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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oshima International Picture Book Competition and Aozora International Picture Book Competition

You may wonder what sorts of picture book I submitted to Oshima International Picture Book Competition in the past. I illustrated a story based on myself; a girl seeks who she is and finds the answer in being an artist.
I wrote the story in English and translated it into Japanese. I put both Japanese and English in the picture book. Here we go! >>>>>>>>>

Search for a Star

There once was a little girl who loved painting and drawing. One day, she left a country where cherry blossoms were beautiful and set off for a trip to discover who she was.

The girl jumped on a boat headed for unknown countries, woke up in sunrise on an open field, read many books at stone buildings, sipped some beer at a pub, visited a red broken dream, listened to a wind on salt pads, looked up sunset and counted stars, and kept sketching anything amazed her all the time.

One day, the girl asked a wise lady, “Who am I?” The lady said, “You already know the answer. Within you are so many answers. They are waiting to be realized, " gently smiling at the girl and her drawings.

“I am me. No more, no less.” The girl looked back her journey and realized what she had most loved.

“I'm the artist!” the girl found the answer. The world always kindly awaited her and unfolded its beauty. Now, wind, color, light, moment, everything the girl wants to catch on paper with her hands.

Today, the grown-up girl knows she's settled down in Country of Art where people have universal language and can unite together for peace and love. Beyond time, space, race, religion, culture, war, anything.

The girl happily enjoys drawing and painting...forever and ever.

>>>>>>> The entry condition for the competition is "all handmade." You make a story and pictures. Then, make them into a book all by yourself. You may try a "pop-up" book or a "usual book style". I chose the usual binded book. Your idea makes a unique and wonderful picture book! Binding papers is tricky. My friend illustrator Tony Flowers used a sketch book. But for me, a sketch book was not helpful, because papers did not hold watercolors well. So, I used both sides of Arche watercolour papers and bound them in a folder. The Ohsima picture book museum was really kind and sent me the visitors's comments on my picture book. Oshima International Picture Book Competition is getting popular. More and more participants join it. Another international picture book competition that sounds interesting is "Aozora International Picture Book Competition" run by ANA, a Japanese Airline company. 2010 competition is already closed. Even though a bit old, you can get a big picture of the entry conditions here. They said, "A competition for picture books is designed to illustrate the importance of "the environment." First prize worth 200,000 yen. " ANA 'Aozora' Competition PO Box 48 Ota-Ku Kamata Post Office Tokyo Email: Hopefully, they do not change the conditions too much. Check new information later or in a next year. Wish you good luck, everybody!! Cheers!

Homeless people floating between harsh reality and sweet fantasy

Each homeless people has a long story.

Last time, I served rice and soup for homeless people. Sausages with beans smelled very nice. All the people really loved soup. In a few minutes, all was gone!

A bit strange contrast... a few blocks up, there are nice
cafes and gorgeous restaurants. Happy people and expensive meals. But here, people dash to cheap soup.

When we nearly finished serving soup, I had a chat with a lady. Still young. Smelled alcohol strongly.

The lady told me about her life history. Often her story did not have continuity and full of contradictions. All what I could do was believing her say and affirmed it with a genuine conscience. She once had a good certification of a handsome job, but homeless now.

“Is it handy ( to stay anywhere )?” I asked, as I could not figure out a good say. “Yeah," the lady smiled and said, “I found a good building for sleep.” The lady smoked and chuckled, “I like marijuana.” “Is it expensive?” She showed me her purse and money. “It makes time go quicker.” Oh….her say made me so sad. All day long, some homeless people have nothing to do, but they kill time with cigarettes. She kept talking and said, “Ah, I will keep talking to you for a whole day!” with a big smile.

Suddenly, our conversation was interrupted. A man got aggressive and tried to give others a punch. The lady said, “He wants to get help in an unusual way,” and bravely tried

(*NOTE: These sketches are from different places and identities do not match any our client.) to calm down others. Other two men held themselves and would never respond the man’s attack. Luckily, soon, it became quiet and the man kept away from us. I went down to the men and appreciated their heroic patience.

The lady told me again, “He wanted to get help in an unusual way.” I got so impressed with her wisdom and empathy. If I look at only the surface of an incident, I will miss out the point; why the man got upset without any reason. Indeed, yes, the man had a certain reason that no one wanted to hear. His behaviour was an out-cry for help and he wanted to get out from ignorance and discare.

