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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May31, "Meal" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Sydney Sketch Club celebrated the end of EDiM. Brave survivors enjoyed lunch and had a wonderful time at a hotel! A fantastic social occasion. A member secretly organised everyone to quietly sign a "thank you card" for our great hard working and caring organiser, Jennifer. It became a happy surprise for her! Our sketch books went around members and laugh poured on a table hours after hours. We matched each member's face, an individual avatar and work. A group activity is marvellous! Variety of interpretation of each theme and unique work has popped up everyday. They are humours cartoons, serious drawings of social issues, beautiful fine art and light sketch with watercolour, digital medium, acrylics, pastel and so ons. We laughed, thought of society and appreciated art through members' brilliant work. Our EDiM is a great success! 

The members at the lunch table said, "Invite us for your book launch and an exhibition!" Wonderful and so sweet!! It has become a great encouragement. Having the exhibition and book launch is not easy, especially in a financial aspect. But I will never give up and carry it out my dream that is almost on the way. I really, really appreciate the members warm cheers. 
A big surprise was that many members wanted to see my whole work in a binder. (*I was late to come, but they all welcomed me!). It made me shy. After the lunch, some members sketched outside in Central park. Me, too, went there. Brrrr, cold winter! The members were eager to know how to draw figures. Some said, "My humorous explanations often made others laugh well. Nice! We were very "hot" art lovers in a chill wind. 

This is my brekkie. (*I know, blog Friends say, "Wow, your "still life" work!") Sydney Sketch Club Members say, "So healthy!" Or I might be very lazy?!

This EDiM experience has given me the concrete confidence of my drawing ability and time management. I worked out a task in a very short time and used time very efficiently. Idea and subject search is the key. Inspiration and a subject are anywhere, if you have an eye. For example, the first image was a winner's husband at the City of Ryde exhibition. I added my imagination and he is holding a bank cheque. I used it for the theme, "Money." Btw, he said he was an artist. My on spot sketching excited him so much. He almost spoke loud, "I've never seen a person like you in my life! We say we should sketch all the time and we don't. BUT you do sketch anything and anywhere!" Yes, that's my only assets. Sketching is easy. All what we need is "paper, one pencil and a few minutes." It has built up current Sadami and still my skills are developing positively.  
Anyway, did you enjoy the daily sketching in May? Already Sketch Club Members look forward to a next meeting and want a next challenge. I'm very happy to be surrounded by such wonderful people. How supportive and friendly! 

Then, my blog will go back to weekly again. Thank you very much, all blog Friends. Your support has enabled me to get through this marathon task. In turn, I will keep up drawing more than ever and create good work for you! I love you all, dear Friends!  
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Saturday, May 30, 2015

May30, "Money," EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Oh, Friends, tomorrow will be the last day of this every day challenging. I sketched a busker for the theme. Sketching music players is fun. Often people wonder how I sketch music players, make nice portraits and even caricatures. In the last post of "Mick Jagger caricature," blogger "minniemie" asked how I make portraits and caricatures. Today, I do it "intuitively." I draw tens of millions times. No magic. I do not have guidelines to capture features. But, in figure drawing, think of this fact: we are same human beings, yet different individuals. We have commonality. What are differences in us? Observe people all the time, face expressions and how we move around, etc, even without sketch books. Then, I recommend, first, "Draw lots of portraits, tens of millions," and do even quick daily sketches of figures. Once, you get the “points/features” of an individual, even only a few lines can show who’s who. Experience is the best teacher. Please do not chase up similarity. It runs away from you, as long as you pursue it. I always do not do it. Just draw people. Look at a subject from multi angles. Choose one favourite angle, is my way. You begin to feel like telling “something” about that person/model. Then, I get on portraits.  Resenblance will follow you. My caricatures respect models and I enjoy creating them. It does not exaggerate likeliness in an ugly way. So, models love my work! I hope my answer will assist you some! 

