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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sketchabout#3 & Daily Work

Hi, Friends, before the topics,
special thank you for great cheers for Japan. Art Auction for Japanese Disaster Relief goes well. Today, my Japanese blogger friends say, "Please pass our best wishes and thank you for your Friends and nice people. It really lifts us up!"

One more, very happy news is swimming has improved my muscles very much. 4 kgs increased, but the waist size gets tightened up. Hospital nurses say, "Look healthier and fitter. Keep up swimming." The podiatrist also recognizes my putting back muscles.

Now, Sketchabout#3. On a patchy rainy day, we went to the Government House. But I already sketched it last week. So, I sketched my new friends. See how we work hard...and chat more?!! (*Tiny dots on her shirt are rain drops, not salt.)
Sadami: "Don't say, 'It's the end of our friendship!!' "
Friend just had a big laugh and we really had a great fun. Hahaha!!
Friend: "Oh, that's nice. I like it." She'd like to use it for online.Sadami: "From next time, I have to charge ye (hopefully "millions"?!)." I will sketch members as many as possible.Another statue is a Scottish poet, Robert Burns.
To really a happy surprise, my admiring artist John Haycraft popped up the Sketchabout. He has been mentoring me for these years.
We really look forward to next Saturday! What a friendly club!

Now, my daily works. After joining the Sydney Sketch Club, I have begun to feel comfortable with landscapes. Sometimes, I feel like painting it like a figure to tell a story.
Awaiting You
This stair way is just in front of my favorite beach pool. So many steps and people do exercises. One day, I will climb it up smoothly without a walking stick! The pool water gets cold in autumn, while some blogger friends are celebrating spring. So, I'd devote this image, "Children, Herald of Spring" for Friends in the northern hemisphere. Kids are full of energy and always in spring or summer. These Pablo Picaso's say are my favorite.
It takes a long time to become young.
Youth has no age.

Children, Herald of Spring
Experiment and first experience for a computer work.
"Photoshop" put together several quick sketches on the daffodils.
I came across a very famous caricaturist, Paul Moyse anyhow remade work to meet a due date by a "computer."
His lesson scared me, a watercolourists and hand-only person, but an illustrator in publishing industry that chases up a dead line. So, I'd learn how to use Photoshop more.

Finally, my cartoon! Friends, do you use a paper for checking colours before painting? I do and always feel these colourful dots look beautiful. I turned it into for "Warms Hide&Seek." Thanks for cheers. With your cheers, I made the longest record, 1500m swim without cramps! Other regular people at the pool celebrated it, too. Anyone with disabilities, please never give up.
I have a dream ; one day I will see you, all blogger Friends in person on the earth
Happy painting!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

2nd SketchAbout:How to Conqure Huge Garden

I'll show you the Garden has precious historical, cultural and natural heritages of Australia for the future. Thank you for wonderful cheers for my adventure, "Sketchabout.

Government House
Despite rain, we got together and enjoyed sketching.
I also made some sketches yesterday before rain (lucky!).

OK, you and me, let's have a walk together in this huge Garden. Have a look of the map. Enlarge it, please. Get it? How big it is! For me, walking around is a very good job.
Opening: 7am to 6:30pm.
A strategy, "How to Conquer the Garden" is essential. Otherwise, waste of time and you cannot go home?! (*no worries, in fact, so many rangers always patrol.) Let's walk around the left side of the map.
...and hopefully, I can over come my dislike of landscape during this adventure:).

Head to
Government House and get to the end of the path to see Sydney Opera House.
From the Herb Garden to the Government House, there are beautiful greeny open fields full of biiiiiiig trees. How big? Good question! Trees are "monstrous" big or gigantic. Can you see a person under a tree? How small it is!Sculptures are here and there along path ways or on terraces--some are extraordinarily big and contemporary art. The below depicts "waves," according to Toni from the Garden Trust. Ooohhh! Waves!! ...sorry, in my eyes, it looked like a big warm. Of course, art is the thing to feel it, not understand it though ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. The left side, a white one is a huge sculpture made of white rocks and inside is hollow where bats' sweet home. *Please respect a bat. Toni says, "One bat eats thousands of mesquites,"!! Salute bats!