Through the chat with the lady, I learned that homeless people want to have something to work on and get help to heal their loneliness. But they do not know how to do it in a proper manner or they might not want to get involved with a busy life. As if homeless people were floating on the river of time or a very narrow space between reality and fantasy. I have a feeling homeless people will never do any harm on others unless they are heard and well respected by us. I’ll keep good ears and have patience to listen to them…

I was too busy to look at sunset. Already it was dark.

I thought and think “time” is one of my most precious assets. My key ring is a tiny sand timer that lasts only for twenty seconds. But I know eternity consists of moments.

The sand timer tells my limited time on earth. I bought it at Marine Museum and decided not to be lost in an ocean of time. I’ll sail across life as an artist and make lots of art work.

Friends, happy painting and let us live our lives fully.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Utamaro --- Japanese Lautrec

Have you ever enjoyed looking at "Ukiyo-e," and a famous artist, "Utamaro"? "Hymn to Beauty," NSW Art Gallery is now exhibiting Utamaro's many interesting and astonishingly beautiful works till May.

I have to confess.
When I was at primary school, I fell in love with Vermeer at a first sight. Ever since, I was soaked into Western art and tried to catch "light and darkness," in another word, "value."
Little Sadami pursued very traditional realism and never paid a heed to Japanese Ukiyo-e and could not get why it was appreciated so much.

But when I was grown up and moved into Australia, I had a great interest in Japanese language and art.

Today, in my eyes, Ukiyo-e is so fresh and sensational, because it does not have so-called "value" in Western art.
Amazingly and shockingly beautiful!! I'm sure other French artists--Impressionists-- should have got this feeling. My feeling is, as if I were standing on another planet and looking at totally different awesome landscapes. Revolution it is!!

Lines in Utamaro's Ukiyo-e are so fascinating. They simplify subjects and send very strong messages. But also very sensitive. Take a close look at hair of women or drawings of insects . You'll find very delicate and meticulous lines that show his deep knowledge of nature and good observation. Much like obsession with accuracy and elegance. Wow...that's also a great job done by a sculptor for wood printing. In limited colors, Utamaro is very successful to illustrate subjects.

Utamaro's women and face expressions are very clever! It shows me each person's emotion very well. Sad, happy, lonely, mischief, cheeky, etc, etc.

I understand Japanese writing and know kimono wearing rules and hair styles. The women with specific hair styles and widely opened kimono neck eloquently tell me their job--sex workers. It was surprising that Utamaro made so many Ukiyo-e on prostitutes wearing
expensive kimono with big hair styles with extraordinarily luxury hair decorations. I imagine...those women brought up to become "high class whores"...could be sent from poor families in a countryside, far away from City, Edo.

The Art Gallery's explanation tells the sad reality that
many prostitutes suffered in sexually transmitted diseases and tough work...
I imagine... so, they
asked Utamaro to make their beautiful portraits. They might have wanted to get a day dream of happiness and forgot agony for a while.Utamaro's work reminds me of Lautrtec.

The Gallery sets one section for Utamaro's work on insects and flowers in Japanese lovely four seasons. Over there, I enjoyed reading old Japanese love poems. This poem on a butterfly makes me smile... .
"夢の間は蝶とも化して、吸いてみむ、恋しき人の花のくちびる。 "
= In a dream, I wish I could become a butterfly and would kiss my sweetheart's petal lips.

Regarding love and romance, nothing is different between West and East, men and women, past and present.

I will come again and ponder about women's lives and Utamaro more.
I behaved a very good girl. I never did any graffiti on displayed works.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BookFest for Children 2010 in Burwood

Hi, Friends,

I'm invited to join "Book Festival" in Burwood.

I asked Michael to let me help Non English speakers and young primary pupils. This is my first experience and I want to make pupils happy.

If you are writers or illustrators and interested in it, please contact Michael and spend time with children who have difficulties in life and help kids enjoy literature.
If you know any writer and illustrator, please pass on my blog to them.You’re Invited to Mr Fraser's Literary Luncheon
Lunch with your readers
WHEN: Thursday 16th Sept 2010
WHERE: 96 Shaftesbury Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
TIME: 11:00am - 2:30pm
Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

RSVP: ASAP Please!

To: Michael Fraser Haberfield Public School
Ph: 9797 6336 Fax: 9716 7315

A map and outline of the day are provided for your
information and safe arrival! Please bring books to sell
Kind regards

I hope our little help can make a bit difference for children, our future.

Love and smile,
>>>>>>>>>The detail is below.

