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Friday, February 7, 2020

Sadami, Headliner for CBCA Kids' Corner

Thank you very much for honouring me a headliner in "Kids' Corner" in CBCA, Children Book Council for Australia NSW newsletters Jan/Feb 2020. Right now, rain! A decent fall!! I hope this rain will ease firefighters work and comfort residents burnt by bushfires. 

When I heard that the Clifton Creek Primary School Library in Victoria had been burnt to ashes, I immediately sent copies of my picture books to the KIDS’LIT CLUB, a network which is supporting these damaged schools. Quality new books were urgently needed to arrive before the new school year began. It was very upsetting to think of the communities and schools affected by the bush fires.
Being an illustrator, I drew the firefighter image to insert this message into the books, “Hi, Friends, Love, Hope, Dream! Enjoy reading!” I hoped this would help lift the spirits of the students and teachers.

Sharing personal stories on social media can encourage others to care. The responses to the posting on my Facebook page about the school show that so many people want to find a way to feel that they are can help get schools and communities back on the road to reading and creating stories.
Every person has the ability to be involved somehow as communities begin recovering and rebuilding. It is like tiny droplets coming together to make a strong stream to make a better world.
Each individual effort makes a difference.
SADAMI KONCHI is a unique illustrator whose latest book, My
Dog Socks, with text by Robyn Osborne (Ford Street Publishing)
shares a special kind of imagination.."