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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Special Thanks to Medical Workers

#sadamikonchi A #nurse is inserting a #needle into my arm. I always appreciate medical workers' great job behind scenes. My quick sketch amazed the nurse and her team. We chatted over it. Laughter and smiles were flourished in the room. It's my little thanks to such hard workers. Chose the softened colours. Attempted to make her in the light. #hospital #watercolour #pencildrawing #sydney #australia

これは #看護師 さんが私の腕に #針 を 今まさに差し込んでいるところです. いつも 心から #医療関係者 #縁の下の力持ち の方たちに 感謝しております. この 素早い #スケッチ に 看護師さんとチームは 感心 ,とても喜んでくれました. 笑いと 笑顔が 部屋の中に溢れて この絵のことについて しばし おしゃべりしていました. こういう 影の 黙々と働く方達 への 私のほんの少しの 感謝の印です. 優しい色と 彼女が 光の中に いるようにと 頑張りました. 私は人を書いている時が一番幸せです. #水彩画 #水彩 


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Come, Draw Dragons @ Ryde Library

#sadamikonchi Sat, 10 Feb 10am-12:30pm @Top Ryde Library 
Location  Ryde Library, 1 Pope Street, Ryde, 2112, View Map

Open to all people over 16, people with disability, too. Note: Carer / support person is not required to book in. Please just indicate attendance in the booking room.
Let's paint a "dragon," this lunar year symbol in this adults workshop for all levels artists. A red dragon is known for good luck and fortune in Chinese culture. What will other colourful & unique dragons come up on your papers? Tricks you'll learn : drawings by grid, washes and crayons / waxing that'll create a dragon's scales & bright lines. Materials will be provided. You're welcome to bring your own watercolour sets. The limited pallet colour you'll use is suitable to beginners. As long as you can use two colours, you'll be a winner. Take home your masterpiece💖😘!

About the Artist

Sadami Konchi is an enthusiastic, talented and award-wining fine artist and children’s picture book illustrator. What makes Sadami's works so special is her skill in capturing movement and emotions by colourful and lively expressions. She conjures up this magic in minutes. Quick brush strokes are subtly executed to accurately capture all facial expressions and postures. 

What you may not know is that her connection to people is more than observational. She has volunteered, supported and advocated for the homeless and for people living with disability. Her sensitivity and authentic love for her fellow humans can be seen in her greatest strength – creating empathetic portraits. These ‘humanistic’ snapshot-like sketches have been described as “spontaneous and beautiful”. 

Her many awards include 2023 Doyle Arts Prize Highly Commended, Royal QLD Art Prize Finalist, 2022 May Gibbs Fellowship, 2021 RS Australia Portrait Finalist 2020 Hurford Portrait Finalist, 2019 Australia Council for Arts Grant recipient 2017, Doug Moran Portrait Prize Semifinalist, 2017 WestWords Pinerolo Illustrators in Residence and more.   


Saturday, January 20, 2024

Limited Pallet, Rananculus, Strawberries

#nカルオンライン永山裕子単色 #sadamikonchi Enjoyed #limitedpalette #watercolour #painting of #ranunculus #strawberries ! #contrast #red #blue #stilllife #sydney #australia

最初はどうなることかとドキドキしましたが 書いているうちに楽しくなって 最後はるんるんで 水しぶきをあげていました💖😘色も楽しかったのですが 花びらを好きなだけ 書き込んだのが一番 面白かったです 🤓🎉 私の好きな書き方の 一つになります. お忙しい中ありがとうございます. 個展のご成功 心よりお祈り申し上げます. P.S. 私が普段全然 使わない オペラで スタートしました. ストロベリーにその色が 残っています.