Finally, the last theme is a "meal." Ah, we will get together at a pub and celebrate our survival with Sydney Sketch Club members! Yey!! 
Friends, Happy Painting! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

May29, "Mick Jagger," EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

I really enjoyed to create this image for a theme, "music." But I do not listen to rock music and have no idea about it. Only Mick's body language has always interested me. I did not listen but "looked at" their music. I wanted to draw him one day. Ah, I did it!! Great fun. I admire the energy of Rolling Stones for more than a half century. Btw, people say that my caricatures look nice. Because I like each person/subject so much and work on a caricature, I have no reason to make a subject ugly. 
Have you ever tried caricatures? It's fun. I like this way. My mentor called it "fun drawing." If you can exaggerate a person's features, that'll turn out a fun portrait. It's worth trying, Friends! I love drawing any figures.  
Now, a tomorrow's theme is "money." 
Friend, Happy Painting!!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

May27, "milk," May28, a "mirror", EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, these are my images for "milk" and a "mirror."  I love the snap-shot-like drawing of daily life. Nothing special scene is, in fact, special and so precious for us. Both images are based on my daily sketches. A baby was so cute. My work made the parents so happy. A mirror always fascinates me, especially, when we, women are putting on cosmetics by compact mirrors. 
A mother's love is the best milk! 
In my view, ultimately, an artist's work level is equal to his/her drawing skills. In this EDiM, my daily sketches help to organise these images you've seen. I feel comfortable with drawing lines. Because my eyes well lead my hands, I don't get stranded on paper. A strange sentence? Mmm... I mean, the eyes tell me values and shapes very precicely, even if there isn't a real subject. Drawing is my great and best practice. 
Ok, I'll go to the Ryde City Women Exhibition opening and will have fun!
Thursday 28 May Opening night and announcement of winners at See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank, 6pm - 8pm. 
If you have a spare time, please come! 

Sydney Sketch Club everyday drawing is nearly coming to the end.
"Music" is the theme of tomorrow.
Friends, Happy Painting!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 26, a "mountain," EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, I've chosen the image from the man from Snowy river for the theme, a mountain. Have you ever heard of "The man from Snowy river?" It's originally the poem written by an Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson. The poem, which is like an Australian cultural icon, has been made into films and children picture books. So, I really wanted to draw the highlight scene, the young hero bravely swung his whip round, gave his horse a cheer and ran down the wild and dangerous mountain, while others were standing and only watching it in fear (of course, they expected that young man should die! But not!). 
A poem gives readers imagination and inspiration. I'd like to read more poems and create images for them. Also, a poem shows so beautiful sounds and a sophisticated word play. I'd enjoy them more and more!

Oh, yes, the opening of "Ryde Women's Art Ehibition" is tomorrow evening from 6pm to 8pm! Come over and let's have fun!!  
See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank. 

Now, a theme for May 27 is "Milk."
Friends, Happy Painting!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, Maxine McKew, EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, this is not a Muppet though, I chose a different "M." This lady, Maxine McKew is a lovely Australian lady, journalist and former politician of the Labour Party led by Kevin Rudd. She created an epic scene in Australian history. In 2007, she beat John Howard, the second longest-serving Australian prime minister of the Coalitifon Party in Bennelong, the election section

I was in Bennelong and saw Maxine's election campaign and her political life. Apart from political colours, in my eyes, she worked so hard especially for the disadvantaged such as people with disability and marginalised people and school/education. She dashed to Cammberra and dashed back to Bennelong to do community work as well as potics. Maxine was very sensitive and so caring for residents -- was my honest impression. 
Today, Maxine is not in politics, but in welfare work, the research of education policy and publishing industry. Her enthusiasm and dedication is great, particularly, for education and children's better future. We, women can share passion for any children's welfare issues beyond ideology or reason. I sometimes bump her in Sydney Writers Festival, book launch and other big events. She is very poplular at any big events and crazy busy, but she never forgets me, finds even a few seconds and talks to me. I really appreciate her kindness. 

A next theme is "Mountain."  Friends, Happy Painting!  


