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Monday, July 20, 2015

Got the grants for my solo exhibition!

Hi, Friends, wonderful news that I've got a grant! Accessible Arts NSW supports my solo exhibition "Over the Moon with Watercolour!" at Chrissie Cotter Gallery from 20 Oct to 2nd Nov 2015 (Map:Pidcock St, Camperdown NSW 2050). I'd share my tips how to get it with you. Before it, I greatly appreciate the support of Accessible Arts NSW and all other supporters that include Australia Council of Arts, National Association of Visual Artists, Arts Access Australia, Australian Society of Authors, Wesley Mission, Immigrant Women Speakout NSW, Parramatta Council, Marrickville Council, national/international linguists, local public libraries, my medical team, an art supply and all my friends, YOU! Friends, emerging artists face a financial difficulty to carry out an exhibition and art activity. Applying of arts funds is a practical strategy, although it's extremely competitive and not easy for a novice like me.
Everything was my first experience in the grant application. I worked hard day and night. It was a huge paper work like uni's research essay writing that answered for questions set by a fund body. These skills are essential : research, analysis and writing skills.
1) research skills
Which/what grant and how you can apply for? Do a lot of research on internet. Keep an antenna high. Never miss a deadline of a necessary one. Get reliable and first hand information (*Be aware of fake information on internet). Don't grab junk information that wastes a precious time.
2) analysis skills
Examine a picked up grant well. Target it. Based on your analyses, focus it that meets your needs.
3) writing skills
Clear and simple writing! A fund body wants tightened up sentences and does not require a Shakespeare. Remember your writing must convince a panel that your project deserves a grant by paper, on paper and in paper! Yes, a grant requires an applicant to demonstrate work and to show support letters, too. Rich network is important to gain strong support letters. I was blessed that my support letters were written by superstars in Australian publishing industry and other tops. Your submitted project, a CV, support materials( eg. visual work) and support letters must be shining and outstanding among other competitive candidates.
When I got the notice, "Congratulate you on the success of your grant application," I could not speak well from joy. Anyhow, I contacted close people by phone. Oh, they all rejoiced. Publisher Helen said, "How quick! Other funds should copy Accessible Arts NSW!" Mentors Ann and Jess, "Congratulations! Wonderful!!" Oh, so nice! 
I'm learning a lot in the process of the application of a grant. You've got why Sadami tended to be slow in updating a blog post for these months. Yes, I was too busy with applying for arts funds. My supporters are celebrating my grant news, giving me big hugs.

Money does not come from a heaven, but it's from arts funding bodies. Friends, try it and shoot it. Being an artist is not only doing art activities but also desk work such as research and formal writing like uni. Now, I'm getting very busy with preparing for Moon launch, the solo exhibition, new picture book projects and others. All my supporters say, "You're a very hard worker." Yes. That's the only assets I have. This successful application gives me a great confidence. Friends, you see how I've been overcoming each obstacle step by step and steadily. So, with all my heart, I'd say, if you have a dream and are a hard worker, anyone is happy to help you. Find a way out and get solution of difficulty that you face.
Friends, thank you for your encouragements. You, too, Happy Painting and Happy Applying for grants!
“Over the Moon with Watercolour" is supported by devolved funding administered by Accessible Arts (AARTS) 
on behalf of the Lifetime Care and Support Authority (LTCSA).



  1. Sadami, Tu alegría de la consecución de la subvención, me produce mucha felicidad, porque lo vales y te lo mereces! A quién se lo iban a dar? Pues, a la persona mejor preparada y recomendada por los más importantes super-estrellas de la industria editorial. Me alegro muchísimo! Yo también te voto!!!!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Gracias, dulce Joshemari. Accesible voluntad Artes NSW es un cuerpo de fondos. Sí, superestrellas en la industria australiana libro de imágenes me apoyan. Impresionante. Voy a ser capaz de llevar a cabo mi exposición individual. Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you, sweet Joshemari. Accessible Arts NSW will is a fund body. Yes, superstars in Australian picture book industry support me. Amazing. I'll be able to carry out my solo exhibition. Best wishes, Sadami

      >>> Joshemari said...
      Sadami, Your joy of pursuing the grant, it gives me great joy, because you're worth it and you deserve it! Who are they going to give? Well, to the best prepared and recommended by the most important in the publishing industry superstars person. I am delighted! I also vote you !!!!
      A hug.

  2. Oh Sadami, congratulations on getting the grant. How wonderful and it goes to a most deserving artist.

    1. Thank you very much, Carol! It's an amazing experience and still ongoing. I'll learn a lot and carry out my solo exhibition. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. That is fantastic news, Sadami, congratulations!!!!!

    1. Thank u very much! It's a bit Cinderella story. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. Felicidades, realmente te lo mereces estas haciendo un gran trabajo. Un abrazo

    1. Thank you, Tina!!! I'll send you (((HUGs))) !
      >>> Tina said...
      Congratulations, you deserve really doing a great job. a hug

  5. Great news, Sadami! Congratulations!