Bookfeast is a Festival that celebrates the contribution of children's literature in facilitating engagement between the ideas and imagination of Australian writers and illustrators
and young people. Through these interactions this Festival aims to encourage children from all over Sydney to enjoy and appreciate the written word. The young participants come from all nationalities and many have grown up with some very unique experiences and are learning to overcome difficult social issues. Bookfeast provides the space and creative opportunity for young people to come face to face with writers and illustrators, gaining an insight into their practice and also the world of writing.
This event is a NOT FOR PROFIT function where authors and illustrators are invited to attend and donate their services and has been running consecutively for the last 15years. Michael Fraser, Teacher Librarian from Haberfield Primary School has kindly donated his time freely over the past year, in the interest of children and books. Even though some Authors bring along some of their books to sell at Bookfeast, it is primarily an event focused at giving back to the community.
Bookfeast is an annual event which has grown to become extremely popular and highly valued literary festival for students from both public and private schools (including primary and secondary schools) in the South West Sydney metropolitan region.
The event aims to encourage young people to read and to recognise the value and contributions of Australian literature. It is a chance for more than 500 school children and their Teacher Librarians to share lunch and conversation with some of their favourite Australian authors and illustrators.
This year, Bookfeast is being held on Thursday, 16th September 2010 at 96 Shaftesbury Rd, Burwood . We hope to continue to attract over 30 authors and illustrators to donate their time between 10:30 am and 2:00 pm for the event. Each author will be seated at a table of 9 students, accompanied by their Teacher Librarian. We ask you to share your ideas and thoughts about your work, how you got started, and why you love what you do.

This is a non-profit event. As such, we consider every author, illustrator and publisher to be 'supporters' of Bookfeast - to promote literacy, education and awareness of Australian literature.
If you are able to give us your much valued time and support on the day, or would like more information, please contact:

Michael Fraser Teacher librarian Haberfield Public School Tel: (02) 9798 8767 Mobile: 0402 296 664


Monday, March 15, 2010

Be What You Are

Friends, what a hectic life!
Tears and Laughs are next door?!

Bad news, first.
My watercolor, "Acorns and Leaves" did not get through a selection. I picked it up
in the morning.

But once, I wrote about it ;

"Rejection means you are one step closer to your goal,"
is ture.
Now, the bad news turns out fruitful and good news!

By chance, other members looked at my daily sketches of people in vivid colors and spontaneous style. Yes, Friends, you know my quick watercolors in this blog.

"Wow! Different person!! These works are done by a different person!! You submitted a wrong work. If you
replace this work with the one(in a frame), soon someone will buy it," the oldest artist cried out with a surprise.

...gee... I was told that portraits were hard to sell. So, I've never submitted any portraits or human figures for exhibitions.

"No, you got wrong information. This work is not a portrait.(The artist picked up my quick watercolor of a band playing music.) Colourful. Lively. Oh, clever...! Next time, submit this. " She continued,
"Heart. Listen to your heart. Be honest (with yourself)."

Her say reminded me of the most precious thing,
"Be what you are."

I appreciated my rejection that became a clue to know my style.

Also, Australian Society of Authors is my guardian angel. Experienced illustrators and the staff gave me a good strategy how to negotiate the Centre at an annual meeting last Saturday.

My quick watercolors of an new ASA executive and a guest speaker, Tom Keneally caught other members eyes. Impressed members kindly offered me more help. Oh, so lovely and I'm relieved.

From now on, I will only make what I want to do. I'm a portraitist and picture book illustrator. Nothing else.I do not need to be someone else. Otherwise, I will make a junk.

I just remember the most impressive say
in a psychology lecture at uni. I do not know who said this. It goes...

"I can no longer be a "victim-of-my-problem," it involves taking responsibilities. No longer just seeking to explain how we have become who we are, but working on how we can become what we are not yet."

The acorns have certainly showed me a way to go. Some of my friends looked forward to seeing me at the exhibition, but let us keep that joy till a next exhibition.

Go your own way, Sadami, go!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Listened to a Tree's Talk in my Heidelberg

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading my blog. A very happy surprise, today, 710 people have already visited this blog and looked at my profile since the start, 16 Feb 2010. This is my first try to run a blog and I'm a "hopelessly" poor computer user. I'd like to say special thanks to anyone who has read this blog.

