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Friday, September 20, 2019

Honoured for May Gibbs Fellowship 2022

I've gained May Gibbs Fellowship 2022 in Adelaide residency for 4 weeks (*postponed due to the pandemic). The most prestigious and famous program. Only 6 professionals are selected across Australia. Thank you very much for support and guide, particularly, Helen Chamberlin, Ann James, Libby Hathorn. Many people are celebrating my good news at Sadami's facebook as well as CBCA, SCBWI, Accessible Arts NSW, National Association for the Visual Arts, WestWords, linguists/uni professors etc.   
This Creative Time Fellowship is designed for professionals and so competitive to get it. The most historical and famous fellowship among authors and picture book illustrators in Australia. So, I still cannot believe my good news. Very happy. 
I'll be creative and productive and grow as an artist in this wonderful opportunity. 
Thank you very much for support for ages, Friends. Let's enjoy drawing. 
Happy Painting and Illustrating! 


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Invitation to Humboldt Symposium, Macquarie Uni

Language on the Move" 10th Anniversary Year! Please join “Humboldt Symposium,” cutting-edge social and natural science programs in Macquarie uni, Nov 22-24. Registration, here A great honour, I'll sketch it as a conference artist! I’ve looked at LOTM from the beginning and its growing. 
Alexander von Humboldt, Portrait by Friedrich Georg Weitsch,1806. Photographer, Karin März.
LOTM Starting up was very tough, but Prof Ingrid Piller has kept up her activities – fought for social justice and advocated the disadvantaged by leading research and critical analyses. Many prominent sociolinguists have come out from her supervision. They've formed a world leading sociolinguist team, “Language On the Move”. Their humanistic blog posts have gained a big praise in academia and world. Today, foremost linguists visit LOTM. Congrats, Ingrid, Team!! Friends, come and see this face and her team!

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