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Monday, November 30, 2015

On The Mend

I was discharged. Although I mainly use one hand, a mobile phone helps my typing. I saw many brave patients/fighters coping with serious problems. When I think of this lady, my case is a mosquito's bite. My portrait comforted her. As well as the lady,  it lifted me up in pain at a tough time.
A hilarious episode was snoozing in a ward! We experienced dreadful snoozers twice. When for the first time a snoozer came in, I asked a nurse to move me to a lounge and did it. Oh, but for the second time, a wise nurse pulled him out of our room and let him snooze as much as he liked in the lounge. A win-win result. A silent night was really a holly night at hospital. 

Now, I'm doing rehab and physio for the hand and the legs. I hope my quick recovery. Thank you for your warm cheers!!
Friends, Happy Painting!



  1. Lovely sketches, Sadami!! I will be praying for a quick recovery! Take care!

  2. You are painting even in the hospital!! I imagine these portraits meant a lot to this lady or her family. Take care and heal quick!!

  3. Good to hear you are on the mend, Sadami! And even in hospital you cannot stop drawing. :) Great sketches!

  4. Para mi es difícil dibujar o pintar a una persona en estado convaleciente, pero te entiendo. En un hospital se pasan muchas...muchas horas. Cuando mi madre estuvo en el hospital, pocos días antes de morir, le hice muchos dibujos en la cama y de tanto en tanto, abro el cuaderno y me gustan mirarlas...Aunque sean tristes. Son un recuerdo triste pero de mucha ternura.
    Sadami, por estas páginas, observo que estás de nuevo, haciendo sesiones de recuperación. Te deseo que te sean provechosas y vayas recuperándote. Eres muy fuerte!!!!! Lo conseguirás!
    Un abrazo.