Monday, May 25, 2015

May23 measure cup, 24made of metal, EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, I delivered Helen's portrait to See Street Gallery for The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize. Now, a daily challenge! A "measure cup" is for May23. Cooking is a fun time for children or a disaster for parents?! It's a great expectation time for younger ones in siblings. What will come up for a result? --- beautifully baked up cookies, pies and what else? Or..., gulp, messes? Btw, regarding cooking skills, I've been boasting, "I can open up cans!" in a humble and modest way. Do you have any funny stories related to cooking? If you do not mind and ok, let us share yours.
May 24, "Made of metal" 
I chose a clock. It is lovely to see sleepy kids nearly at a bed time. So cute. It is a pleasure for parents to have a bed time story for children, btw. Read picture books for your children. It would be children's wonderful memories, when they are grown up.   

I'm very happy that Sydney sketch club members love my illustrations so much.
Btw, I saw many finalists' paintings at See Street Gallery. It's really wonderful and a high level. A very lovely section is for young children! I saw a daughter and a mother submitting their work. The young child looked so proud of her work and a bit shy. Oh, so cute. I really look forward to Thursday opening night (6pm - 8pm)!! Come over, Friends.

Now, this marathon monthly challenge is now nearly at the end. 
May 25. A theme is "your favourite “Muppet.”" A Muppet! Mmmm... well, see how it goes. 
Friends, Happy Painting!


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Helen's portrait gets in The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize

Good news, Friends! My Work Title is 
“Publisher Helen Chamberlin has revolutionised Australian publishing industry.” 
The City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize
Exhibition period of works : Friday 29 May to Saturday 13 June 
Thursday 28 May Opening night and announcement of winners at See Street Gallery at Sydney Gallery School and owned by TAFE NSW, Meadowbank, 6pm - 8pm. 
If you have a spare time, please come! 

My Statement in 99 words (100 words are allowed.) 
"Publisher Helen Chamberlin has achieved reputation for Australian picture books in the world, enhanced it to art and upgraded the quality of young literature. She epitomises the best of editorship, a quiet voice standing in the shadows behind the public faces, shaping and guiding, challenging and demanding. Especially, her work with Shaun Tan has pushed the boundary of picture books up to art and literature. It has changed public concept of picture books from easy kids readings to philosophical books that bear academic discussion on universal themes and social issues, displaying sophisticated art. Fortunately, she is fostering me, too!" 
The exhibition's theme is "Make It Happen" that is inspired by the 2015 International Women’s Day theme. But artworks may connect to any themes surrounding women. I've chosen Helen who has been making the impossible possible in publishing industry as a woman editor for nearly a half century. There should have been so many tough things on her because of her gender in society, but she has never given in and bravely conquered challenges. She did not simply overcome challenges. Helen, furthermore, has made amazing achievements in publishing industry. Not many people can do it. It very touches me. Today, she's Australia legend, yet, she's so shy. (*so I will make a huge ad of her!! She says, "No, that's not my style.") I'm very privileged to work with such a wonderful lady like Helen. My publishing team is now working on the final editing of "Moon." One more push!

I'll keep this post for a while = not update EDiM images daily (if you like, come and join Sydney Sketch Club. You can see all our funny, beautiful and interesting images!). Thank you very much for warm cheers! Now, I have to frame the work for delivery. 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Friday, May 22, 2015

May22, A "mother" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, a theme is a mother. My favorite quote is, "God could not be everywhere. So, He created mothers." Probably, a "mother" has the most sweet sound for anyone in any language. I chose this image for a mother's universal image. Mothers care for any sick children with all their souls and bodies for day and night. We remember our sick time with sweet memories. For mothers, any children are so precious, even with disabilities. Probably, mother's love is the most noble, unconditional, abundant and limitless on the earth. Also, we know, for our mothers, we will be forever children. Particularly, the relationship between a mother and a daughter will become so sweet and lovely when we get into adulthood.

