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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holiday Leave for Blogging

Friends, we had a long weekend, Australia Day ( = happy birthday, dear Rhonda!). I have bad news and good news. Joints' pains in hands bother me. Need a break for typing. Keyboard work hurts hands. Hand specialists are helping me ( *two yrs ago, the doctor did my hand surgery! Great success.) So, please pardon my blog's holiday leave for a while and keep patience.

Good news is, I submitted "most colours" for the picture book project! Yey!! Author Matt Zurbo gave me wonderful advice to make these images. Now, my mentor Ann James says, "Great work Sadami, I like the feeling. I'll print them out and see how they work as a book. Have a break, treat yourself! RELAX!!" Yes, indeed, her say is right on a spot! My editor/publisher Helen Chamberlin says, "Gorgeous. You are so advanced with it ( in the process of picture book illustration) " 
Next, a publishing team will give me feedback. Then, we will work on images more, if necessary. Friends, get surprised? Yes, creating a picture book takes such a long time and a lot of processes. 
The publishing team, Editor Helen, Author Matt and other staff are very caring and so sweet. They kindly give me time as much as I need to get better. 

This break will be a good time to keep away from my own work. And come back to it to examine the images like a third party or in an objective view. I really look forward to feedback and to working with my wonderful publishing team!
One day,  I'll post on my editor/publisher, so sweet, very thoughtful and wise. Helen is already an Australia legend and highly respected in publishing industry.  Shhhhh?! Friends, I've already made her portrait in a loose style. She said with a wonderful humour, "I'm honoured!" and added, "20 yrs younger than me!" Well, Friends, I'll leave it to your decision if it looks younger or not. Look forward to my post on Helen with her portrait in the near future! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ I feel I'm very blessed to work with brilliant Author Matt, admirable Editor/Publisher Helen and superb Mentor Ann.  

Now, my hands will take a rest. 
Thank you for understanding and I really appreciate your great cheers. Please pardon my few comments/responses or only short "text" messages on your blogs. BUT I always enjoy your blog posts! 
Friends, take care. Happy Painting!!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Tips for Loose Up Watercolour = Show, Don't Tell

This week, I'll chat over "Show, don't tell." It is famous advice for writing. We know the difference between writing that involves the audience by showing what’s happening in stories and simple telling/reporting information that holds the reader back. I keep "Show, don't tell" as a guide for my art work. 

Technically, this is my way to loose up work. 
1. Value study of selected theme. One topic per work.
2. Simple drawing. Lines are the fewer, the better.
3. Colour use, as above. Limited palette. Play up contrast and play with paints/water.
NOTE: If you're confident to use many colours, go for it! The point is how to handle value with colours.
4. Quick brush strokes, the fewer, the better = enjoy washes.
5. Play with water and paints. Use "plenty" of water.

Below, when I started sketching the busker at market, I thought, "Wooops, did I make a too strong contrast and a too thick colour?" But it went not bad! The player's face expression was my main interest. His fingers and body movement were my second interest. I sang and danced together with the band, while sketching!
In my view, the beauty of a loose up watercolour style is the beauty of omission that comes from ambiguity created in soft edges. Technically, in order to loose up work, an artist is very selective of visual information. I choose one topic/interesting thing and omit or delete a rest of others in sketch and work. Too busy information never works for a loose style. When I wonder if I should put more or not, I stop brushes. It's hard and a great temptaion, but I try not to do overwork. The simpler, the better. No trick. (*I hope even little kids understand my work!) Brush strokes and colour use are the fewer, the better. Value study is the key for a successful loose up style. When I get stuck, I always sketch in black and white and check my value.

