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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

1) Australian Landscape 2) ASA party = Networking

Whilst working on the projects and art work, I enjoy studying landscapes. I post an Australian woolshed based on Harry Sowden's black and white photo. Colours are from my imagination. Paradoxically, following instinct is much better than being distracted by a real subject. Value is crucial in painting. 
Credit on Harry Sowden
A dry brush technique, waxing and scratching were used in this work. I will explore more about techniques and learn the timing of wet in wet.

Now, a Christmas party season is coming. It's the time for networking in publishing industry. We get together, catch up, chat over projects and exchange information. Here's one upcoming is Australian Society of Authors Christmas party, below. 

If you are interested in Australian publishing industry and if you like, you can pop up my facebook page, too. There, especially, people in publishing industry keep in touch. I'll post photos.
See you there, in an ASA party! 
Friends, Happy Painting!!  

ASA offices, C1.06, 22-36 Mountain St, Ultimo, NSW, 2007
Date & Time
12th December, 5.00pm - 6.30pm
Free for members to attend

End of year party, NSW

NSW members are invited to the ASA Christmas/end of year party.
Wednesday 12th December, 5.00pm - 6.30pm
Suite C1.06 22-36 Mountain St Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia
Come celebrate and meet the team! Some information on the team, and pictures so you know who we are on the night, can be found here:
Register below to RSVP (you must sign in to register).


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Featured Sadami in Summer Reading Club

Featured Sadami in Summer Reading Club. "My Dog Socks" is listed. I chatted over the disability as well as my career.
"Once upon a time, there was a student who always made graphite and cartoons on her notes, textbooks and dictionaries.
Her drawings became so popular among friends, especially her portraits of teachers and famous people in textbooks.
One day, uni lectureres recognised her talent and pushed out that student to become a visual artist. And…today, she enjoys creating picture books, portraits as well as academic book covers – that student is me!" 

Sadami Konchi's Creative Tip
Have a dream and go every direction.
Trust in your ability and the potential.
Disability is this ability.

I'm getting so many people's celebration, particularly, in publishing industry in Face Book. Actually, my happy surprise. Thank you very much, Friends, for your strong support!! I hope children will enjoy reading and children/adults with disability will have dream by my post. You, too, have a wonderful time in a winter or a summer.  
My new projects are ongoing. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Monday, November 12, 2018

Centenary of Armistice, The Australian War Memorial

Armistice Day. I sketched "Fallen Soldier," a statue in St Mary Cathedral with a sketch group, "Drawing Sydney." A lady left a poppy on the soldier's chest. I prayed for soldiers, families and all involved people. Above all, for peace like my previous post on "ANZAC Centenary, Peace Forever." Tears were up in my eyes. A great bonus. A shop's lady gave me the beautiful sketches of the Cathedral and encouraged me (a second photo). Oh, thank you!! I'll keep up!
I imagined a lot, put myself into this young soldier and worked on this drawing, whilst praying. Although the bone structure of young soldier looked masculine (such as a face), his face expression was full of pain, especially, around the eyebrows on the forehead. How much he suffered on the battle field and died…. So, I focused on his face that would convey the message, “Peace.”     
The dedication for the young soldier is, “To all Australians who died on war,” and the quote, “Their name lives on for all generations. Ecclesiastics, 44 : 14.”  
What did you do on the Remembrance Day? If you do not mind, could you share it? 
Thank you for the little sketch group, “Drawing Sydney.” A nice group!  
Friends, have a wonderful week. Happy Painting. 


Monday, November 5, 2018

Government House Open, Sydney Living Museum

Let's go to Government House Sydney. I'll show you a sketch and photos. A part of "Sydney Open 2018,"  Sydney Living Museum!  We accessed very beautiful, interesting, historical and socio-politically important places. The people in pink uniform at the entrance are volunteers in my sketch. Sydney Sketch Club enjoyed a visit! A gothic style reminds me of Sydney uni.
NSW governors welcome you and me with a chocolate moose at the entrance. Personally, I liked that lady, Prof Marie Bashir who also served Sydney University Chancellor from 2007 to 2012. 
The desk in a study. I imagined a governor sign docs and return them to parliament. 
Full of histories.
Staff and volunteers kindly answered my questions. 
Friends, you have to come! 

Close up of the display
Ante Drawing Room used for intimate meetings and luncheon.
This table setting amazed and amused me!
Drawing Room. Quite decorative.
I hope you enjoyed a short trip of an Australian history with me in the government house. Thank you very much for an organiser and volunteers. Thank you very much for police, too, who worked as security and took a photo of me. When you come to Sydney, let's have fun together. 
Friends, Happy Painting!