I really enjoyed drawing this image. Regarding the image, the point is a unique idea and an interesting view. "Originality" -- that's it and editors want for.
A tomorrow's theme is  "23.  measuring cup/s." 
Mmmm..., what sort of idea will come up for me?? 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Thursday, May 21, 2015

May21, A "match or matchbox" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, what do you imagine from a word, "match or matchbox"? This pun needs a bit explanation for non Australian Friends. A redheads matchbox reminds me of our first woman prime minister, Julia Gillard in Australia. She has a distinct read head. So, I created this image. Being a PM is not an easy job in a male dominant society, but, in my eyes, she did her best. In the image, I'd say special thanks for Julia, for her hard work. Also, you can enjoy playful words at the side of a box. In your country, are there any women in top leaders? For women, it's very difficult to balance between career, family business and other social things. In family, women need men's support to carry them all. Of course, men need women's support, too. So, it is very lovely to see a nice couple supporting each other beautifully. That's love.

Btw, Sydney Sketch Club members really love this work and give me nice feedback with a big laugh. Thank you, Friends! 
Now, we've done more than 20 themes in a month! I'm so relieved. Thank you for wonderful cheers!! With your support, I could come here. Nearly there. I'm sure we will get through this "one word one day event." Sydney Sketch Club Members love this event so much. Jennifer leaves so caring and humours comments on images. We chat over Internet and foster friendship. Some members already say, "I miss this event!" and request an "encore." Well, don't ask me to do it again. Even though I've quickly worked on each image, it takes time. I have prioritised projects as a professional.

A tomorrow's theme is,
"22.  anything to do with your mother (or any universally known mother?)."
Friends, Happy Painting!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May20, A "mattress" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, what do you imagine from a word, "mattress"? My image is a "pillow fight" from a mattress! Do you have a sweet memory about a pillow fight? I picked up that word from my American friend, when I stayed at her place ages ago. She had a very big family and many siblings. The youngest boy was so cute. We enjoyed a "pillow fight," hahaha!! Great fun. 
In my illustration, an active and natural movement and a lively face expression are critically important. My daily sketches are wonderful references and inspiration resources. That's why I keep sketching all the time.     

A tomorrow's theme is a match (or matchbox). 
Friends, Happy Painting! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May19, A "marble" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, I post two imgaes : one is children playing marbles and another is my wash with a wrap technique. Rhonda, your guess is very close, but I wanted to make a girl a hero in the work! Have you ever played a marbles game? If not, you're young. Once, we were addicted to this game! Marbles are beautiful. I still love to look at them. Vintage games are vanishing from the earth in this digital era. I hope children will enjoy old fashioned games with friends in sunshine, not with computers in a dark room.
This wrap technique is interesting, but I've been searching for a suitable scene to use it in my own work. Have you ever used it in your art work? If any, I'd like to know it. A result always reminds me of marble. It was good to review the learned technique. 

A tomorrow's theme is a "mattress." 

Friends, Happy Painting! 


Monday, May 18, 2015

May18, A "mask" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, a "mask" is the theme. So, I've created a joke! Zorro was my hero and I've loved him since childhood. Of course, little Sadami wondered about his "signature" on a wall --- hey, wasn't it a graffito? Why he would not get penalty? No one explained about it well. Graffiti are fun. Have you ever tried it? I enjoyed it on walls in backyards.
Today, although I do not do it any more, I check myself in a good mood for work or not by looking at a wall. When I see a big white wall and feel like drawing on it with a huge brush, it's a very good day and I'm high. I get on work and produce nice illustrations and portraits. We all know we need to be in the best or sound condition to create good work. Of course, we have many problems in our lives though, we need it. Brushes are dead honest to our heart, aren't they? I hope everyone will enjoy drawing. 
Once, I made another cartoon. I'll post it together. Have fun.  
A tomorrow's theme is a marble (or something made from marble?). 
Friends, Happy Painting!  


