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Monday, August 24, 2015

1)People of Parramatta:solo exhibition Nov to Dec 2)AARTS grants how I use

My another solo exhibition, "People of Parramatta" will be held at Riverside Theatres Parramatta from Monday, 16 November until Sunday 13th December. I'd like to show the beauty of Parramatta in both residents and landscapes. Special thanks for Prof Ingrid Piller. She's showcased my watercolour paintings in a linguistics blog post, "Language and migration in Parramatta"  in her crazy busy days. Special thanks for Riverside Theatres that kindly extended my exhibition date to include the linguistics conference! My exhibition will overlap  the 46th annual conference of the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) at the University of Western Sydney in Parramatta. Other linguists celebrate this news and cheer me up. 
Whoa, our local MP retweets it 3 times! 
"JulieOwensMPAug 19, 10:28am via TweetDeck More beautiful sketches by #Parramattabased artist, Sadami Konchi.…
Colourful cultures and lovely linguistic diversity are the beauty of energetic Parramatta, which encompasses the future of Australia. Indeed, Parramatta is having a redevelopment and called, a "Future Generation". Already Parramatta is functioning as CBD. Also, in the People of Parramatta exhibition, I will run watercolour painting workshops as well as "Over the Moon with Watercolour exhibiton."  
Btw, have you ever thought of an insurance of an artist? Yes, I have. Ok, let's talk about the funds and how I use it. 

2) 2015 AARTS grants winners & how to use it 

Clearly, Moon comes up! 
Sadami Konchi
Sydney – Parramatta 
‘Over the Moon with Watercolour’ a solo exhibition of illustrations from the picture book ‘Moon’ and visual art workshops at Chrissie Cotter Gallery run by Marrickville Council. The project will demonstrate and promote ‘Moon’s’ aesthetic value as visual storytelling and literacy. Awarded – $4650 
Visual Artist 

When I got the funds, first of all, I applied to NAVA Premium Plus Membership that has insurance. (*NAVA = National Association for Visual Artists) Only successful applicants can get it. I got it in two days! Very happy! Friends, if you run business as artists/professional artists, it's critically important to have a good insurance to cover safety, public liability and responsibilities. I really needed an insurance, because I will run watercolour painting workshops for people with disability, children and adults in the Moon exhibition and the People of Parramatta.


Insurance Coverage and Certificate of Currency
This is to confirm that as part of the Premium Plus Membership you are covered with an insurance package that is managed by Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS). It's available to artists,craftspeople, designers (where the design is non-structural in nature), conservators, installers, registrars, curators and arts administrators

This package includes:
  • Public Liability $20,000,000
  • Products Liability $20,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity Extension $5,000,000
  • Tenants Liability $10,000,000
  • Property in Custody and Control $100,000

The Certificate of Currency is a generic certificate, which covers all of NAVA's Premium Plus Members.
Cool, isn't it? 

NAVA provides legal and cutting edge information all the time. They advoacate members well. Trustworthy peakbodies are very helpful. They are visual artists' great assets. Illustrators and and visual artists tend to be lone wolves. Being left behind from a social movement/changing and the lack of information is a fatal deficit, which will end up a blind alley in a pitch black future. To update myself, I often use peakbodies and contribute to them at the same time. It's not a coincidence that NAVA, ASA and Australia Council of Arts staff is coming to the Moon launch and the Moon exhibition. It's a mutual help and a healthy relation between a service provider and a client. Thank you very much for your strong support! 

Regarding the funds, you've got why I got so excited and could not speak well, when the notice came to me. I could not believe the amount awarded. I began to shiver and trembled. I told myself, "Calm down. Contact Editor and Mentors,"  and anyhow, picked up a hand set. Of course, they celebrated it though, my head was in a cloud and not sure my feet was on the ground. And... I cried in joy in a next moment. Then, I wrote a thank you letter to AARTS and sought for their advice of the procedure to release the grants. All is my first experience. I'm learning lot everyday.  

Now, I'm very busy with preparing of two solo exhibitions and a book launch. Gulp. 
I will do my best! Friends, come and join, "People of Parramatta"! I really look forward to seeing you. Let's have fun together.  
Happy Painting! 



  1. Oh, oh, oh!!! Qué maravilla de acuarela que hoy nos expones. preciosos colores.
    Sobre Parramata, recuerdo que hace un tiempo ya nos hablaste de esta bella ciudad, con varios dibujos y tuve ocasión de pasearme virtualmente por esa ciudad a través de Internet. Muy bonita.
    Tendrás mucho éxito!!!
    Un abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Joshemari! Quiero ver tu exposiciones. Sus aplausos cálidos durante largos años me han ayudado a tener estas cosas maravillosas de este año. Sí, por favor venga sobre mis exposiciones individuales. Por favor tenga cuidado y mantenerse bella obra.
      Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you very much, Joshemari! I want to see YOUR exhibitions. Your warm cheers for long years have helped me to have these wonderful things this year. Yes, please come over my solo exhibitions. Please take care and keep up beautiful work.
      Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>> Joshemari said...
      Oh oh oh!!! What a wonderful watercolor expose us today. beautiful colors.
      About Parramata, I remember that some time ago it we already talked about this beautiful city, with several drawings and I happened to that city pasearme virtually via the Internet. Lovely.
      You have much success !!!
      A hug.

  2. I am over the moon for you, Sadami!!! Such a success - cannot wait to see the show, via your blog posts and comments...

    1. Oh, Rhonda, your strong and longtitudinal support have enabled me to come to these happy things. Thank you very much. Me, too, send you my friendship and best support. Please take care and share us your wonderful watercolour work! Best wishes, Sadami

  3. Congratulations a thousand times, Sadami! Such great news! I wish I could see the exhibition in person, but I am sure you will share your experiences on your blog. I will be there in spirit. :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'm sure I will feel you next to me standing there. The preparation of the two exhibitions at once is busy, but I love it and enjoy it. DL inviations will be printed soon. I'm selecting my work for display. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. What a string of good news, Sadami! The second exhibition. The grant. I'm so, so happy for you and wish you that these winning steak continues! The two paintings are marvellous! Did I mention before how good you have become with architectural subjects!? Yes, I did, but I want to say it again :) Big hugs!

    1. Thank you, Blaga! Yes, you gave me wonderful comments on my architectual work. I'm getting busy and very happy. I hope I will handle them all and update my news on this blog. You, too, enjoy drawing and painting. Best wishes, big hugs, Sadami

  5. great news! I really love that first painting---one of your best!

  6. Thank you very much, Celeste, for your warm cheers. Best wishes to you, too.