Below, my sketches of other buskers in the band.
That's enough for my painting. You'll find very a few lines. I always sketch only necessary points. Later, the band members said, 'Wow, it's me!" "Hey, that's you!" and we had a cheerful laugh together. Nice! Having fun is very important for happy watercolour!
Interestingly, once, my Mentor Ann James said, "You're a painter, rather than a drawer." I think she understands my playing with colour paints in water and her say implies I put on weigh on paints more than lines in watercolour painting.  Also, I've realised that my eye remembers value and does correct drawing mistakes in colour painting! Does it make sense? My colour use and value compensates my drawing mistakes and amends drawings. Yes, my brush strokes fix drawing lines.  So, I do not care drawing mistakes and move on colour asap, before a subject has gone out of my sight. A work results in freshness, my most strength. 

I also assume a loose watercolour style provokes viewers imagination and involves viewers like "Show, don't tell" suggests. When I play up one interesting topic, I leave work to readers imagination. We know when artists tap viewers imagination, work will become rich than simple facts. When artists try hard to "explain" about something in art work, art work results in very poor and not so interesting nor touchy.  

I'm exploring watercolour, while working on the picture book project and so ons. Now, the picture book project's colour is more than a half way through. I want this picture book to stand between imagination and reality or come and go between mood/emotion and fact.  It's very challenging for me. Oh, I've made lots of messes in a studio. It's really good to check them again to create good illustrations. It's worth trying experiments. Of course, I sometimes feel down and out. But your warm cheers through this blog really lift me up. Yes, your cheers always remind me, "Joy must come first."

Thank you, Friends!!!
You, too, enjoy drawing. I'd send you my warm cheers, too! I hope we will enjoy "swimming" DEEPLY in watercolour.
Friends, Happy Painting!!



Monday, January 13, 2014

Sydney Festival Inspired Seduced Elated in Summer

Come join Sydney Festival (9 - 26 Jan) This art festival celebrates visual art, music, dance, performance or whole art areas. Event locations are varied in Sydney. Many programs are in City and Parramatta.

Some events and programs are free and very fascinating : Project 28 : Roman Ondak ( we, laypersons mark our "names" on a wall that makes art and eternity!), Sacrilege (Interpreted "Stonehenge" in a contemporary way --"JUMPING CASTLE"!!),  Rubber Duck (5 story-high, not Ernie's one!) and Library (secondhand books exchange!). Which event do you like?

First, "Project 28, Roman Ondak (artist's name)" that has fascinated me most ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. Friends, don't we wish to mark our existance as eternity in universe? If so, this creative public art is yours. Anyone can leave a name and a date on walls set in Parramatta Town Hall. I wondered how the artist would decide my name's position on a wall? Friends, by an individual "hight," staff puts a name on a wall. According to the project team, hight is "Measuring the Universe." Neither assets, race, gender, age, religion, social class nor any social filters set in society.

I also ponder about Nazi concentration camps that completely denied both individuality and humanity of Jewish people. Individuals were recongnised only by numbers, not names. This beautiful work already has fascinated visitors at some of the world's greatest museums and galleries.

So wise and clever! 
Interestingly, our own hight looks individual, in fact, it is quite similar among adults. Consequetnly, the art becomes collective and inclusive. Our names come together at a very similar position. How thoughtful the artist is! All participants look very happy and often take photos of their names. Of course, you can interpretate this art work freely and differently. What do you think or feel, Friends? The art work makes me think of eternity, our existance, similarity/equality and difference/individuality on the earth and in universe. The staff and volunteers invite me to come again to see the finsihed work at the end of the Festival. Sure! I will!

Second, Sacrilege or Stonehenge, but a huge "JUMPING CASTLE" in a festival village in Hyde Park at the heart of Sydney City. This stunningly big jumping castle faces St Mary Cathedral. The artist might think of the same common element, "spirituality" between Stonehenge and a big gothic church. What a unique and great humour!! ~(*o*)~ Who can connect Stonehenge to a jumping castle, so much our everyday stuff? Oh, creativity is amazing. I always wanted to sketch Stonehenge. Now, my dream has come true! Children get excited so much and enjoy bouncing. But after the playing time, all participants get so exhausted. Jumping seems energy consuming work! Friends, you have to come and see and jump!