Sunday, May 17, 2015

May17, A "mandarin" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Well, a "mandarin" has different meanings : a fruit and a Chinese official language. The theme reminds me of language family trees. Have you ever studied any other languages? Here's the information of Chinese below. If you're interesting in it, give it a go.
Linguistic Features of the Chinese language family 

I'd like anyone to study any languages, at least one. The more, the better! It enriches our lives and cultures. Above all, how wonderful it would be if we could understand each other without translation! We can communicate and share pain and joy. You'll find different concepts in words and depictions. English is my second language. I enjoy learning it all the time. Your blog posts and comments are wonderful information resources to study colloquial expressions and appropriate word options in a social context. I've felt some blog friends leave comments to correct my sloppy English writings (*thank you so much!!).
Btw, Chinese and Japanese are "different" languages in linguistics. Language family trees show which languages belong to a same family and which are siblings. Chinese belongs to a Sino-Tibetian language family and isolated. Chinese is a tone language. Japanese is not a tone language. Japanese belongs to an Ural Altaic language family and very close to Korean, particularly, in syntax. Interestingly, Turkish is also in the Ural Altaic family. When I analysed Turkish in uni homework, I realised that Turkish was syntactically very similar to Japanese -- yes, Japanese and Turkish are in a same laguage family! But the Ural Altaic language group has not been well studied to explain about its family tree. There are questions such as the origin of languages. A typical example is Japanese. It's not clear where it came from (*as far as I know I did not find explanations). Unfortunately, we did not study much about Ural Altaic languages at uni. On the other hand, an Indo European language group is well studied in academia.  Let's study a language in a different language family from your mother tongue! It would be a great adventure and fun.

Don't ask me questions! Ask your linguistics professors or someone familiar to languages. Or get in uni and enjoy studying linguistics.
Thank you for warm cheers! If you have any lovely episodes of studying foreign languages, let's share!
A tomorrow's theme is a "mask." It sounds not bad or easy. Ah, thank goodness, relatively easy!? 
Friends, Happy Painting!


Saturday, May 16, 2015

May16, A "magpie" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

This time, a "magpie" is the theme. An Australian magpie is native to Australia and southern New genia. When we walk in a park, we see magpies enjoying warms and singing. Magpies are very common in Australia. They have very clear black and white. So, I've created this image! Technically, I've been enjoying washes and colours so much. There's no magic, but timing and amount of water are crucial to do wash. Also, I always want to see the world from a children centralised view.
Btw, I really admire Jennifer, the organiser of Sydney Sketch Club! She's been commenting members' work with care and humour (Imagine, already we've posted more than 500 images!). That's not an easy job! We have to set a day of special thanks for her. 

Thank you very much for warm cheers and kind comments! They encourage me so much. Ok, a "mandarin" is a tomorrow's theme. Mmmm... a fruit or a Chinese language? 
Friends, Happy Painting!   


Friday, May 15, 2015

May15, "Metacarpals or Metatarsals," EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Wow, Friends, already we've uploaded over 500 images! We "sacrifice"?! tv watching and make comments for each other in the evening. This EDiM is fostering very sweet friendship among us. Nice! Now, the theme means bones. So, I created this image. What we hope is your sweet imagination! I wish to stimulate viewers imagination. Illustrators leave work in audience's heart. 

Btw, do you know? Green and gold are the national clours of Australia! This boy's uniform colours symbolise Australia. Does your country have any symbolic colours? If so, let us share an interesting story.
Also, once, I fractured a toe and had to to use the foot splint like that boy for a while. Not fancy at all. Very embarrasing in a public context such as super market etc. But people were very kind to me. Thank you.
Friends, have you ever used it in your life or has anyone in your family used it? If you have a heart warming episode and if you do not mind, let's share it. If anyone or any of your family with a splint is looking at this blog, I heartily hope you will get well!!

A tomorrow's theme is a "magpie." Ah, that's nice and easy! (Yeah, give me a break?!)
Friends, Happy Painting!