I'm busy with these things:
1) ready for
the exhibition at KuRingGai art society
Monday 15 to Sunday 21 March
St Ives shopping centre, Mona Vale Road St Ives
9am to 5:30pm (9pm on Thursday)

Hopefully, someone will buy the framed work, "the acorns and the leaves."
2) negotiating a local "Information Centre" that shows a great interest in my art work
3) Australian Society Authors annual meeting in Redfern
this Saturday.
I make art works for competitions In between these hectic things.

After the hard work, I felt like having refreshing. So, I drove down to see my another friend, an old oak tree... at uni.

When I was at primary school, I really loved the story, "
Le Chêne parlant : French (‘The Talking Oak Tree’ *translated in English)" written by a French novelist, George Sand on Emmi and an old oak tree. An orphan Emmi fled to a mysterious 500 yrs old oak tree that villagers said it spoke. Even though the oak tree said, "get out!" at first, the kind oak tree allowed Emmi to live in his hollow. In the story, I saw a contrast between greedy adults and an innocent and pure child's view. Also, there were nice people in society who helped Emmi. The story had a happy ending, but it said "The tree does not talk any more. Or, there's no one can listen to the tree like Emmi." I always wonder/ed if I can/could have good ears to listen to our mother nature, I can hear their voices.
(*Japanese translated story:

I saw the oak tree that stood besides our stone building. "Hi, Old Friend, " we smiled at each other.
In a cool wind, I felt like sketching the old building. While I was sketching it, I could hear many students and lecturers talk in a breeze...
"...yeah, so-and-so theory and the argument is..." full of big words.
Or full of youth and happiness...
"..let's get together. Yep. Hahahaha!! Bye now!" with light steps.

People began to stop and looked at my watercolor.
"Wow, pretty nice! Cheers!!" "That's gooood!" The bouncing voices were from students. Unlike cheeky students, lecturers gave me
compliments in a very good manner.

Ah, uni, an atmosphere is wonderful. Full of freedom. There, as if, time stays young forever. But where are my friends and me, student Sadami? No, they were in the past. Today, I'm an artist. Each friend moved onto a different direction in society.

Today, students carry mobile phones and compact PCs. We did not have them and often stayed at Fisher Library to finish up essay writings till late in the evening...but we enjoyed a chat and gossips over computers rather than assignments.

I remembered another story/play, "Alt Heidelberg" (=アルトハイデルベルグ) written by Wilhelm Meyer-Förster.
Well, I felt I came here to see the oak
tree in "my" Alt Heidelberg.... I knew no one except this tree on a campus...

Ooops! I nearly forgot old lecturers, a university habitat. I secretly called them,
"academia NUTs" and friends so much loved my definition.
When I was finishing the watercolor, I came across my lecturer. Thank goodness, I do not have an assignment any more!
"That's beautiful, Sadami
!" Oh, she remembered this naughty girl and a great underachiever's name. We had a bit chat. Lecturers were crazy busy with marking at the end of the semester.

"All the best!" the lecturer said with a nice smile.
"Thank you!" Sadami waved at her.
Unlike that story "Alt Heidelberg," I have a bright future full of hope and a direction to go as an artist. I whispered bye to the tree and went home.

It's not bad to take a rest for a while and look back. But we cannot stay in the past. The present is all for me. To maximize this moment is critical. It makes my future. Also, your heaps cheers help me move forward.

When I see young students at uni or on a street, I always tell them, "Do whatever you want to do. Be silly. Only once you are young!" Yes, I want young people to go every direction while they are young. I believe a noun, "experiment" and a noun, "experience" should have a same origin(*if not, linguistics prof, please chide me?!). "Go freak!" is my advice for young guys.

Friends, and if you are lonely and weary, I'll send you my cheers from here through this blog. You are not alone. Let us move onto tomorrow. Sure, your future awaits you.

Me, this tiny acorn grows to be an oak tree!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Victoria Cancer Council Call for Art Awards Entry

Dear Friends,

Please pass this blog to anyone involved with cancer.

Close of entries: 5pm, 7 April 2010

Arts awards
Established as a means for people touched by cancer to communicate their experiences in a creative way, our Arts Awards program is an annual event with entries now open in 7 categories:
  1. Visual Art
  2. Short Story
  3. Poetry
  4. Indigenous Visual Art
  5. Film
  6. Youth & Children's Art
  7. Youth & Children's Writing

Our theme for 2010 is Lost & Found

A sense of loss is a part of many cancer experiences. Found is an avenue of hope, an opportunity to reflect on the strength, inspiration and motivations we draw from that experience.

