tapped my feet. Many audience came around. We danced along the music played. We love bluegrass music. A studying methods of drawing is, in my opinion, very similar to learn music, I felt. I interviewed the fiddle player.

The lady started a violin at five years old and studied classic music. Wow! Before a primary school! She encountered bluegrass music much later in her life. It charmed the classic music violinist and turned her into a fiddle player! She went to study bluegrass in the States for a while. Her enthusiasm for music amazes me. Today, she loves to teach music at school and enjoys bluegrass for a hobby. Interesting. As far as I know, all violinists whom I've met have started from classic music and studied it well or completely for years. Then, they pick up their favorite music and will move onto a different area such as bluegrass.
I haven't studied at Art School though, it's never discouraged me. Some of us have never tried an art school and wonder how to study drawing. Me, too, started by myself. Start up with classic is a good option. "Read an old book. Take old wine," is wise advice. An artist needs both knowledge and skills. It's a chicken and egg issue. Basic knowledge and drawing skills are foundation for an artist to develop a unique style. Experience can bond knowledge and skills well. Just draw -- and that is all for me and my practice. I've started drawing from 3 or 5 yrs old and spent years in drawing. Little Sadami especially loved to copy illustrations in books and later loved copying famous works (*Mum loved to hang my paintings at home, hahaha?! Some were sold). I often made the caricatures of famous authors in literacy text books and my friends loved them at school, hahaha! I read through each classic artists' life/biography at library or book shops. Then, I studied about some theories used in visual art and went on drawing more and... to the present. Only the course I did is a "children picture book illustration workshop." Other people ask me to teach them. I want all the people to teach me! There isn't any magic, but I draw, draw, draw, while studying.
When I look back the past and think of myself, my experience has turned out good and made me humble. I always say, "Just a beginner (and truly so)" at any places. Because I haven't studied at an art school, I always ask others to teach me. Established artists are generous to mentor modest hard workers. Many people have supported me. Oh, yes, my friend's relative gave me my nice watermark (= *I still do not know how to create it). Then, I've chosen portraits and picture book illustration for favorite genres like that violinist did.   

We, learners sometimes need help, particularly, in exploring styles. If you do not have a mentor, never miss any good opportunity you have. Guts and enthusiasm touch others hearts. Look at me. I met Heesco on a street and he kindly taught me, "Heesco made a mural on Eastwood library." Fortunately, always I bump wonderful artists or teachers : lecturers at Julian Ashton Art School (*Can you believe that I joined their public freebie life drawing class on a street? I saw their ad on newspapers and popped up there!), Robin Norlin's life drawing class at NSW, Ann James, Helen Chamberlin etc, etc. Really, world leading artists have taught me and still mentor me.

So, Friends, let's enjoy drawing. Your passion will open doors. Art is universal language.
We have a long weekend. I enjoyed a long distance swim in an ocean pool in winter. Very cold! But it's my reward for a hard work for these busy weeks.
Special thanks for the violinist, for giving me the permission to post the topic. 
Friends, Happy Painting!



  1. Sadami, this is such a wonderful post. That music must have been great and inspiring. I always enjoy learning more about how you developed your style over the years. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you, Carol, for a wonderful support! If my experience will assist you a little bit, it would be my great joy. You, too, have a wonderful and creative week! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. still a very wise advice, Sadami..merci et bonne semaine

    1. Thank you very much, sweet Isabelle. You, too, have a creative and good week! Cheers, Sadami

  3. I like that she turned her violin into a fiddle. And I like what you wrote about you learning how to draw. I always feel like a student. Great work.

    1. Oh, sweet Carol, thank you! We are all learners and teachers are aroud us. Cheers, Sadami