Thursday, May 14, 2015

May14, "something Monet" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

What sort of image do you have for Monet, a founder of Impressionism? Probably, his landscapes and water lilies are the most familiar work to us. I like his portrait work, too. This time, I enjoyed copying his selfportrait. Copying is a good practice to study technical things such as value, colour, composition etc in masterpieces. His work is oil.
My medium is watercolour and a style is very different from him. His eyes, value, colour use and brush strokes fascinated me so much. As if Monet were teaching me in person. Indeed, that's the purpose of copying and we learn lots. I'd say special thanks for Monet. (Hopefully, he would never complain about my copy!)  
Have you ever copied any masterpieces? (*In a copyrights law, for a study purpose, copying is allowed and clarify information resources. I highly recommend you to check your own country's copyrights law, when you draw and paint.) It is really good to know who I am in art. Whilst copying Monet's work, I've felt that I'm a watercolourist, certainly. I love portraits and illustration.   

Now, tomrrow's theme is, metacarpals (fingers) or metatarsals (toes). 
How come?? What shall I try?? Do you have any idea? 
Friends, Happy Painting!!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May13, "Medicines" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Are you enjoying this daily challenge? Now, my imagination is a medical doctor. I sketched a lady doctor at their lunch break. The kind doctor gave me permission. They were young doctors. Senior doctors teach them at hospital. A mass noun, "medicine" also means medical science. Yes, this lady is in medicine. A word, "medicine" has a medical meaning and a social meaning such as punishment (for well being) and an unpleasant substance. Social meanings interest me lot! A phrasal verb and and an idiom amuse me. Check "take one's medicine" and "a taste of one's own medicine." Ahahaha, the idiom sounds like a revenge! These expressions seem to have developed from a "bitter" medicine (oh, we hate it.)
Btw, Australian English has heavily influenced by British English. So, a word, "drug" is not used for a medicine here. American friends, which do you use, a "drug" or a "medicine" in a daily life, when you say a prescribed medicine in a positive meaning?
Do you have any funny episodes about a word, "medicine"?
I hope one day, all medical doctors will lose their job or be unemployed on the earth = No one is sick. Any deceases and sickness will disappear. All of us, human beings will be healthy! May my wish come true one day.

A tomorrow's theme is something in the style of Monet. (Aw, who set that theme?!) 

Friends, Happy Painting!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May12, "Me" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

What do you imagine, when you hear the word, "Me"? I chose the girl looking at her own shadow and my own graffiti. This post has two images. It's lovely to look at children's movements and have a chat with them to know their thoughts. It's very important for me, a picture book illustrator to keep in touch with them.
Btw, Cookie Monster came across my mind, first, seriously, when I heard the theme! I've grown up with Sesame Street and been a big fan of him. SERIOUSLY, a linguistics professor discussed about Cookie Monster for an example that an objective pronoun "me" is taking over a subjective pronoun "I" in a syntax unit. "Me and Julio Down By the School Yard," sounds more acceptable in an oral English, although "Julio and I..." is grammatically correct in a formal and written English. In the near future, that "me" use would become more common, especially in an oral language, the lecturer concluded. It deeply impressed me. Ever since, I've been more admiring Cookie Monster?! (Friends, you see, linguistics is seriously a funny study. Also, you must always show the evidence for your argument. I picked up the song title for my evidence.)
Oh, yes, in art, we have an interesting genre, self portraits. I enjoy it from time to time in different styles such as cartoons, caricatures etc. I hear some people have difficulty in making self-portraits. I just want to depict what I am now, not someone else. Have you ever tried any self portraits or other people's portraits? Do you have any funny topics about "Me"? If any and if you do not mind, please let us share your story.
"Medicines" is the theme of tomorrow. 
Friends, Happy Painting!


Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, "Magnet" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

"Magnet" --- yes, I thought of fridge magnets! Do you collect them? I do some. What sort of magnets do you like or do you have on your own fridge? Fridge magnets tell a family history, important contact lists, a schedule etc. etc, whilst decorating the fridge. Word magnets and simple magnets also hold photos and kids' drawings on a fridge. They are so sweet. I love to look at the fridges in my friends' kitchens. Friends, this daily challenge is a good practice to stimulate my brain and imagination.
If you have any funny episode of word magnets and fridge magnets, let's share.
Very happy to know Sketch Club members love my work. Thank you very much for your warm cheers. Tomorrow, a theme is "ME" (i.e. a portrait of yourself). 
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10, "Multiple" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, are you enjoying a weekend? "Multiple" is today's theme. I chose many clovers flowers. Btw, the picture book "Moon" has got in the final stage of editing just before printing. We're checking the organised images with a text. So, it requires my energy and time more than any other projects at the moment. I hope it will go well.

Back to the topic, a "daily challenge" and the theme, "Multiple." I was used to play with friends in clovers fields, were you? Girls often enjoyed making necklaces etc. Fortunately, we have lots of huge parks and rich spaces in Australia. It is pleasure to look around plants there. Native plants are very different from the ones in a northern hemisphere.
I'll sketch Australian native plants for my blog readers. It might be interesting. Probably, that's why picture books often use unique Australian animals and plants for subjects.

And tomorrow's theme is a "magnet."
Friends, Happy Painting!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 9, "Mailbox" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Do you like sending letters or postcards? How often do we enjoy mails in a digital area? It's a bit sad, but mobile phones are taking over mails. I enjoyed depicting a boy searching for his love letter. 
Today, I type emails lots. Once, I loved exchanging letters. It was really lovely to look up a mailbox. Private letters are a very interesting genre to read. It reveals a personal life and thoughts. 
Btw, have you ever read "Listen to the Voice from the Sear"? It's the book that has collected Japanese uni students' writings/wills who died in WWII, "きけ わだつみのこえ." 
When I read that book, it surprised me that each student was so free. In my memory, some students were  democracy supporters and thinking of their parents and loves. The book, indeed, has changed the image of Japanese young soldiers under imperialism. If you have a spare time, you can look it up at a library. Never repeat war. 
Letters are a good communication style. Blogging is another communication style developed in a digital era. I really appreciate many visitors and your comments. 
Tomorrow's theme is "Multiple." 
Friends, Happy Painting!! 


Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8, "Magnifying glass" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, what sort of image do you have for a magnifying glass? It reminds me of grandparents. Here we go! 
Members love my paintings that respond to themes. I really appreciate their positive feedback and warm cheers. "Very clever to create something that is so lovely to look at," one member said. I'm not clever though, that feedback partially depicts what interpretation skills are in picture book illustration. 
We interpret a given text by imagination and create scenes. That's the most important skills, in my view, as well as drawing skills. Very outstanding drawing skills are not enough for an illustrator. Editors check our interepretation ability. 
I hope I will make members happy with my work. 
Friends, Happy Painting!   


Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7, "Mule" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

I did not know the difference between a mule and a donkey until I challenged May 7. Anyway, the point is, I wanted to depict children's big interest in everything. I love watching at kids observing anything interesting. Me, too, have interest in anything. Or my brain level is same as children! My mentor, Ann James wrote on me in a letter, "Sadami’s fascination with the human condition - her tender depiction of people’s stories in deft line and wash - have trained her with skills she needs as an illustrator. She has empathy, a child-centred view and a passion to create picture books."  Wow, it is very lovely. I'm very proud of it and grateful for Ann's support. I ... got blushed up like a rose, when I read it.
I want to see the world from children's point of view and depict it in my work. It is strange that not many of us, adults remember how saw the world like children, although once, we, all of us were children. Or is it too busy to do it again in a competitive society?
So far, Sydney Sketch Club members really love my work.  I've found my point of view and developing an idea is very unique among 60 participants. They love it. Thank you.
A "magnifying glass" is the theme of tomorrow.
Friends, Happy Painting!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 6 "Masterpiece" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, how do you interpret a "Masterpiece"? I did not mean to copy famous artists' paintings. When I got this theme, I thought of children's wonderful paintings! Their unique and free drawings. How often I've heard from parents who boast their children are so talented. Indeed, children are so talented and the potential is unlimited! I'm very happy to hear parents passionate talks. 
When I sketch people an outside, often young children talk to me and ask me to let them draw together. I'm very happy. They are full of confidence and so proud of their works. "Look, look!" they show off their work. I genuinely admire their paintings. But around 6 or after 6 years old, children say, "I'm not good as you," or "I do not do drawing. I do such-a-such." Children compare themselves with me or others and avoid drawing. I wonder if our too competitive society has stepped over these sensitive and talented children. If so, it is very sad.   