For more details, or to enter online see the arts awards website.

Phone: 1300 65 65 85


One Outstanding Entry prize will be awarded in each category.

  • Winners in the Adults categories are awarded a $1000 cash prize
  • Youth categories are awarded a cash or goods prize to the value of $500.
  • Several Highly Commended and Commended entries will be selected from each category.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Homeless people

I helped the food service for homeless people. We had a new female volunteer. People came to our bus and began to make a queue before 5:30 pm. I chose serving bread.

All the food was donated by local shops. A happy surprise! Sydney uni's cafe had offered muffins and other sweet for dessert. Oh, next time, when I go to uni, I'll check which cafe does such a nice job. Other church staff had already put peanut butter, ham, Devon and cheese into roll bread and packed each roll into a bad.

The service began.
First, the people wanted to pick up small pies and roles. Then, they moved on to our table, bread. Ham rolls were the most popular and gone in several minutes. I was told to give one bag(=one bread) per person. If want more, a person must join a queue again. Some Non English Native Speakers could not tell me what they wanted. So, people tried to get it by themselves and I had to stop it. Most people tried to get bread twice or three times. I realized some people kept bread in their own bags. Does it last? I wondered, but I had not got much time to think. Busy.

In my eyes, the people looked not so poor. I wondered some people might be richer than me, a poor artist. Indeed, some of them had good amount of money in passbooks and once they had education, handsome occupations and outstanding skills in society. Why will they not work and prefer to staying on streets? Are they really homeless people? I know some homeless people in the area. They keep silent and sit on a bench all day long in very dirty cloths. I hope I could see them for this service, but they do not come to the bus.

Could be...there are people and people in homeless people...
Unfortunately, I could not see the man who had asked me to come. One guy was so cheerful who happily teased at me, as I had a bit strong American accent. Saying, "It's hard to pick up," he spoke in the mixture of Australian General and Broad. Another man spoke in a beautiful Australian General. Every time when he picked up bread, he courteously addressed me gratefulness. Lastly, he said, "I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you on behalf of others, " to each of us at the end of our service! His sophisticated accent and lexical option mismatching this context impressed me so much. And he kept his own dog. Other staff whispered me, "He was educated." Certainly was. But again, I wondered why he stayed on streets?

Nearly at the end of service, I found a man wanted for a cigarette with "papers" in his hand. Got it! I swiftly found good butts scattered on TownHall. "You're so kind, so kind," he kept telling me. Like a child got a toy, he happily made two butts into one cigarette and enjoyed it. Oh, clever make Australia clean! I thought.

After the service, we had a discussion. Most service users were male. A few females. Several Non English Speakers had a talk with the staff over Christianity. Our bus has a mark of "Salvation Army," so, people mistook us for Salvation Army. But indeed, the small local church runs this service. One of us, a counselor had to listen to a man's loooooong talk during the service. Another staff talked of a man, Eastern Europe origin, who chested off about his broken up marriage and miserable life. Regarding the strategy to people's dash to food, we agreed to make it clear to service users that once at time in a queue. We want to provide the service for people "equally" and as many as possible.

I made two cartoons. One is, in fact, based on me. I often make a "dramatic farewell" to small coins and win a good laugh at supermarkets. (*I believe we need laughter! in a busy society.) Another is from the man's episode above.
(**Friends, if you have a difficulty to read words, please click the cartoons. You can enlarge them.)

I know money circulates in society....
Only the problem is it always avoids me?!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Library, borrow time and space

Today, it's raining.
Even after finishing up studio work, when I feel like sketching people and children, I stroll down to a public library "after school."

Library! Not only books, but you can borrow time and space as you like and freebie in air conditioning. So, people come and get together there.

I see some adults reading newspapers, holding them as if they were hiding behind newspapers. I call them, "paper castle." Some people enjoy readings and forget everything. Others are using interent.
New immigrants are helping each other learn English.

Children are hanging around shelves and making very loud noises on a floor. Sometimes, librarians come and give them a preach, but it never stops kids's playing. Some pupils are doing home work. It looks so difficult for me, especially, math.

Sadami says with fingers, "I can't count numbers. One, two and, and... many!"
Any little kid proudly, kindly and happily teaches me how to count like this way,
"One, two, .... twelve, fourteen, seventeen, twenty..." that makes me smile, but I seriously liste
n to their great lecture and give claps for their knowledge. They try to count up to one hundred. A shame, often parents try to stop it. I'm very happy to hear it. So, I always soon make friends with children. They appear to acknowledge me one of "bigger sized" children?!

