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Saturday, March 22, 2014

1) Helen Chamberlin, My Great Publisher/Mentor 2) Bologna Children's Book Fair

My publisher/mentor Helen Chamberlin is an Australia legend who has revolutionised Australian publishing industry. This shy lady has created so many awarded Australian picture books that have become classic. Helen was awarded 2001, Pheme Tanner Award for her outstanding personal contribution to children's literature. This depiction of Helen is really spot on. 
"Helen epitomises the best of editorship, a quiet voice standing in the shadows behind the public faces, shaping, guiding, challenging and demanding."  
Furthermore, 2009 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA) = The APA Pixie O’Harris Award for her distinguished and dedicated service to the development and reputation of Australian Children’s Books. (*APA = Australian Publishers Association)
Other awards are, 
2009, George Robertson Awards for her distinguished service to the Australian publishing industry.

How many people on earth could get all those incredible awards in life? Helen did it. 

In Hachette / Lothian Books (1990  2008), Helen nurtured soooo many brilliant Australian illustrators that have become big names such as Gregory RogersAnne SpudvilasPeter Gouldthorpe, Neil Curtis, Narelle Oliver and Shaun Tan. Too many to write up all though, "Shaun Tan" is best known and anyone knows their beautiful working relation. So, no surprise that Helen got those amazing national awards mentioned above.
After retiring, Helen was welcomed by Windy Hollow Books in 2009. She has been working there to the present. Helen is a trainee editor, too. 

Very generous Shaun signed my "graffiti" at his book launch of "Arrival." 
 He gave me his "graffiti", too. A great bonus

Now, you've got how great my Editor/Publisher Helen is! You have no wonder Helen and Ann got me Shaun Tan signed "Rules of Summer" for my birthday present last year. My Publisher/Editor and Mentor are such accomplished key persons in Australian publishing industry!

Study of a central character for "Moon," my first trade picture book 
to be published  by Windy Hollow in Augst 2015
Yes, publisher/editor Helen is one of the most highly respected persons in Australian publishing industry. She entered the publishing industry in 1971 as a trainee editor at Heinemann Educational Australia (= Pearson)She has worked in both education and trade picture book publishing. Originally, Helen was a secondary teacher of English and languages : German and French. Helen's language assets is astonishing. She also employs Italian. Helen and I have the same interest, "linguistics"! Also, I've started my illustrator career from education picture books. Coincidence. I did my first illustrated work "Stuck!" written by Janeen Brian divided from Pearson/Harcort. Last year, I finished up an ACER's commissioned work (*ACER=Australian Council Research Project), whilst working on a trade picture book "Moon" under Helen's supervision. She very well understood my situations and kindly supported busy me. So sweet! Helen always inspires and supports me.  

Helen's working history is full of prize-winning picture books and significantly glorious. Today, any big names in our industry celebrate me, "You're lucky. Helen is your editor! She's great. I look forward to your picture book." Helen has assisted many of those Australian "star" illustrators and authors. I'm certain illustrators and writers are dreaming to work with Helen. So, I've been extremely happy and very blessed that I have had the superb Editor and the wonderful Mentor Ann
My picture book illustration is at the final stage. In my ongoing colour for "Moon," a double spread rough (A2) is done = a half way through. WOW... amazing... from these (see below) tiny dummies to this final stage, we've climbed up to. How many story boards did I ever try? Plus so many roughs for each dummy. Quite demanding work. Always Helen has encouraged me to HAVE FUN in work at the tough time. She has tried to maximise my strengths! 

Now, other topics! 
2) "Quotable Winston Churchill" becomes "e books" as well as print. 
From Running Press (USA Publisher) 
This tiny tome is filled with Winston Churchill's biography, his most inspirational quotes, and excerpts from some of his most famous speeches. 
My work is at the title page!

3) Human Rights Organisation, "Right Now in Australia" and I have been working for a publishing project (*soon will be published).
My images are included for their homeless issue. Honoured and very happy. I hope my work will call public awareness on human rights issues.  

4)Bologna Children's Book Fair (Sunday March 23 - Thursday March 27) 

Friends, it's time for the world biggest and prestigious kids' book fair!  My publisher and editor Helen Chamberlin and I sent best wishes to my mentor Ann James leaving for Bologna. 
You can check your own country's information here, Exhibitors List 2014
My mentor Ann James (Book Illustrated) is heading for Bologna. She's leading an Australian team. Here's our section! YEY!!!
Ann James/Book Illustrated is updating LIVE news by face book!  Exciting!
If you are near to Bologna, say hello to our Australia team!!

Another study of the central character for "Moon"

With my good news, I've popped up at local libraries. Librarians celebrate the ongoing illustration and other publications. So nice to share my joy with others, especially, who have encouraged me at a tough time. Librarians will HAPPILY give a further support, when I do book launch = Libraries and I will enjoy "author talks" and "exhibitions" in 2015! Wow! Exciting!

I'll take a break for blogging and concentrate on the projects, taking care of the hands. I really appreciate your warm cheers. 
I'll post on the personality of editor/publisher Helen Chamberlin later and how she helps me, an illustrator. Look forward to a post!
Friends, you, too, make your dreams come true. 
Thank you for a great support and patience. 
Good news, my hands are improving. 
Happy Painting!!

*Helen has been awarded, "Dromkeen Medal" on 23rd in October, 2014. One of the highest honours in children picture book publishing industry. I was invited to her ceremony. 
** I also wrote about her personality from my sweet experiences with her. My blog post is here, "Helen Chamberlin, mastery of editorship dedicated for children's and young adult literature." 
***A "publisher" choses what to publish, commissions authors and illustrators etc.
    An "editor" works on the book with an author and an illustrator.