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Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Friend's Completion of PhD through difficulty

Celebration for Dr Alexandra Grey, Dr Gary O’Neill's PhD completion and hurrah to Language on the Move team! Overcoming difficulty and loneliness, Alex has received a Macquarie Vice-Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence and an Australian PhD Prize for Innovation in Linguistics for her thesis on "How do languagerights affect minority languages in China?”  Her very touching speech is in the last paragraph of this post and here, Youtube, Macquarie uni graduation, April 24. (Alex’ speech starts at 1:13:35). 

Being an artist is similar to academics, as it tends to be a lone work. What do you think, Friends? Me, too, have learned the importance of having a wise mentor, a good rapport/support system, stress buster techniques and a healthy self-trust or positivism/optimism which eventually helps creativity and turns out good work. We need to share tears and laughter with others to bear ups and downs. Alex's triumph encourages me. I deeply appreciate your friendship through blogging, which always lifts me up. 
Then, Friends, Alex has started her academic career at Law School in Sydney uni!
Wow, Alex, if you bump someone sketching Sydney uni, please smile at her, te-he. Take care and enjoy your journey in linguistics! Hope they will more explore linguistics and enjoy it. Congrats. Go, go, Alex!! You're shining! Language on the Move Team, Porf Ingrid Piller, I love you all! 
Btw, I enjoyed the fun drawing above. I love portraits and caricatures like fun drawing, but I do not want to make extremely distorted images which could hurt models. In my eyes, each person is lovely and shining!  
Friends, Happy Painting!! 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dr Alexandra Grey's speech  
Doing a PhD, as Dr Grey states in her graduation speech, involves a lot of independent work and at times feelings of loneliness, and so, it can be difficult to succeed without a good support network of family and peers.
The Language-on-the-Move team proudly celebrates the graduation of Dr Alexandra Grey and Dr Gary O’Neill 💐🎓💐🎓

Dr Alexandra Grey shares her sense of triumph in graduating from her PhD, the result of four years of innovative research in Chinese language policy…

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  1. Sadami, eres genial dibujando figuras y tras contemplar detenidamente la fotografía del grupo y comparar con tu dibujo, estoy seguro que cada personaje se reconoce perfectamente en el dibujo. Maravilloso!!!!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  2. Muchas gracias, Joshemari. Disfrutemos de las figuras más que nunca. Me encanta dibujar personas. Tus pinturas acuarelas mejoran cada vez más. Joshemari, estás en una pista. Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

    Thank you very much, Joshemari. Let's enjoy figures more than ever. I love drawing people. Your watercolour paintings get better and better. Joshemari, you're right on a track. Best wishes, Sadami

    >>>>>> Joshemari said...
    Sadami, you are great at drawing figures and after carefully contemplating the group's photography and comparing it with your drawing, I am sure that each character is perfectly recognizable in the drawing. Wonderful!!!!
    A hug.

  3. Oh I so love your caricatures...they made me smile. You are certainly good with drawing people friend. Hope you are having a lovely day. Hugs!

    1. Thank u, Debbie! Yes, I love drawing people, us, human beings!! I'm working on the projects and will have a meeting today. I'll do my best. U, too, have a nice day. Best wishes, Sadami

  4. The portraits are so amusing! Thank you for posting the photo to get a context
    And... today in the mail I received the book! Sadami, you are amazing! I knew that you are a master in human portraits, but how you managed to capture the rich personality of a dog! I ordered the book for my niece in Bulgaria, but now I'm not sure I want to part with it. I have a couple of months to decide how selfish to be. In the meantime I will enjoy Socks' personalities :)

    1. Oooh, Blaga, you're so sweet and thank u!!! Yes, I enjoyed drawing the personality of dogs as well as humans'. Very happy to know you like "My Dog Socks." Yes, how to express the persona of Socks was the key in that illustration work. I observed dogs (*I've been a great dog lover!) and sketched around them in different postures and varied face expressions. I heartily hope your niece will enjoy Socks. Thank u very much for your kind feedback that encourages me so much. I'm not a master at all and always a life long learner. Best wishes, Sadami

  5. these are delightful sketches !!! great way to celebrate :)

    1. Thank u, Meera! Yes, indeed! We need fun in drawing, don't we? Cheers, Sadami