Third, Rubber Duck comes back and up on Parramatta River. This rediculously enormous Rubber Duck makes us smile by its mismatch between seirousness and humour in art. It always reminds me of Ernie in Sesami street. But who can imagine this size? -- only artists can do ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. Many people come around and look at it, enjoying picnic in Parramatta park.

Last, "Library" in a festival village in Hyde Park under beautiful and cool shades. Sydney Council runs this project. They set freebie secondhand books on shelves and visitors can pick up books. One person one book. Children's picture books are very popular and quickly gone! Many people enjoy reading books that makes me very happy. Around a library, people play chess and kids play wooden blocks (what a healthy and safe idea!). Cheerful voices and laugh often come up. Lovely, so lovely. 
Librarians/staff are looking forward to my blog post. ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫·.•ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
**Special thanks for Festival Team and City of Sydney Library. They have kindly put "Sadami's Graffiti" on City of Sydney Library Facebook.

Oh, yes, in Hyde Park, a guitarist plays beatuiful classic music for visitors before a fountain. We really love his live music.

I'd say special thanks for volunteers and staff and all backstage players who have been carrying out this wonderful festival for us.
Friends, if you can, come over Sydney and let's have fun together and join art work!! Or do you have any event like Sydney festival? Let me hear about yours.

Finally, my colour for the picture book is going steadly. Editor and Mentor patiently encourage me. We happily discuss about my submitting work. Thank you, Friends, your cheers always lift me up and I can come to this stage.
You, too, enjoy drawing.
Friends, Happy Painting!!  


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions & Life Drawings

Hi, Friends, Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting my blog in 2014. Did you have a wonderful Christmas and a new year's eve? I had! Now, 2014 has started! 
"You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth." – Evan Esar.
OK, my new year resolution -- practical and realistic.
1)  Complete the picture book
We'll get on work from a next week.  Editor said like a last whip, "Sadami, if you have a question, ask your Mentor! (whilst her Christmas leave)", but Editor never forgot to give me sweet, adding, "Have lots of swims and Happy New Year. Love." What a lovely Editor! Good Girl, Sadami has been working on colour!

2) Book Launch
My dream is to have a picture book's book launch at uni and else where. I'd invite wonderful supporters to say special thanks. 

3) Enjoy Upcoming Projects
Yes, already interesting projects have come to me in 2013.
4) Enjoy Figurative Work in Sketch & Watercolour
My most favorite genre is figures. We all know "being honest with ourselves" is essential to make a good work.  Go, figures, make snap-shot-like portraits more.

5) Try Competitions More 
I tried only a few competitions last year, really. The picture book project has occupied me. This year, I'd try a bit more, say, at least, five. 

6) Walk Well 
No, not a cat walk. 
Yes, I've been challenging walking without a stick. Although balancing is not easy, I'm optimistic and positive. Then, dress up! I want to put on sexy shoes!  
But my dear and very wise blog friend said, "No, Sadami, you do not look sexy(*Ouch!), but cute - and believe me, cute lasts all your life while sexy fades pretty quickly :)  So you are much better being cute!" ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫·.•ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
Ooooohhhh!!!!! I did not know it. That's true! OK, this year, I'd go on this way, go cute! Lalalala~~!

All my resolutions are achievable. You do not find such as "bring back the moon," "lose **kgs/weight," or "conquer Mount Everest." It means there should be solutions and strategies for my objections. (BTW, Friends, is a successful diet much harder than climbing up Everest, don't you think so?~(*o*)~)  

Friends, what is your goal in 2014?
Finally, I'd share this say with you.

"Life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment,
and life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who
demonstrate a never-ending commitment to life.
As simplistic as this may seems,
it is the common denominator separating
those who live their dreams from
those who live in regret."
---Anthony Robbins
May 2014 will be a wonderful and fruitful year for you, I pray with all my heart.
Dear Friends, Happy Painting, 2014!