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Monday, September 26, 2011

See You in 1 or 2 Months, Later

Hi, Friends, how have you been?The project gets me very busy. I'll concentrate on the project at least for 1 or 2 months. So, I'll take a "break" for this blog.Your comments have encouraged me so much. Thank you for wonderful support and great understandings.

This week, I upload one sketch.
For a coffee break, I go to a pub or else where to sketch people.
This old man already tipsy looked very sad, which caught my heart. I always imagine a model's life. All alone, he silently sipped 4 or 5 beers in front of me. The man hardly turned the red face to me, but knew my sketching. It was his kindness to stay there for me. When I finished the skeching, I smiled at him. The man gently looked at me and silently left the pub. Certainly, we communicated each other with the watercolour painting. I was happy...
I add the technical info on this work(A4).
1) First, wash, raw sienna.
2) Second, paint the guy
His face expression and the mood are my goal.
Crayons are used for the shirt.
Very limited pallet, as you know.
3) Check the whole balance in value and colour
Try not to overwork.
The raining and the humidity made interesting washes in the work.

In addition, my picture book illustration teacher and the mentor told me the same phrase, "Art, universal language!" Yes, indeed. Anyone can understand drawing, from a baby to a 100yrs old man. Further, the lecturer told us, "
We can put any message. I believe children picture books can change the world! " Of course, the lecturer wanted to talk of love and peace for the world. I believe so, too.Actually through blogging, I could have met so many nice people from all over the world. Even though I do not upload a post, I'd like to visit your blogs.
Friends, thank you for
warm cheers.
Certainly, I'll come back to this blog later!
I'd really appreciate your patience.

Till that day, happy painting!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Encounter Inspiring Book at Sydney Uni Bookfest

I enjoyed "The 2011 Bookfest" at Sydney university = Big Secondhand Book Sale for uni fundraising.
Saturday 17 to Wednesday 21 September, in the Great Hall, Camperdown Campus.

  • Saturday to Tuesday 10am to 4pm
  • Wednesday 10am to 2pm
This year, I got the very inspiring book, "No One's Perfect." The upbeat autobiography of Hirotada Ototake. Born without arms and legs, but he is very cheerful and fond of sports. After uni, "Oto" becomes a sports journalist and a primary school teacher. He has got married and now has 2 sons.

Amazing story...and Oto's smile is so nice and fresh. His positive attitude up lifts me so much. Not only Oto, his friends, family, teachers and others wonderful support is very touchy. I know very well that Japanese society is more difficult than Australia, for people with disabilities, to live on what they are. It is a great challenging.

Oto proudly asserts, "(disability) is my feature and strength. My identity."
For me, it takes years to say so. What a matured youngish guy! His sense of humour is brilliant. Often his sentences make me giggle. At the same time, his book makes me think of myself. If I were without arms and legs, could I smile or laugh or live in a positive manner? Truly amazing. Oto's will power has opened doors and believes in hope, but he knows well what he can do and not. Wonderful realistic dreamer.

Soon, I'll have a close medical examination. Even though I hope no spread or no progressive in and from the left leg, I'm ready to accept any result. Timely, his book cheers me up and shows a role model.
I should say, "Mine is a mosquito bite!" Thanks, Oto!!

This annual book fair is very popular, because uni offers interesting academic books at a cheap price. As far as I know, most(all?) books are less than $10. Donated books come from local libraries and individuals. Book conditions are quite good and categorized into varied sections such as...
art, children literature, language, dictionaries, psychology, sociology, feminism, history, religion, occult, erotic, travel, craft, rare books, fictions, gardening etc, etc.

I got at the Hall at 10:30 on Saturday, the first day of a bargain. Already so many people were there. Volunteer workers told me that some people made a queue before 10! Wow, everyone wants to find a lucky treasure.

(*Great Hall is just in there)
Now, treasure hunting, start!
I dashed to the section, "Children Picture Books" and bought favorite illustrators' work such as
"The Midnight Feast" beautifully illustrated by Ann James. Nowadays, soon picture books become "out of printing." Besides the short availability, picture books are expensive. This Bookfest is Sadami's Heaven!

I observed others and learned, The Tips How to Get Target Books.
1) dash & pick up favorite books "first"

before other people touch it.
2) check each collected book 3) then, buy them!
OK, Friends, sounds nothing different from a bargain of clothes?! Or if you have any suggestion, I'd really appreciate it.
Then, I moved on to a Japanese books section.
I can't believe it! The biiiig and thick Japanese dictionary was at only $5, published 1997, new. I bought some Japanese and English teaching materials. Then, I found, "No One's Perfect" as above. I could get the wonderful books this year.BTW, I've been working on the project and very busy. Sometimes, it's not easy. I took a rest at the weekend. So, after this week post, I may update the blog irregularly(=not every Monday.) If you find the same post, please pardon me.
But this project gives me the meaning of life. I really hope I can make it come true. I just do my best. Wish me good luck.
Go, Sadami, go!

