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Monday, July 5, 2010

Sketches "Of, In, From"...and "For" Pub

One-night dream or amusement or a rest, people come to a pub to find something they seek for.
When a night softly falls on Town, pubs shine and swallow people more and more in a dusk.
Time for adults begins.

Technically, not an ideal spot for sketching, because of poor light, especially, in the evening.

The tips to sketch people in a pub is "Be quick" and "Before a model gets stiff," or *I always ask a model to be natural and keep on their business such as chatting or games etc.
Kind people pretend not knowing my sketching and let me work on. (Thanks millions!) Later, we have a fun time to look at a result or my sketches. 

...and, well, "not to have too much wine or beer with a model"??!

When I look at
a street from a windowsill, light is very fascinating. Colours diminish in darkness.

A gig is another fun as well as
alcohol and chats with friends.
Once, I did play an acoustic guitar and sang at a folk song cafe, but NO PAY. So, I'm totally empathic to gig performers. Hang in there, guys!! Survive and strive for a dream!

In the middle of night, a fiasco is over and people begin to go home. I think of

For the "honor" of pubs, I'd also demonstrate the "noble" view of a pub a daytime.

Anyway, Friends, have a good fun at a pub!
...but be careful, it is said..."Bacchus(=Dionysus) has drowned more people than Neptune(=Posaidon)."



  1. Wonderful sketches Sadami!!

  2. Dear Carlos,
    Thanks millions!! Night time sketching was freezing cold on streets, but shared fun with people. Ahhh, an inside pub was soooo warm...:)
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  3. Very great, open mind Art,
    Thanks Blogger , Willy.

  4. Dear Willy,
    Thanks for your kind comments! Me, too, enjoy your blog with very strong messages. Keep up your wonderful work!

  5. Wonderful work, my friend!. I love it.

    You wonderfully reflected nightlife, pubs, the faces of the night ... You've captured the essence. How I admire that!
    Hugs and kisses!

  6. Dear Carmen,
    Thank you so much!!
    Hugs and kisses!

  7. The second(nighttime)scene is amazing!


  8. Dear Dean,
    Thanks millions! Your comment makes me happy. It took a few days to finish it up on a freezing street! I wanted to catch a mood and light.