Other, a bit older children are completely absorbed with computer games.
These children are born with computers and growing up with technology. It's very interesting to observe how they use computers. Quite clever and so quick.

Actually, when I asked them to demonstrate how to paint drawings on a screen, a kindy boy showed me his sophisticated mouse using techniques. The little boy put all colors on dinasours and made them walk around with sounds. Oh, I felt I was the person still living in an analogue era or a Stone age and far behind from these digitalized chilren.

Another fascinating fact is so many chilren really love Japanese manga. How come?! A youngster shows me his favorite one, "Slam dunk," a basketball manga. Hey, wait a second, it was popular in Japan more than a decade ago. Is it still polular in Sydney? "Yes," and the boy showed me more manga online. Wow, so many manga are online. A bit strange for me to have a look of manga translated into English and other languages.

Nowadays, E-books and E-magazines are shaping publishing industry.
But I hope picture books will survive in printed papers...These memories stay with children till the end of life: sitting on a mom or a dad's lap and listening to a story or bed time story. Picture books are wonderful to share. Magical power of drawing and painting!

Certainly is. Even though I'm not good at a computer, my drawings and paintings capture children's attention. Soon, they find I'm drawing and have a glance at me secretly, again and again. They begin to chat over me with a great res
pect. Finally, a bravest one talks to me, "Can I have a look of your drawing?" "Sure!"
The innocent cries come up from children, "Ohhhh, " "Wahhhhh!!" "Wooooo!!" with a pure awe that's my great reward.

Friends, if you feel life is boring and tired, pay a visit to a library is not bad. When we borrow time and space, let us share it together. Another name or a synonym of happiness could be "sharing."


Monday, March 1, 2010

Sketching 2009 Free Linguistics Confenference

You many wonder what a conference or event sketcher. OK, Friends, I'll show you my work.

I sketched many presenters at Free Linguistics Conference 2009 ( Sydney uni.) 

Presenters came from all over the world.
Prof Luciana de Oliveira (*the right hand) discussed language education in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms.

Prof Ghil'ad Zuckermann (*below) is the expert of the revival of Hebrew in Israel. 

"Stop, Revive, Survive" 
was the quite fascinating discussion about the successful Hebrew revival vs difficult Aboriginal languages betweenGhil'ad,
Jane (Simpson)Michael (Walsh), Rob and Kevin.
The contrast,
Ghil'ad: "Died languages are Sleeping beauty" vs Michael, Rob, Jane, Kevin : (Aboriginal people's languages are) "Walking dead" made me sigh, though humorous!

Prof Maria Chisari 
raised a question about "a good citizen & citizenship concept" set by Government and discussed about our social issue, social exclusion of Non English speakers. Impressed me so much.
Prof Enric Llurda 
talked over the challenging for secondlanguage teachers(=native speakers) for different cultural background students. 

Prof William Armor talked
about identity forming and language acquisition. 
He drew samples from Japanese-English. So, I enjoyed it.

Prof Michael Walsh is the expert of Aboriginal languages. His white beard, mustache and very nice smile made me smile.

David Lasagabaster

Mr David Caladwell, stylishly wearing black, made an interest attempt, the analysis of pop rap music! 

Ms Feifei Han investigated English articles. Determiners in English are slippery for non English speakers whoselanguages do not have them. I always ponder about the concept of "the" and enjoy have a chat over it with English native speakers. I ask when my friends began to have the concept. All my friends answer, "No, I can't remember!(=too young!)" Hahahaha!

Ms Hyun Su Kim discussed gender identity in Korean stories.
Prof Diana Eades argued inequality for Non English speakers at the court room and in the legal context from a sociolinguistic view. Personally, her presentation was so interesting.

It was fun and above all, all the presenters loved my work and showed a great interest in my sketches. Models love to keep my work. Another bonus for an event organizer is that my work makes website fantastically outstanding.

Now you can get what my work is. This is my quick watercolors strength and advantage; watercolors beautifully capture presenters' enthusiasm, personalities and the atmosphere of a conference. Certainly, wonderful memories will stay with participants and organizers forever. Surely, better than photos.

Interested in my conference and eventsketching?
Contact me by leaving a "comment with your contact" please. *Your message is saved and will not come up here. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Then, you and I can discuss about charges. Charges are quite reasonable and negotiable.