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Monday, June 6, 2011

Doug Moran 2011, World Richest Portrait Prize

I enjoyed Doug Moran Pize Free Exhibition 2011 at NSW State Library(21st April - 26th June) last Saturday.Moran is the world's richest portrait and photographic prizes. $150,000 for the best work.

The portrait winner is Vincent Fantauzzo, "Baz Lurhmann 'off screen.'" Vincent often becomes a finalist at Archibald, too.There is no watercolour work in.
Regarding a size, some works were quite small, which made me, a watercolourist very comfortable. It implies room for watercolours to compete with other media. Some finalists showed a traditional style and realism, which encouraged me so much.
Indeed, the winner, Vincent's style is based on realism. It has cheered me up so much. I could not get what sort of media he uses. If anyone knows his media, please let me know it in comments.Unlike Archibold 2011 (below), not many visitors were at the library. Rather quiet. Or I might visit there after a busy time. Already, when I posted on my thoughts about Archibold, many blog friends encouraged me to be what I am(*thanks millions, everyone!). I'll keep my own watercolour style for competitions. The first uploaded baby's work is my style.

But I will keep learning, while I maintain my identity.
opying interesting works always teaches me lots. Above, the winner's composition and colour use was very fascinating. Of course, their techniques are different from watercolour. Yet I learned a lot and feel the "unlimited" potential in watercolour techniques. Particularly, I want to explore wash and brush strokes more. Apart from technical stuff, fine artists are "bounty hunters." We try to shoot a "competition prize" in order to earn money. Not easy. Laughs and tears are in one.
Often my dear artists friends and I have kidding,
"Are you still on the earth?"
"My transaction has only few cents."
Nice friends are the most assets. We exchange information on competitions and back up each other. You're one of them.

Hopefully, this blog will never stop
suddenly! Hahahaha?!
I'd keep up this blog till the end of my life and share joy with you, Friends!! 
Today, I sketched a cute baby at a market. Children's portraits are my most favorite.
Happy painting.



  1. thanks for sharing your artwork!

  2. Yahooo, Vicki!
    Thanks for warm cheers!!
    Hugs, Sadami

  3. Hi Sadami, thanks for this interesting post and for your beautiful sketches! Hugs, Tito.

  4. Love your style of painting Sadami, very refreshing. You manage a few brush strokes and suddenly there is a painting!!- I envy people like you who can do that. Thank you for sharing your paintings on this post.

  5. You're quite right, Sadami. It's always necessary to improve one's technique, but we must be faithful to our own style. Have a nice week. Cheers.

  6. The baby is lovely with those rosey cheeks, 'apple cheeks' we call them in Dutch!
    I hope you will win a prize one day!

  7. I like your style too. Cute baby.

  8. Sadami, you are too precious to ever stop blogging. Don't let that cross your mind. You are most inspirational and friendly. I know I will always get honesty from Sadami.
    Blogger will only let me post as Anonymous right now on some blogs such as yours for "I don't know what reason...." Ughhh! So I will sign my comment so you know who it is that said these wonderful things to you....
    Carol Blackburn

  9. Excellent all, as usual. I especially love the child, is very tender.
    Go on, friend Sadami, yours is a fine line

  10. Sadami, y yo espero seguir contemplando tu obra durante muchos años, porque es buena y humana.
    He visitado los retratos y figuras de Victor Fantauzzo y me parecen excesivamente realistas para mi gusto. Mi inclinación está en el estilo que tú los haces!
    Me encantan esos espacios de gente, que dejas en blanco.
    En fin, me gusta tu forma espontánea de pintar.
    Un abrazo.

  11. I like your watercolors so much, they have everything I love watercolor for.
    I do not have any art education, so I do not understand why to make painting-copy, if you can make a photo with same result. Sure the jury knows better))
    And I hear how people sigh when they see good watercolor, as if angel kisses them at that moment: "oh, watercolor.." - they say quietly. I am sure you know what I write about).

  12. One day , my friend, we will see your name up there, for sure. I shall be proud to say "I knew her when..." :)
    Your work gives me so much pleasure..and this week is no exception.

