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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Biennale Sydney, Carriageworks

I enjoyed a volunteer Exhibition Host in Biennale Sydney at Carriageworks this week! Being a volunteer gives studying opportunities of prominent modern artists in the world. I’ll show interesting works. One lady began to lay down and silently appreciated Chen Shaoxiong’s “Views” for quite a while. I sketched her and the work. After looking at the work, the lady and I exchanged the best smile! 
In the “Views,” You can project your shadow onto the work that partially moves and be a part of art work. Shaoxiong's black and white work, nostalgic and a little melancholic, attracts many visitors.  People love it and take photos.
 This is the inside of the work. You can see the size. 
 A bird is moving around between branches. 
This is my shadow, which turns to be an art work! 
My another favourite is Sam Falls’ work. Falls creates abstract landscapes, covering large swathes of canvas with organic matter such as branches, leaves, flowers that related to an original place. Colours are lovely and images are sweet that make me comfortable.
Semiconductor (= Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) creates vivid zig-zag moving images with sounds. 
George Tjungurrayi, an Indigenous Australian, makes abstract canvases with linear patterns that represent landscapes. Very bright colours and his style is modern  that is out from a traditional style. Actually, his paintings remind me of the desert in Australia. They are very distinct in colours under the strong sun.    
Michael Stevenson’s work is beyond my perception. He created “the mini campus” of the compatibility of two start courses in uni : A Mission Class in 1982 and Stamford Uni Computer Science 2012 or religious and technology. I did not get the content of the two different units. But one smart young visitor interpreted that some students felt a headache and a tummy bug in the Mission Class and tablets/medicines were developed in thirty years later? Oh, it could be? It is a great fun to have a chat with visitors and hear their interpretations. The photo shows the Computer Science unit.  Centralised visitors told us lots of stories in a chat.  
Sharing is the beauty of our volunteer work and group activity. Let's share our experiences. We enjoy the shift! Being a volunteer is lovely to know others and contribute to society. I’ll post art works in Cockatoo Island, later.
Friends, Happy Painting!



  1. A lovely sketch to memorialize your experience at the exhibition, Sadami!
    Thank you for sharing your adventure with these stunning photographs (love your shadow)!

    1. Thank u, Chris! Yes, volunteers have a private fb site. My post gets popular. I will enjoy being a host. Cheers, Sadami