Thank you for cheers. Friends, your cheers make me go forward. And if there's anyone with a weary heart, come over. I'm with you. Let us move on!
Enjoy your week! Happy painting!!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sketches of Spring & 9/11 Church Concert

Hi, Friends, are you enjoying your life fully?
Now, we're getting into spring. I enjoy sketching in lovely sunshine and b
reezes. I upload the most recent sketches.
*I'm very busy with the project. A bit hard to find time to write a blog post. Please turn a blind eye to my messy writing.

Sydney sketch club went to "Festival of Wind" or the kite festival at Bondi beach on Sunday. Many colourful kites were flying. The most impressive ones were big whales. In this work, I played around "washes" and examined colours to make "clouds" in the sky. In colour use, I do not use already-made black, but make it with other 3 colours.

New South "Whale"s in the Sky
Friends, I'm living in "New South Wales"

Second, these sketches were made at church. An American friend invited me for their little concert in the evening of September 11. Simple and not professionals. But their faith and enthusiasm shone through. We prayed together. I pray for the involved people with the day. (I remember... I rang up all my American friends in Sydney and sent emails to my friends in the States. Least forget.)

Church Concert 9/11 evening
I chose the very limited pallete and explored how to depict scenes. Particularly, contrast was enhanced. Regarding brush strokes, in my eyes, the simpler/the less, the better.Third, I sketched this young lady. Her smile reminds me of a spring breeze, which tickled me, too. She and her parents were at the Botanical Garden. I quickly sketched her. Her mother was the portratist. It's a small world.In Sydney, we are having many events to celebrate spring, even through many blog friends are getting into autumn or fall. A bit strange, when I think of a season. Well, let us enjoy our time.
Now, pardon me. I've got to get back to the project!!
Have a wonderful week and happy painting.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Sketch to Remember Name (*50s Fair)

Hi, Friends, how have you been? I sketched this horse at Power House museum for the second visit. Still life does not interest me. So, I change the angle to make a dynamic work. Sounds strange for others, but fixed subjects bore me.
Right now,
I'm becoming very busy with the project. Quite hectic. A happy hell at a studio. Sketching outside is my "coffee break" and "enjoy sunshine" at the moment. Now, this week topic is "Sketch and Remeber."
I have to confess that I'm so poor at remembering people's names. Didn't you have a bad experience? I have.
I found a solution!!! Sketching!!! Today, I sketch to memorize anything.

When I attend a conference or a meeting, I sketch attendances. Of course, the mood is serious at a table. Often we come together even with unknown faces. BUT once, I start sketching, people's sneak eyes come to my hands. They shower smile and surprise on me.

Not only at meetings, I sketch people in order to memorize names. Usually, I ask a model to sign it with block letters, too. Most people got puzzled with my ask, saying, "Oh, this is your work(=you should sign it)." But people happily sign my work and some people take photos of my work. These people will not know, oral language is not my language. Drawing and painting is my language.

Joe Penn (guest speaker at art society)
The below, I sketched 2 key figures at "Fifties Fair" at Rose Seidler House. What a fabulous event! Fashion, music, bric-a-broc, whatever, whoever, all back to 50s.
First, Ms Candice DeVille is a very cute and fashionable lady and judge. This young model and talented lady is so fond of 50's stuff. Then, she has become an expert. Wow, enthusiasm opens a door. In addition, her name has a Japanese word, "Kawaii" means "pretty and cute." It tickles me.Second, Ms Liesel Knievel is a very unique, humorous and witty entertainer. She is the professional for gigs, shows, pubs and so ons. The local residents ran a fashion show. Her talk brilliantly pulled out the beauty of the residents' walk. Furthermore, her humour gave us a lot of shining healthy laugh.But without sketches, I cannot remember their names.
It's worth trying and highly recommendable, even though my school teachers were not happy with it?!
Moreover, models will remember me, too. Yes, we know each other through sketches. Sure, that's the beauty of quick sketches that open anyone's heart.

OK, the answer for "Your Face" is Josemari.
Thank you for many right answers. Was it easy? Hopefully, my drawing has successfully captured him.
I've been searching for a next victim in between busy work.
Friends, happy painting and drawing!