  13. Hi, Tito,
    Thank you so much. I admrie your dynamic and energetic paintings. Please keep up.
    Cheers, Sadami

  14. Dear Ann,
    Oh, thank U. You actually make similar fresh watercolours in wash. Not a big difference between you and me. Rather, your repertoire&styles are much broader than me. I learn lots from you.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  15. Hi, Albert,
    Thank U! Yes, that's the pradox and truth. I'll work on my style.
    Cheers, Sadami

  16. Hi, Juddy,
    Thank U! I'll challenge it sooner or later.
    BTW, Japanes has the same experession. Probably, it could be found anywhere apples enjoyed by people.
    Cheers, Sadami

  17. Hi, C...
    Thank you.
    You're a soooo lovely and great mother. Take care. Pass my hello to your son!

  18. Dear Carol,
    Thank U for the kind comment and hard work to send your say. Enjoy painting, drawing and blogging.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  19. Hi, Carmen,
    Thank U! You, too, make heartwarming and very beautiful watercolours. Let us keep up together!
    Cheers, Sadami

  20. Estimado Joshemari,
    ¡Gracias! Oh, nunca sabrás lo mucho que su amable comentario me ha animado! Honesta, siempre me pregunto mi estilo no es para las grandes competiciones. Por encima de todo, les dejo un espacio en blanco o en los retratos. Yo no tengo ganas de llenar a todos. Su opinión me anima mucho a seguir mi propio camino.
    Por favor, tenga cuidado y disfrutar de mi trabajo!
    Abrazos y sonrisa, Sadami

    Dear Joshemari,
    Thank you!! Oh, you'll never know how much your kind comment has encouraged me!!! Honest, I always wonder my style is not for big competitions. Above all, I leave a space or blank in portraits. I do not feel like filling them all. Your say encourages me so much to go my own way.
    Please take care and enjoy my work!!
    Hugs&smile, Sadami

    >>>Joshemari said...
    Sadami, and I hope to keep watching your work for many years because it is good and human.
    I visited the portraits and figures of Victor Fantauzzo and I seem overly realistic for my taste. My inclination is in the style you bundles!
    I love those spaces with people, you leave it blank.
    Anyway, I like your painting spontaneously.
    A hug.

  21. Dear Irina,
    You say too much on my work. Like you, I'm self-taught. So, please have confidence and keep trying.

    OK, copying good paintings&masterpieces teaches the secret how to paint it. So, many great artists did copy masterpieces as apprentices or professionals.

    Take the above uplaoded two for examples. I learned the process how to put colours. Wash, which colour as base? Then, second colour. Where to emphasise in order to lead viewers eyes in composition? Third colour, opposite or blend in? Finsighing, what sort of harmony in paints comes up? Check balance as a whole.

    Photos often does cheating, as they don't show correct colours or 3D information. Above all, you cannot feel a size and artist's efforts. So, I visit exhibitions and study others in my own eyes.

    Regarding watercolour, "angel kisses" is a so beautiful expression. I'm sure you're kissing others by your lovely work!!
    Kind regards, Sadami

  22. Oh, Pat!
    Thank you so much! I will try it sooner or later before putting myself into a coffin?! Hahaha. Challenging gives our life fun. I'll keep up.

  23. Sadami, I do not remember now how I "found" you....but I LOVE your paintings and your words. Your work is absolutely fantastic. It lifts my heart whenever I see your new paintings. I don't know how I found your blog...but I am so glad I did. You are one of my favorites. I love how your art is your world and your world is your art.

  24. Hi, Celeste,
    Me, too. By chance, we met on the earth in this universe. It's a miracle. I love and admire your work and personality. Let us share joy!
    Thank you very much!!

  25. Hola Sadami. Me gusta el estilo de tus retratos, de pinceladas libres y espontáneas. El primero, el retrato del niño, me parece genial.
    Un abrazo

  26. :) I hope that I will be able to see this exhibition - maybe it will be in Melbourne sometime when I get back. Enjoy my friend.

  27. What an interesting post. You've brought us the flavour of the exhibition in your lovely sketches.

    I too enjoy doing smaller works and yes, you should certainly put forward your watercolours for exhibitions.

    I love your style and I don't think you should change at all - just keep sharing. x

  28. Hola, Oñera!
    Muchas gracias por el aliento. Sí, ese es mi estilo. Con este estilo, voy a impugnar las competiciones. Se trata de ser lo que soy no la mayoría, obtener una fama o dinero. Por encima de todo, a través de la pintura, voy a tener diversión con los amigos.
    Saludos, Sadami

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. Yes, that's my style. With this style, I'll challenge competitions. The point is to be what I am most, not get a fame or money. Above all, through painting, I'll have fun with friends.
    Cheers, Sadami

    >>>Oñera said...
    Hello Sadami. I like the style of your portraits, free, spontaneous brushstrokes. The first, the portrait of a child, I feel great.
    A hug

  29. Dear Gillian,
    Thank you for warm cheers!
    Yes, a size is a matter for watercolour.
    But I want to say, "Small is POWERFUL & SEXY"!!?
    Although I do not expect I can get in so competitive comps, I'll try!

    Only once, we can live on the earth. Why not live this life fully!

    Thank you for mentioning my style. It has taken years to come this style. I always sketch anything and anyone interests me at anywhere. I'll keep up.