Still, we keep walking ahead. Now, left hand side, see "Government House." (*please see the first image and the map.) Hey, we have a castle in Sydney!! One more surprise is a freebie to see an inside. So, next time, I'll definitely see an inside and report you. Although a bit miserable to sketch it under a tiny umbrella in rain, it has paid off.

Finally, we get to the end of the path, near the Queen Elizabeth II. Yey, "Opera House"! This egg-shells-like building is our cultural icon! Many people take a rest here and sit on green grasses.
Sydney Opera House
From now on, I'll boast, "Hahahaha! I'm living in the GORGEOUS castle and the Opera House is in my backyard!" Yes, our legends are in the Garden.

In addition, the organizer Liz asks me to make the portrait of her mascott Borromini. Gulp?! I'll just do my best.
Did you enjoy a walk with me? Next time, I'll try the middle section or the right section.Happy painting and have a wonderful week!!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Art Auctions for Japanese Disaster Relief

Dear Friends,

Please pass this blog post to others interested in donation.

I found the auction info at Iain's blog.
Iain Stewart Watercolors

Further, Iain has set the blog,
Art Auctions for Japanese Disaster Relief.
The website tells "Beginning bid: $50" and contact each artist listed there.
In Australia, sakura(=cherry blossom) like trees always remind me of Japan. The news was shocking, as if the landscapes were like WWII or after the atomic bomb. I could not hold tears.
Japanese people, you're not alone! Hang in there and pull yourself together. You've already shown great courage and amazing discipline in this dreadful catastrophe.
I hope everything works out for the best.

Kind regards,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Garden "SketchAbout" & Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, thank you for the cheers from all over the world!! The experience is wonderful!! I sketched "figures" in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.
The most impressive thing is that organisers, Jennifer and others are so caring for all members while working on painting. They welcome me and incessantly talk to each member with respect and rapport. It makes anyone comfortable and feels at home. Also, each member is totally autonomous and free, regarding subjects and medium.
Particularly, Jennifer so much helps me, a new member with a walking stick. She took the photos for me. (*Click and enlarge it. You can see my tiny watercolour kit in the left hand.) Friends, a friendly atmosphere, no criticism but encouragements are just like Teri's "Twenty Minutes Challenge". Get the image of Sydney Sketch Club ? Isn't it nice?

The fountain is near at the entrance and so attractive. Technically, I used a very "limited pallet" learned from French classic artists exhibition at NSW Art Gallery last year.
The Garden has many statues, too.

I'm still thinking how to finish it up or stop it now.
Simplicity and light is all my concern.
Of course, mischief Sadami always seeks interesting subjects. Here we go! A very cute scare craw, I'm afraid it easily makes friends with birds?! This little girl is in a section for pioneers' "first farm." Kerry from the Garden Trust explains the purpose of the event, "SketchAbout" (from March 12 to April 16) that has a competition and an exhibition at the end. The ultimate goals are public awareness of environmentalism and the maintenance of the Garden.

The Garden has so many visitors from all over the world. A lady resting her sore feet was from New Zealand. While waiting for the meet up time, she happily did a model for me. It was her first Australia visit.
"Oh, wonderful. But someone should have told me, 100 degree slopes here!!" Oh, dear. I know! 100 degree is a play-up number. But Friends, the huge Garden is sitting on a large slope. So, walking through the Garden from corner to corner is a great challenging.
It could be a reason that the Garden has a cute electric chu-chu train for visitors. Next time, I want to ride it and sketch it:).

Same minded people get together -- is absolutely fun.
It is exciting to look at different techniques and unfamiliar media. The lady sketching me uses pastels. Her green hair is very impressive. Exchanging info on techniques and looking at varied skills are lovely treasures. I'm learning a lot! Some sketchers do architecture and landscape with watercolour & pen like my quick figure watercolour. Btw, a bit surprised that my A4 size is reasonably big among participants.
The event will be run till 12 April. The Sydney Sketch Club will always have a meeting every Saturday, shine or rain.
It's really good for me to challenge landscape and meet same minded people.
See how it goes.
...but, Friends, don't expect me too much every week?! Sketching and making lots of watercolor at once consumes a huge energy, even though I'm so happy. Yes, my heart is in a heaven!!! Ahahaha!
Friends, with your sent energy and cheers, I could enjoy the first garden sketch. I could park a car at a disability parking spot in front of St Mary cathedral early in the morning. I went into church and made a short prayer for Lord and Mother Mary with thanks and...for you, all readers of this blog!!

