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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sketch Part5 Children, Artist as Guardian of Time

Friends, thank you for waiting. Your kind comments and encouragements give me energy to keep on. Now, I upload a make-up post on "children," our living angels. My secret definition of an artist is a guardian of time.
"Time flies like an arrow," we say without caring what really it means. As a sketcher and portraitist, I seize a moment on paper.

Personally, I love sketching kids eating something, a happy hour. Their shining faces brighten up our society!

When I go for sketch outside, children ask me to draw their favorite monsters, dragons, cars or even draw them.
The boy asked me to draw him with a very funny posture.
"Are you sure? Do you really want me to make this??"
"Yes!! I want!" I kept laughing while sketching him.
The boy showed off the sketch to his friends. Ever since, he and his older sister always come and play with me.

...but till when they will remember that funny work.
I never get bored to watch moving children. Playing around children are genius to figure out games that always impresses me. Kids repeat movements and have fun over and over again. Do you realize? Picture books often repeat sentences and phrases to please young readers.

This girl playing with a balloon did it
for thousands times, even though her mom looked sick of it?!
Oh, children's creativity and unique point of view are wonderful!! I learn lots from children.

Their beautiful face expressions and interesting movements are much like rainbows. Be quick. Otherwise, they will be gone.

Indeed, some of my models are now young men and beautiful ladies. The other day, a handsome young man talked to me. I could not believe my eyes and lost words.
"Are you so&so??" said Sadami.
"Yes," the young man gently smiled at me.
Amazing. Taller than me(*170cm)!
I felt time.

One day, they will all make departures... I thought of dandelions...

In a given life, I want to make lots of, lots of watercolors that directly and indirectly record time.

By the way,
the computer's start up is the problem. Sometimes, the screen blacks out and makes beeps. But the start button is pushed for the second time, it works properly. ...???? While this analogue girl applies computer company's recommendations to the machine, I struggle saving all important programs and information into CDs for just in case. Lots of work. After that, hopefully, I'll visit a shop soon.

So, I can reply for you. Feel free to leave any comment.
Let us enjoy drawing and painting.

Thank you for supports and cheers.


Friday, October 22, 2010

!!Computer Out of Order?! But Special Thanks for Friends.

Hi, Friends, in a big trouble. My computer does not work. So, please turn a blind eye, if I could be late to answer for comments. Please turn keep patience for my next post.
I was about to upload more "Sketch Children" or some animals or flowers.
But the computer does not start. Finally, it starts and gets frozen. On and off. Gulp. I'm not sure any computer shop will be open at a weekend. Sniff, sniff. Sadami, hang in there!

I'd really appreciate your backups and cheers. I've started a blog since this
February (* in fact, my linguistics professor recommended it several years ago. A computer-hopeless and coward Sadami was reluctant). I uploaded acorns for the first post and dreamed to be an oak tree...

This week, I could find more than 100 people are regularly interested in my blog. Amazing. I've never expected this success. Further, many people's kind comments that touch my heart. My joy is beyond language.

As I have a difficulty in walking, this internet approach gives me an idea for people with disabilities to enjoy art and communication with others all over the world!
I have a dream. In the near future, I'd like to do something for people with disabilities so that anyone can enjoy creative activities. I hope, one day, to be an oak tree that will rest others in a cool shadow...

Ooops, 3 o'clock, in the middle of night. Not sure tomorrow, this computer will work for me. I'll take a rest.

I hope I can upload a post on time = next Monday. But if not, please await it.
In these simple words, "Thank you," I'd like to put special thanks.

See you soon. Friends, please take care.

*Anyhow, the machine worked and uploaded some images! Thanks for cheers!! Yes, this girl will "go beyond" and step into a bright future on an open field.
(* Hi, Linda.W.Roth, this is my very old work, but I like it. I assume Linda got why I had talked of it. Thank you for making me remember the work. I will enjoy still life as well as figures.)


Monday, October 18, 2010

Sketch Part4 Chilndren

Welcome back to the series, Sketching People. "Children" and "watercolour" are this week topic.
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

Often parents offer me, a sketcher a kind help, saying, "Need to make them statue?" I have a cheerful laugh, "No! Let them move around. Being natural, that's what I want."

Even though it took some years to
catch movement at my current level, everyday drawing certainly and gradually improves drawing skills.
So, please never, ever, give up.

Children are so cute and innocent. They enjoy watching my drawing with awe and
respect. Some brave kids ask me to let them draw(I give them papers!). Other children want me to join their games.

Often children and I enjoy a chat or a game. My brain level is nothing different from less than 6 years old kids. I have many Qs like them. My questions are...
"Where do tortoises sleep at night? They say, tortoises come to a beach only for laying eggs. If so, how can they sleep in the sea? When do they take breath? Floating?"
"What is light??"
"What is time??"

"When people started to use language? Who made it?"
Endlessly, I keep asking. Children, at once, acknowledge me as a child and welcome me. They show me their natural face expressions and movements. Great!

Regarding watercolor sketching...
Learning never ends. I'm a happy life long learner. BUT anyone can learn basic skills. Please never throw a towel so soon.
In fact, kids do not care how to make waterclour and make stunningly creative work. So, my message for shy adults. Forget social norms, conventions and criterion set by a competitive society. Get water. Pick up a brush and paint. Remember the joy in young days. Have fun!