    You, too, please keep up wonderful and interesting work and share them with us.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  30. Yahooo, Evelyn!
    The exhibition will do a national tour. Oh, Evelyn, come back to Melbourne and enjoy it.
    Cheers, Sadami

  31. I also hope that this blog will continue much longer because it gives me great confidence in me thank you Sadam

  32. Hi, Isabelle, welcome and thank you for joining this blog!! Of course, I'll keep up this blog loooong! I have many blog friends in Europe, probably, they are your next doors. You, too, make beautiful watercolours. Let's have fun together.
    Cheers, Sadami

  33. love your post and all the pieces in your style! Your words are so uplifting -especially since I was somewhat down after another rejection for a juried show --thanks for your wise words :)

  34. Dear Meera,
    Thank U so much. Very happy to know my little post could cheer you up. We have fine days and rainy days. Let us enjoy any wheather fully. I'll keep dancing in a storm and enjoy it! It's no more a storm. I'm hear and happy to keep sending you my cheers. Yey! Go, go, Meera!!
    Best wishes, Sadami

  35. Hello Sadami !
    oh this little baby with his green eyes, so lovely. How he looks at you ... you manage to capture so many emotions. I'm sure he tried to do your portrait too.

  36. Hi,Lydie!
    Ahahaha! He was so cute and could be, wanted to catch me on paper. Ah, Lydie, my heart is melt away with any kid.
    Cheers, Sadami

  37. No matter what you paint Sadami, it is wonderful! I was especially drawn to the unpainted crowd looking at the painted image. Very effective and interesting composition.


  38. Hi, Teri,
    Thank you for encouragements. Putting people turns simple landscapes and architectures into humane "our world."
    Cheers&Hugs, Sadami

  39. This a great observation Sadami: we need to learn through our lives and we will definitely have our style being found and polished through the years.
    Keep up with that great work that you do. Besides great paintings you are also a very good example of hard work and a great confirmation for me that people have to follow their hearts and do what they are meant to do in their lives ( you know what I mean, sorry for the scrambled comment)..

    I also love your new Avatar on your blog: very feminine and Shining :)


  40. HI Sadami,

    Competitions are hard - and you can't ever base the value of your work on competitions. Its great to see all the entries and the work everyone else is doing - and its also great to be part of the community of artists. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this competition and the exhibit. I really enjoy your paintings of the show, I can't believe you are able to dash off such wonderful work in what must be a crowded and busy place.

    Take care - Wren

  41. Wonderful sketches and wonderful text as always Sadami. We all learn by looking at others art, maybe copying, but we should always remain true to ourselves...which is not always easy :0 )
    Have a nice week. Cheers from Milan.

  42. Hi, IrinaSztukowski!
    Thank you so much. You summarize all what I wanted to say. In order to pay bills, sometimes styles are changed. But "style" is an artist's identity. One established illustrator suggested me "Follow your most favorite style. Be honest to yourself. Explain publishers why you illusrtate so." I'll devote these words for you, too.

    And very happy to know you like my new avater. I wanted to change it for a long time. But to get on a self-portrait needs my "mood." I think I was very happy and "now" is the season to enjoy being what I am fully!!
    Cheers, Sadami
    Cheers, Sadami

    Avatar on your blog: very feminine and Shining :)


  43. Hi, Wren,
    Thank you very much! You're always so nice. And your say is "spot on." (*I'm ready to die in poverty, but happily!ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ)
    Sketching at a busy place requires "guts, intense concentration & good feet"?!
    Very happy to know you enjoy my post & sketches.
    Cheers, Sadami

  44. Dear Judy,
    Thank you so much! That's what I really wanted to tell in the post. Let us be honest with ourselves and move into a future. Style is our identity. We cannot betray ourselves. You, too, have a nice week.
    Cheers, Sadami

  45. Hi Sadami
    Thanks for another interesting blog. I am still in Melbourne. Last week I went along to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the 150th anniversary exhibition of indigenous art. It has been commissioned from the people of the Western desert and there are dozens of fabulous paintings. The exhibition is called 'Living Water' and is based around the water holes that never go dry. One piece in particular is amazing... a huge canvas with a large middle area of white representing the salt flats with fantastic detail of the area surrounding and running into it. The more you look, the more you get drawn into it.
    I went along to a Community Art class tonight and thoroughly enjoyed drawing a still life with charcoal.
    All the best

  46. Wow! Thank you, Ray!! You're here! Sounds you're really enjoying a trip, staying and a second life. Very happy to know your interesting story. I wish I could have a look of the exhibition.
    Have fun and give yourself tons of indulgences. Safe trip and please take care not to catch a cold.
    Kind regards&smile, Sadami

  47. love the 3 interiors sadami ..congratulations on being selected for the cancer award .

