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Friday, March 2, 2018

My Dog Socks becomes CBCA Notable

My Dog Socks is in the Children's Book Council of Australia Notable Books. Very happy!! Australian top notches in publishing industry celebrate my job. I share my facebook post, Friends, thanks, ((Hugs))! 

      The most surprise was My Dog Socks in CBCA Notables!! Margaret Hamilton, CBCA, Danny Katz, Mitch Vane and attendees celebrated it together. Mentors, Ann James, Ann Haddon and Helen Chamberlin, too, celebrated it from Melbourne. Thank you very much for all the supporters, an author, Robyn Osborne and a publisher, Paul Collins. *Kind Margaret Hamilton put her hat on me, saying, "You're in. You should put it on." Oh, you're so sweet. I gave her hugs.
      With Mitch Vane
    Front Book Cover
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    Catherine Hewitt Fantastic

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Catherine Hewitt!!

    Meredith Costain Congratulations, Sadami!

    Sadami Konchi Oh, Meredith Costain you're one of my great supporters, thank u

    Imma Buono Yahoo!! Congrats my friend 🙌

    Sadami Konchi Thank u, Imma Buono. You've been supporting me and a wonderful friend for ages.

    Sophie Masson Bravo, Sadami! Lovely to be with you on the list.

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Sophie Masson! You're so kind. And tons of congrats to you!

    Janeen Brian Congratulations Sadami and Robyn!

    Sadami Konchi Thank u so much, Janeen Brian! You've encouraged me since I started my career on your text.

    Anne Spudvilas good on you sadami ! great news x

    Sadami Konchi Anne Spudvilas, thank u! I'm so happy and proud to be listed with your wonderful work!

    Rebecca Sheraton Congratulations

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, sweet Rebecca Sheraton !! Your support is my energy.

    Emma Middleton Huge congratulations!

    Sadami Konchi Oh, kind Emma Middleton, thank u!! Let's create good picture books!

    Sue Whiting So lovely to witness your joy last night Sadami. Congrats.

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Sue Whiting! Happy to have celebrated your achievement, too, last night.

    Jackie French Totally gorgeous!

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Jackie French!! Mentor Ann James highly recommends to c u and learn lot, because u r a giving person, Ann says. C u near future.

    Jackie French Ann is one of the most giving people I know.
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    Sadami Konchi

    Paul Collins Great collaboration, Robyn and Sadami!

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Daddy Paul Collins! "We" made it. I deeply appreciate all the staff's hard work to have created Socks!!

    Robyn Osborne You can obviously pick a good manuscript Paul Collins! Thank you for taking a chance on Socks.

    Lisa Stewart Congratulations just as you deserve !

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Lisa Stewart! U always support and encourage me.

    Elise Hurst Wonderful! Congratulations!

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, sweet Elise Hurst! You've always encouraged me for ages!!

    Anna C Bee Amazing Sadami! Well done xx

    Sadami Konchi Thank u, Anna C Bee, for your support!!

    Sadami Konchi Thanks millions, Margaret Hamilton, Polly Birchall, Brenda Cook, Kelsey Hart, Janeen Brian, Julie-Anne Rogers, Paul Collins, Olivia Quintin, Nancy MacAlpine, Judy Barends, 神田圭司, Sherryl Clark, Kristina Tito-Barratt, Sheryl Gwyther, Tricia Kress, ...See more

    Mitch Vane Hi Sadami Konchi - just got back from Sydney . So lovely to meet you - and how wonderful to hear the news that you were on the Cbca Victoria list!!! There was so much going on, I didn't realise in all the excitement. Congratulations - your illustrations are divine and you must be so thrilled. See you again soon. XXX

    Sadami Konchi replied1 Reply

    Sarah Davis So happy for you! Very well deserved.

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Sarah Davis, for support!

    Anna Walker Congratulations!!!

    Sadami Konchi Thank u very much, Anna Walker, for encouraging and supporting for ages. You're so kind. I'll keep up!
Our publishing team and I made it. Big names in our industry know it's not easy to get in the CBCA list. So, they celebrate it together. Other people have said that my notable by a second picture book is quite fast. But it hardly happens. Imagine many good picture books across Australia compete for this annual entitlement. I really thank for your support for ages. I've come to this level step by step. I'll just keep up. 
Friends, Happy Painting!  



  1. Congratulations, Sadami! Such exciting news :) Wish you all the best !!!

    1. Thank u, Meera! Yes, very exciting and it gives me more energy to go forward. Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Congratulations Sadami! Great news.

    1. Thank u very much, Carol, for a strong support for ages! Best wishes, Sadami

  3. What a wonderful news! Congratulations, Sadami! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Thank u very much, sweet Blaga!! Sharing a joy with others makes me happier than ever. Enjoy your art work, too. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. Congratulations Sadami. The cover of your book is super. Have a great day.

    1. Dear Debbie, thank u very much! I'll keep up. Cheers Sadami

  6. Felicidades, me siento feliz por ti

    1. Thank u, Tina!! ((Hugs)), Sadami

      >>>Tina said...
      Congratulations, I feel happy for you

  7. OMGoodness, Sadami!!!! Huge Congratulations .....very impressive!!
    Sending hugs!!

    1. Thank u very much, Hilda! Best wishes, Sadami

  8. What can I say? Nothing that hasn't already been said. But right now I'm doing a Happy Dance for you!!!!

    1. Oh, thank u, sweet Rhonda, I'm dancing with you here in Sydney!! ((Hugs)), Sadami