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Monday, August 26, 2019

Arts Activated Conference 2019

Fantastic. I really enjoyed the conference. I made friends with artists, institutions, universities in Australia as well as overseas. What a wonderful day! Great fun, catching up with old and new friends. Btw, I come up a bit in the video that shows I'm sketching a person. 
Day 1 Video 
Program is here. Great speakers.
Day 2 Video  Btw I come up in the video, too. I enjoyed the workshops and networking. This conference has shown methods and tools to expand an artist's career to the future. Talking of me, another residential council staff has contacted me after the conference. With them, I'm now enjoying a chat over my potential future job.  
Friends, have you ever attended any conferences or workshops? Try them. Don't be shy. They will give you more opportunities, helpful knowledge and new friends. 
Thank you very much, Accessible Arts, for your hard work.


Monday, August 19, 2019

Spring, Hope and Dream

Cherry blossoms are a national flower to Japan. They are, now, blooming out in Sydney. Lovely. A spring always reminds me of hope and dream or wishes. My dream is to create a quality picture book!  
Re a children picture book illustration, I'm placing the text on the images/spreads in the storyboard. Mentors, publisher Helen Chamberlin and Ann James give me very positive feedback and a great encouragement and guide. Busy. This Thursday and Friday, I'll attend the Arts Activated Conference for people with disability. If you are interested in it, come over! 
Image result for arts activated 2019
I love to see life coming up again in a spring after a winter. Tiny greens whisper how strong life is in a chilly wind. Always, a spring will come. Yet, I feel, one condition applies or hope, if we want to get into a spring in our human society. Keeping hope or never give up hope, is the crucial condition to make it happen. That requires courage and guts.  

I'll keep up. Take care, Friends. If you join, see you at the conference. Let us have hope and dream. 
Happy Painting and Have a Creative Week! 


Monday, August 12, 2019

Japan Trip, Kanazawa

Thank you for waiting for the post. I’ve submitted the storyboard and all colour roughs of a picture book project funded by Australia Gov! Hurrah! Busy, but very happy and fun. Picture book illustration often requires painstaking efforts and research. Back to the topic, our Japan trip. 

After Matsushima, Libby Hathorn and I visited Kanazawa for research. I collected data on shrines and temples, too. This is a shrine. I began to understand the differences between Buddhism temples and Shinto shrines in architecture. Such information has become my references for illustration. 
As well as shrines and temples, I was very interested in old fashioned houses or Higashi Chaya and a famous garden, “Kenrokuen”, historical places and a Japanese castle. This place is called, "Higashi Chaya." Libby and I looked around Basho visited temple, an old samurai owned house and historical spots. They have become my great references. A guide kindly explained the facts very well and helped our understandings.  
Kenrokuen is known for the beautiful garden that has Basho's haiku spots. We walked through lovely trees, flowers and a sweet air on mosses. Unlike Australia, it's relatively humid. There were ponds, too. Landscapes are very beautiful.  
Now, I'm enjoying creating the images for the picture book in Sydney. I deeply thank you for the staff at Japanese hotels, a kind guide and lovely Japanese people who helped us. Libby and I will create an interesting picture book on Basho and children! 
Thank you very much for support! 
You, too, Friends, enjoy drawing and illustration. 
Happy Painting!