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Monday, May 20, 2019

Japan Research Trip of Basho funded by Australian Gov

Japan Research Trip on Basho with celebrated author Libby Hathorn, funded by Australian Gov, will start from this Thu. International School visit in Tokyo will be fun! We'll trace back a part of Basho's journey, absorb ourselves into landscapes and people.

See you soon, children in an international school!  
I will sketch around and interview people to build up the images of Basho and our characters, little children in the text. Particularly, I'll collect visual information in museums, figures, land scenes etc as much as possible. 
Then, when we'll come home, we'll work on our picturebook project.  
Basho's Journey in Edo Era
I so much appreciate my supporters :  Helen Chamberlin, Books Illustrated, Margaret Hamilton AM, Susanne Gervay AM, Dr Robin Morrow, Gail Erskine, university lecturers, peak bodies/CBCA, SCBWI, ASA, NAVA, Accessible Arts NSW, WestWords, etc. 
Thank you very much for your support, Friends!! Above all, Australia Council for the arts! 
We’ll do our best to produce a quality Australian picturebook and contribute to the cultural exchange between Australia and Japan, and moreover, at the global level.   
Happy Painting and Happy Illustrating!


Monday, May 13, 2019

International Board of Books for Young People, Lost in Books

In a new institution Lost in Books, I thoroughly enjoyed a great exhibition of 191 Honour Books from 60 countries in 50 languages selected by the International Board on Books for Young PeopleIBBY Honour books’ rich creativity and great diversity should be appreciated all over the world, Dr Robin Morrow claimed at the Best Books of the World exhibition launch. (*I once met Lost in Books in the event run by WestWords.)  
Honour books bridge across languages, cultures and generations. Robin proudly asserted, “Children’s books can be anything but childish!” In a socioeconomic and cultural aspect, it is vital to read books with young people, support bookshops and libraries so that children will gain literacy, knowledge, linguistic competence, self-esteem and furthermore, empathy.
With historical facts of IBBY, Robin urged audience to consider the current social issues, the importance of children’s literature and the support of literacy activities from micro to macro levels. Robin and I got excited together to celebrate that my mentor, Ann James and Libby Gleeson were current nominees of Anderson Award. Robin has always encouraged me and taught me about children's literature since the start of my career. Thank you very much, Robin. 
Wordless picture book and Lost in Books Staff. 
I bought a silent picture book and my favourite Canadian illustrator's book.
Sensible and thoughtful labels 

Regarding the linguistic diversity in a residential area, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese are majority. I visited Fairfield public library and examined the demography from a catalogue and librarians. In the exhibition, lovely to see the books related to Aboriginal people on the shelf. Wordless picture books are displayed as well as others. 
Thank you very much, Lost in Books staff, for hard work and a lovely smile. May this little shop bring children literature, dream, hope and love. If you like, come to my facebook. IBBY shared my FB post. 
Friends, if you have a chance, come over to this exhibition. You can find your own treasure! 
Small is powerful!