  48. Estupendo trabajo, muy estudiado y el acabado es fantástiken.
    Un saludo desde Huesca, España, casi casi en las antípodas;)

  49. Hi, Jane,
    Thank U so much! Your work in wash is amazingly beautiful. Look forward to yours, too!
    Cheers, Sadami

  50. Dear Manuel,
    I love and admrire your architecture and landscape work. Very sensitive, beautiful and accurate. Wash is also breathtaking. Please keep up.
    Kind regards, Sadami

    >>>Manuel said...
    Great work, well researched and the finish is Fantastik.
    Greetings from Huesca, Spain, very nearly at the antipodes;)

  51. Dear Sadami,

    Thank you very much for letting us know about Dough Moran Prize. I also enjoyed watching present and past portraits. I had a look at Vincent Fantauzzo's portrait, and although I like the expression on his face, I am not very keen on hyper realistic portraits.
    I like your interpretation of his portrait very much, Sadami. Love the values and colour hues.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. Keep going. Hugs

  52. Dear Anna,
    Thank U very much!
    OK, honest, I agree with you. "Hyper realistic" is not my way to go. Very happy to know you love my work. Anna, you and I know the unlimited potential in watercolour as media. Very interesting to explore any technique. You, too, keep up your wonderful blog and lead us. You're one of my cultural icons & idols.
    Cheers, Sadami

  53. Great blog, I really enjoyed what I've seen and have learned a lot. Good hand good line!

  54. Hola Sadami,tu estilo es muy personal y muy me gusta mucho , no lo cambies, pero como dices se puede seguir aprendiendo y evolucionando conservando su personalidad, magníficos los retratos del premio Dough Moran Prize, pero me gusta más la espontaneidad de la acuarela.
    Había comentado tu post anterior pero no salió, me gustaron mucho las violetas.

  55. Hi, Helena, Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog!
    You have an interesting and beutiful style in very pretty blogs. Please keep up.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  56. Hola, Francis,
    ¡Muchas gracias! Sí, realmente muy mucho que tienen similitudes, como autodidacta y su estilo.
    Muy contento de que, como las violetas. Me encanta otras flores silvestres humilde. Rosas y lirios o flores grandes son famosos ojos pegadizo y tan popular. Pero quiero destacar desconocido o simplemente flores ordinarias. Sí, me proyecto en estas flores ocultas. También sé que algunas personas encuentran la belleza de estas flores no reconocido. Usted es una de las personas humanas que encuentran la belleza en las flores desapercibido.
    Un cordial saludo, Sadami

    Hi, Francis,
    Thank you so much! Yes, really very much we have similarities such as self taught and style.
    Very glad you like the violets. I love other wild humble flowers. Roses and lilies or other big famous flowers are eye-catchy and so popular. But I want to highlight unkown or just ordinary flowers. Yes, I project myself onto these hidden flowers. Also I know some people find the beauty of these unrecognized flowers. You're one of the humane people who find beauty in unperceived flowers.
    Kind regards, Sadami

    >>>Francis said...
    Sadami Hi, your style is very personal and very much like me, do not change, but as you say you can continue learning and evolving retaining her personality, great pictures Doug Moran Prize award, but I like the spontaneity of watercolor.
    Had commented on your previous post but was not, I loved the violet.

  57. I take a bow in front of your works, my friend.

    Best regards,


  58. Hi,my friend Yulendys,
    Thank you! I take...
    in front of your works.

  59. your blog is wonderful Sadami ! when I come and
    see your beautiful work, I would love to paint again watercolours ! but I spend so many time with my photos, that I cannot find time for painting !
    later.... so I enjoy your paintings !!
    have a very nice weekend Sadami !
    many thanks for your kind visits ! they make me happy

  60. Hi, Marty,
    Thank you! Your photos and watercolours are wonderful, I know. I really hope you will find a spare time for watercolour. You, too, have a nice weekend!
    Cheers, Sadami

  61. Your work is so unique! Love all your sketches, and your posts, Sadami.

  62. Hi, Hilda,
    Thank you very much. Your work is,too, unuque and precious. Keep your identity HIGH!
    Cheers, Sadami

  63. Sadami, your children are so cute !
    Ha ha, I think you are ready for one 100 washes challenge now...Love your work fresh of life ! Bises Sadami. Olivia

  64. Hi, Olivia,
    Thank you! 100 washes, I've been thinking of, are good challenge, but will be fun. Aren't you enjoying it? I love watching your 100washes.
    Cheers, Sadami

  65. i love paintings and these are awesome really they inspire me ... thanks to share with me n others.

  66. Hi, Graffiti Art!
    Thank you so much and let's have fun in art.
    Cheers&Best Wishes, Sadami