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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vintage Indian Chief, $32,000!

Oh, ignorance is blessing! I did not know that I sketched the model at $32,000!
Sydney sketch club went to the Indian Motorcycle shop. I just liked this old fashioned style and very interesting colours, all opaque. Then, I started sketching. Water use was not allowed in the shop. After sketching it, I went outside and picked up a similar one for a value study and put colours in patchy rain. The work impressed both manager and other members. One man said, "I thought you'd sketch only people!" Na! I sketch everything that interests me! I'm not a big fan of cars, but drawing motorbikes is a fun. 

Now, I'm nearly finishing "colour roughs," of "My Dog Socks." That's why I could not post these weeks. Thank you for your visiting and sorry, my absent. Yes, very busy. What are "colour roughs" in a children picture book? A good question! "Colour roughs" are coloured work smaller than a real size illustration before getting on the real size work in a picture book creation process. Maybe, a next week or so, I'd write about it. So, pardon me, I must go. 
Friends, Happy Painting and Illustration! 


Monday, February 13, 2017

Dragons Abreast Sydney in the boat race

In a southern hemisphere, the biggest Dragon Boat Race returns to Sydney Darling Harbour! My favourite team, Dragons Abreast Sydney belongs to Dragons Abreast Australia that advocates breast cancer experienced women and empowers members. They celebrate life, show the joy of life and share pain with others. Brave fighters or great paddlers in pink uniforms and beautiful games are captured by my work. Enjoy them all! 
This is the president, Christine. A friendly team welcomed me. We shouted!   
Paddle strong.
Live long.
Go, DAS, go.
What a great spirit! I love it!! DAS did a charity fundraising races as well as competitive ones. "Go, DAS, go!!" I cheered and sketched them. Who cares scores? The point is to celebrate life and gain well-being through this sport. Who can enjoy sports, if a person is in bed? Health is the concern. 
Survivors feel and know the warmth of sunshine than anyone else. They know how precious life is. In my eyes, the group members were shining and appreciating life fully. There are other cancer groups in Australia. Their activity touched others' hearts. 
Suddenly, one lady dashed to another cancer group in a different area of Australia. She began to shed tears and talked to paddlers. It seemed that she was involved with cancer and could not help but share her story with the cancer survivors group. Lovely to see the paddlers gently pat the woman's back and warmly surrounded her like protecting mothers of a crying girl. All cancer survivors groups are brave fighters and our heroes in local areas. Check your local group here.
Saturday, it was terribly hot! My paints got dry at once. 
The bond and friendship of Dragons Abreast Sydney is wonderful. They support each other and share joy and pain. After surgery, rehab and exercise are not an easy task, especially, if a patient tries to keep it up all alone. A dear friend and survivor has been working hard to do exercises. Sadly, it bores a patient. It's a great idea to join a group activities and use important muscles ( *Side muscles beneath arms and a tummy's muscles move a paddle). Rehab, sports, great mutual support and happy life are in this group! 
The muscles you can move! 
I spent all day long with Dragons Abreast Sydney for last Saturday and Sunday. It made me thought of life lot. Me, too, need the exercise to move the leg's muscles. I know how difficult it is to keep on exercises. The activities of the breast cancer survivors are very encouraging. They show the beauty of life, demonstrate positivity, empowerment and friendship. I've looked through their facebook. Their photos have made me smile. Certainly, their mission is accomplishing : well being, public awareness and inclusion. Sketching is lovely that makes me friends with others at once. Thank you very much, DAS, for welcoming me!! You are great! 
To stay positive is the methods to survive tough time in life. Positivity is the key that opens to a happy life and friendship. Of course, it's not easy to stay positive and that's life. But sharing pain helps me keep it up. Friends, I always thank for your support. 
My colour rough of "My dog Socks" is more than a half way through. I'd shout,  
Draw strong. 
Live happy. 
Go, Sadami, go.
If you're experiencing cancer, you're not alone.  
Friends, find groups and enjoy life. And you, too, Happy Painting!     


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Intercultural Communication published by Edinburgh Uni Press - cover

"Intercultural Communication" written by Prof Ingrid Piller is published by Edinburgh University Press. I'm very honoured and proud that the cover is my sketch of a crossing point in Parramatta where linguistically and culturally very diverse people are living. The book cover captures "snap shots" of many people's daily lives. I love people. In the exhibition and at else where, people love that work so much. 
Here's the book's information.

The content of the book is wonderful. 
1 Approaching intercultural communication 
2 The genealogy of intercultural communication 
3 Language and culture 
4 Nation and culture 
5 Intercultural communication in a multilingual world 
6 Intercultural communication in a transnational world 
7 Intercultural communication at work 
8 Intercultural communication for sale 
9 Intercultural romance 
10 Intercultural communication in education
11 Becoming an intercultural mediator 
References, Notes, Index

  • ISBN
  • Paperback: 9781474412919
  • Hardback: 9780748632831
  • Paperback: 9780748632848
  • eBook (ePub): 9780748688326
  • eBook (PDF): 9780748632442

I know that Ingrid has been dedicating her life to do research that area. I admire her so much. I really look forward to the book and celebrate a book launch party with her students and colleagues. I also deeply thank for Edinburgh University Press team. They are so sweet and supportive for years. I hope I will visit Edinburgh to meet the team in person. 

Btw, the picture book project, "My dog Socks," is steadily ongoing at the stage of colour roughs. More than a half way through. I heartily appreciate the great support of Ford St publishing team, my mentors, Books Illustrated and Helen Chamberlin and your warm cheers!!! I'll make a good picture book.  
Best wishes, kind regards, Sadami 
Friends, Happy Painting!