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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Free Organ Recital 2018

On 28th Dec, "Young Organists Day," I enjoyed an annual and free organ recital in Sydney Town Hall and challenged to capture a majestic grand organ in an hour. The world largest organ installed in 1890 is 11.5 m tall and nearly 6 m deep! The width is nearly equal to the theatre hall. All young selected organists said, "It's huge, so I love it." In my sketch, Emily Thompson plays "Theme and Variations" from Sonata 6, Op.65 composed by Flelix Mendelssohn(1809-1847). Three siblings from the Thompsons played the music. Furthermore, one more family member will join this concert next year! What a music loving family Thompsons!   
A divine music and euphoria. As well as the size, young talents told the reasons of loving an organ were "For God," and "Use a body to create sounds." Their say sounded similar to visual art. When we, even visual artists, get excited, we naturally move bodies and begin to dance. (*I do!). Probably, art is from our excitement and ecstasy. So, we respond to art in a same way.  
Kind Emily offered me time for photos. Interesting to hear about young organists' life. They daily spend five or some hours in practice, win prizes and fellowships. Their enthusiasm is amazing. I hope these talents will grow and become wonderful organists in the world. Nice to listen to a great music and very encouraging to know other persevering gifted emerging artists. I should keep up.  

Now, Friends, a different topic. I'm already working on two projects for 2019. Busy! Hopefully, I will make a public announcement in Jan. Look forward to our good news. 
Thank you very much for your strong support this year!! 
Friends, Happy Painting and Enjoy Your Lives Fully!     

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Wish You a Happy Christmas! 
We enjoy carols and sing together in a Town Hall square. 
Have a safe and happy festive season, Friends. 
Thank you for your strong support for this year! 
Best wishes, Sadami 


May peace be on the earth

Merry Christmas. This small chapel is next to a hospital. My work is prayer dedicated for people separated from their loved people. Hope suffering people will find the meaning in suffering. May peace be on the earth. Thank you for your strong support for this year! 


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Finalist for 2019 PARAART TOKYO

My work, "Dignity" was selected. 2019 paraART celebrates humanity in parallel with Tokyo Paralympic 2020. Very Happy and honoured. I'm the finalist from Australia. This is their English site.
The "Dignity" is at the left side top in this flyer. Please find the two flyers below.
Where : Toshima Ku, Minami Ikebukuro 2-45-1, Tokyo, Ground Floor. 
When : 1st Feb to 5th Feb 2019

My work got in about 200 works that include paintings and calligraphy from all over the world. The work got through a very narrow gate. 
Hope many people with disability will have dream and hope! Thank you very much for support for ages. 
Friends, let's enjoy life. Happy Painting all the time!  


Monday, December 10, 2018

Parramatta City Brass Band Plays Xmas Carols

ParramattaCity Brass Band played Christmas carols for us, residents and anyone in Centenary Square. The Band welcomed me. Lovely to see the band playing a wonderful music freebie for music lovers : any races, homeless people, people with disability, and whatever the background is. 
In the band, each different personality interested me. A young very shy man made me smile. His grand ma and a mum were there, too. They should be very proud of the son. “How long have you been playing a trumpet?” I asked. He had played it before a kindy. Aw, me, too. I do not remember when I started to draw. I’ve loved drawing from very an early stage of life such as three or four?  

Each member has a strong feeling to her/his own instrument that is quite expensive. I had a chat with another lady with a trumpet. She spent several thousand dollars in it. Me, too, have had spent similar amount in materials every year. I wondered where she could find a place to practice individually. She sometimes used a mute. My suggestion, “Early in the morning at a beach!” brightened up her. “Beach!” Yes, no one would complain about sounds only waves. I sketched down her in black and white.  

I will colour the lady with a trumpet next time. 
See you at the same place from 6pm to 7pm this Thursday! Thank you very much, Steven O'Brien for connecting me with Parramatta City Band! 
Thank you very much for sharing my posts on FB, Parramatta City Brass Band!


Monday, December 3, 2018

R.I.P, Kangaroo Kevin

Kevin passed away, the big retired kangaroo staying in my dear friend Margaret Hamilton's backyard of Children Picture Book Cottage Pinerolo. Very sad. Whilst the rescue, I learned about the bone structure of a kangaroo and created his portrait. My tribute. 
Unfortunately Kevin had a terrible growth in his mouth which couldn’t be removed and was rotting -- was the prognosis, when the nice lady from WIRES for Wildlife Rescues took him to the vet. So the best thing for Kevin was they put him to sleep. Margaret and Max agreed with it. It was me that contacted WIRES. It took nearly thirty minutes to get through. So, I was really concerned about Kevin. 

This is the skull of a little kangaroo I found in a bush. This skull is broken and not perfect. A jaw, nose and others are missing though, it helps me understand a kangaroo's face. I reviewed the structure and drew Kevin. When the sad news came to me, I shed tears. But that's life. 

We already miss him. Particularly, Margaret and Max were hugely honoured to have had a wild animal trust them and feel secure and unthreatened. We grew very fond of him. Thank you, Kevin. You made us happy. I could develop a lovely character for illustration. 
Rest in Peace, Kevin. 
Btw, I'm working on the projects and preparing for Christmas parties or end of year events. Already, putting a schedule in 2019. How was your 2018 and do you have any plan for 2019? I hope both years will be wonderful. 
Friends, happy painting and enjoy a life fully!