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Monday, July 23, 2018

Creating a Picture Book is a Labour of Love.

A wonderful workshop on creating picture book was run by WestWords and Parramatta Council. What is required from a children picture book illustrator? Guest speakers : successful author Sue Whiting, established illustrator/book designer Wayne Harris. His say echoes in my heart. “Creating a picture book is a labour of love.” 

Wayne's answers to the question are below.  
  •        Warmth. Always warmth.
  •        Authenticity. Authentic voice.
  •        A child centralised view.
  •        Narrative ability, thus, no need to be technically brilliant.
A book designer and an editor do a similar job in a picture book publishing team. They make a text and illustration sing well. Yes, publisher/editor Helen Chamberlin's work amazes me. With her, I've learned/ am learning how to do layout, the importance of page turning and everything about picture book illustration and designing. More importantly, an illustrator needs a third party's calm eye to examine her own illustration. 
So, another recommendation is "Work with a great editor. Even once is fine, work with a great editor! They answer all your questions. From their answers, you’ll learn a lot pricelessly." Yes, I perfectly agree with the above from my working experience with Helen Chamberlin. Also, Wayne said, "A great editor does a psychiatrist! Who says to desperate creators, “Calm down. Go outside and have coffee,”?" I solely appreciate Helen's support and guidance in my illustration work. It'll be a so precious life experience as a professional. 
Regarding an author, Wayne suggests, when an author hands over a text to an illustrator, give up the holding visual images of the text. An illustrator will create a totally different image from the text based on her own concepts. But paradoxically and magically, a good picture book, the beautiful marriage between a text and illustration will be born from the completely different thoughts. Yes, a great and experienced editor is the matchmaker between a text and images. 

Wonderful to catch up Sue and Wayne. From time to time, Sue and Wayne have been encouraging me since I started a career. Wayne taught me illustration with Donna Rawlins at Sydney uni. Both celebrated the achievements in my career. This is from facebook. 
Sue Whiting Thanks Sadami. Always important to encourage talented new creators! It's been wonderful to watch your developing career.

Sadami Konchi Thank you very much, Sue Whiting! I hope I'll create good picture books. Please guide me.

Sue and Wayne generously talked about a process of making a picture book and a publishing process. We all enjoyed the workshop fully. 
Wayne and Sue gave me big hugs at the end of a workshop. Thank you very much, WestWords and Parramatta Council for the freebie workshop. I've been proud of being taught by Wayne and Donna. Lots of study about picture book illustration is necessary as well as drawing and painting skills. I want to tell a story with/from love. I want to tell a story from a children’s point of view. Friends, joining a workshop is helpful. 
Wayne will run a 3 weeks workshop of creating a picture book at WestWords. 
Let's enjoy learning. Friends, Happy Painting! 



  1. Eres fantástica Sadami y los mejores editores y mejores ilustradores te reconocen lo mucho que vales! No pasarás a la historia, no, sino ya estás entre los grandes! Te felicito! Y me alegro mucho porque sé que ha sido tu objetivo. LO HAS CONSEGUIDO!!! Además de hacer feliz a mucha gente!
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    1. Muchas gracias, Joshemari! Has sido mi gran seguidor por mucho tiempo. Realmente aprecio tu amistad y vivas. Tú también has creado maravillosas pinturas que hacen felices a los demás. ¡Disfruta pintando y muéstranos tu encantadora sonrisa que brilla! Mis mejores deseos, Sadami

      Thank you very much, Joshemari! You've been my strong supporter for ages. I really appreciate your friendship and cheers. You, too, have been creating wonderful paintings that make others happy. Enjoy painting and show us your lovely smile that is shining!! Best wishes, Sadami

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Joshemari said...
      You are fantastic Sadami and the best editors and best illustrators recognize you how much you are worth! You will not go down in history, no, but you are already among the greats! I congratulate you! And I'm very happy because I know that it was your goal. YOU'VE GOT IT!!! In addition to making many people happy!
      A hug.

  2. Wonderful, fascinating post, Sadami!

    1. Thank u, Chris! Experienced illustrators are all great mentors for me. I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by such lovely people. Best wishes, Sadami

  3. So wonderful for you to connect to so many artists and illustrators and book authors!! Have a wonderful time...thanks for the call this morning :) I am doing okay!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda!!! Please take care of yourself. I always think of you and pray for you. Best wishes, Sadami