P.S. Today, I delivered this work for KuRingGai Art Society exhibition in St Ives. Yes, Friends, you loved it and me, too. Feedback from other artists is very positive. People, I love people so much.
Have a wonderful week!! Happy painting!


Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll join Garden Sketchabout in Sydney Tomorrow!

Hi, Friends, exclusive!!
Some people already know the "SketchAbout" in Sydney from UrbanSketches. I'll join it tomorrow. Yey~~~!!
It is the part of big events, "Autumn of Arts" from March to April.

Once, even though other artists and bloggers encouraged me to join Urban Sketches, I was reluctant because of the walking difficulty and a slow walk for a long distance.

This time, the Royal Botanic Garden is huge and I haven't visited there for more than 10 years. Gulp...
I walk better now. If I do not challenge, I will never open another door. Com'on Sadami! Friends, your cheers and friendship are my energy. And my guts and humor will overcome the difficulties!

Above all, I could contact a Sydney sketch team. The member already contacts back and kindly helps me how to get there and sketch there.
I really, really
look forward to meeting other sketchers and members there:).

So, keep patience for another post, if I am late for uploading it next Monday.

Ah, like a little kid just before an excursion from school, I'm excited too much tonight?!
Have a wonderful weekend.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Banana Flies Like an Apple : Invitation for Linguistics

I'll chat over linguistics--one of my majors at uni.

Hopefully, none of linguists nor postgraduate students reads this post?! Linguistics has these areas.
Phonology = Sounds. Phonetics = Sound Articulation.
Semantics. Pragmatics = Word Meanings.
Syntax = Sentence Structure.
Morphology = Word Formation.
social psychology lecture
Syntax and morphology are my favourite areas. NOTE: "Favourite" does not mean I did it very well AT ALL. I'd devote this cartoon for any student struggling in a semester all over the world! Hang in there! You're not alone!!In syntax, analysing sentence structures, especially, the ambiguity of a sentence is fun. Try it below.
Q) Is this sentence acceptable or not?(=grammatically correct or not).

"Banana flies like an apple."

(*Does a famous English proverb, "Time flies like an arrow" come across your mind? But how come "banana" and "apple"??)
"Unacceptable," a linguistics student claims, "Because a subject, a noun, "banana" does not have an article, "a," it's incorrect and ungrammatical."But "Yes, acceptable, " a clever biology student asserts,
"Because "banana flies" are tiny fruits flies that are fond of fruits and the subject of the sentence. Therefore, correct and acceptable."
Got the joke? A structurally ambiguous sentence has different meanings.
Where to cut a sentence structure and the feature of parts of speech(noun, verb etc) change syntactic functions(subject, object, etc) and meanings, too. In other words, what speakers assign to a sentence changes a meaning.

I uploaded that famous joke for a linguistics board. Other students seemed to enjoy it.

BUT a biiiiig surprise, a professor beat me back beautifully and demonstrated a new analysis!
"If "Banana" is a proper noun, such as a name of a person, for example, "Mr Banana" (the professor said, "Such a thing hardly happens though"), the bare noun is able to be a subject. Therefore, grammatically, acceptable."
Ohhhhh, my...!! Yes, logically correct and syntactically right. Wow...a PhD level brain goes far beyond a common sense?!? I changed a direction from linguistics to sketch lecturers:).Yet, I love linguistics. If anyone is interested in linguistics, just pop up a lecture and have fun.
Have a wonderful week.

Uni students, get through a semester!! Make good memories! Enjoy your life fully!! P.S. Don't ask me Qs! Try PhD level guys around you.

"My hobby is linguistics," artist Sadami says and linguists have a laugh.