The best way to learn watercolor is, "Explore it by yourself."
In my view, other people's teaching could be a hint or a navigator. But drastic generalization is inappropriate and arrogant for others. Please take account of individual discrepancies such as water and paint use. I always fully respect anyone's work in any style.

I love to see others shining faces, when they hear my comments on their questions and art work. (*I seriously listen to any question and think together.)

So, often, children remember me well. When I see them next time on a street, they dash to me,
"You are a drawer!!" kids exclaim merrily and friendly. Their parents often get surprised at our "friendship."
Hi, kids, let's have fun again.
You are living angels on the earth!


Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Make Chalk Art, 2010 Chalk Festival

Yahooo, Friends! Sketching the Chalk Festival was a great fun. The theme was "Blues."(Participants wore blue!)
Enjoy my results, 13 watercolor portraits.
Mostly, cloudy and very light rain. Jackets were needed, even though the sun sometimes burnt us.
I learned so many interesting techniques below.
1) Stretching Canvas

Because of moisture in the air, canvases got buckled on pavements. Oh, poor artists! Taping down, water spraying canvases, etc, etc. But
Jenny McCracken did stretch the huge canvas first and never

had that trouble! Yes, she tamed a wide canvas like watercolorists. Wow, Expert!2) Strings For Straight Lines
Strings are more handy and practical than scales. Please remember, a huge canvas is on a ground, not vertical.

3) 3D Composition
Images on a ground are distorted for viewers. In order to achieve a normal image, paradoxically, length and height get looooooong. A demonstrated work at Town Hall...was impressively and ridiculously long.

4) Use Bamboos for Brushes
Bamboos or long sticks are very good tools to prevent back or neck pains. Furthermore, an artist can easily step back and check an ongoing work. Imagine, if you were crawling on a ground, it is very annoying to stand up and set back often.

5) Hands Spread Chalk
OK, Girls, we know how to
spread flour on a cutting board. That's the way! Hands and fingers spread chalk painted and settle down it on a canvas. Artists painstakingly repeat the process over and over again.

6) Second Wind Available
Unlike watercolor, changing colors and drawings is very easy.7) Home-Made Chalk
An artist said he
made it by himself. Yes, pastels cost too much for a massive work. According to the artist, only a few cents were cost for a piece of chalk. Easy "piecy"?!

In a painting process, putting value and color seems to be different from watercolor or my watercolor. An experienced artist said, "Just upside down to watercolor." Mmmm...I'm not 100% sure.
Each chalk artist's style is very varied. Very fascinating, even though
I still do not get chalk painting in general.

In my eyes, the most beautiful thing is experienced artists helped new participants who were not familiar with chalk like me. But I'd like to add, all big names were so humble and respected others.

Another wonderful thing is that we all artists agree at this point ; joy in painting and drawing. Colorful joys poured over walkways.

Hey, guys, beer, wine and nice food tasted soooo good at a pub after the event.The organizer kindly allowed me to join their party and other artists urged me to enjoy it together.

Also, other backstage players and hard workers came. I courteously appreciated backstage players' hard work, saying, "You are the real heroes."
We promised to see again a next year instead of saying bye. Nice. We kissed, hugged or shook hands and went back to each life.

Friends, come join us a next year!! Yeah!!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Come Join Chalk Urban Art Festival !

Hiya, Friends, this week, I'll chat over Chalk Urban Art Festival (Oct 7-10) in Parramatta. I'll sketch both, Chalk Festival and Free Linguistics Conference 2010 (Oct 9-10) at Sydney uni, even though a crash. Hectic at once.

(Above, 09, guest speaker artist & vegetarian, Jenny McCracken. Do ye kne? "Vegetarian saves the greeny earth!" We enjoyed her environmental Chinese dumplings after the talk. Yes, I sketched just her making them!)

So, I will upload "Sketch Part 4 Children" later! Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

Chalk Festival is a great fun. Come join it! I sketched them last year. Many last year participants join it again.

In a given space on a pavement, participants compete for the theme set by an organizer.
Last year, "environmentalism" or "protect nature" was the theme.

The sidewalks of Church St called, "Eat Street"
that have so many nice restaurants. (My friends say, "You have to conquer them all!" Of course...unless a budget allows me...?!! Below, Church St view.)
All through the event, tourists, customers, residents and

anyone can look at artists and their hard work. Many people talked to
a sketcher, me, as well! The big and beautiful paintings decorate the pavements.
A drawing and painting process is quite painstaking.
Physically, sitting on a ground for hour after hour, day after day is tough. I saw many artists suffered in harsh sunshine and hot weather. Thank goodness, I could escape into a shadow anytime as I liked! (*NOTE: An Australian weather is just opposite to a northern hemisphere.)

Judges announced the winner on the last day.

But the bonus is, a
rtists had a wonderful time and
became friends. The organizer was kind enough to invite me for the party. We had a good time at a pub. Artists encouraged each other and exchanged contacts.

Through an art event,
people easily overcome any differences such as language, race, age, gender, nationality, whatever.
Art brings the earth love, hope and peace.

I hope a nice weather will be on our side. We are having lots of rain now, even though a summer time has started.

Friends, I'd really appreciate many people's visits and nice comments for this blog. I hope I will meet you in person one day. Thank you for backups. "Twenty Minutes Challenge" encourages me.

Happy painting!!
OK, I'll sketch them all!! Yey!!