In my workshops, the most important goals are two. I want children to know the joy of watercolour. And I want all participants have self-esteem and confidence. My workshop is not a competition. All children are wonderful achievers. 
After my workshops, I hope children will keep enjoying drawing and watercolour painting whle throgh their lives. 

Friends, Happy Painting! 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5, "Magazine" EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Hi, Friends, are you enjoying my daily challenge this May? Now, my attempt is to create work from a "children's point of view" and something heart warming or humorous. I love making parodies, but I always respect creators of original work. Here we go!
Again, developing characters and character design takes time most. In my view, a bad character is very important in a story to make others or good people/protagonists outstanding. Viewers will have empathy for protagonists. So, I always closely look at the bad guys in stories, animations and picture books. What do you think?
I add some information on the background knowledge. 
The story of "Little red riding hood" is well known about a little girl, a big bad wolf and a granny. 
"Three blind mice" is an English nursery rhyme (from Mother Goose). 
Three blind mice,
Three blind mice, 
See how they run! 
See how they run! 
They all run after the farmer’s wife, 
And she cut off their tails with a carving knife. 
Did you ever see such a sight in your life, 
As three blind mice? 

Like understanding jokes, a picture book illustration requires deep and braod knowledge of culture. We're Jacks of all trades and studying well about anything.   

This daily exercise trains my "how to get an idea" and drawing skills. Qite a fun. 
A "master piece" is tomorrow's theme.
Friends, Happy Painting!


Monday, May 4, 2015

May3, May4 EDiM for Sydney Sketch Club

Wow, thank you for many warm cheers! Your encouragement is my fuel and energy. 

3rd May, mushroom
I always dreamed little fairies in a garden/forest and their stories. I could not tell them to anyone and kept them in my heart, but still now I love them. So, I really, really wanted to draw this illustration! Btw, we have had a heavy rain for weeks. Mushrooms pop up here, there, everywhere. 
Character design took the most time (ah, thank goodness for a weekend!). The design of a picture was easy, for I already had an image. I enjoyed a doodle, a doodle, a noodle?! on papers. 

Unexpected? Sadami is quite girlish! Of course, although I do lots of serious sketching, my illustrations have a braod spectrum in style from whimsical characters to serious stories. In fact, the daily sketch helps me organise illustrations. My accumunated sketches are precious references.   

4th May.  something which is the colour of “mauve” (hint: Jacaranda, but could be a favourite item of clothing or another possession around the home?)

This is my familiar view that has full of jacaranda in a season. 
We used to getting together under a big jacaranda in the Quad of Sydney uni. 

Now, I've got to work on a next day theme, "magazine." I want to create something heart worming, for I'm not a big fan of magazines. Although I have an idea, I cannot spend too much time in it. 

Friends, how is it so far? Are you enjoying this attempt? 
Thank you for strong support and a great buckup! Happy Painting! 


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Everyday Drawing Challenge for Sydney Sketch Club

Friends, I've started to challenge everyday drawing / sketch set by Sydney Sketch Club. It's a "one word one day" style, homework for a month. All the assignments start with a letter "M."  So, Sadami's Graffiti will post it daily, not weekly. I'll upload them with some roughs or other graffiti.  This SSClub everyday sketch is our first attempt. Nearly 60 people are enjoying it. Really a great fun for members (*NOTE : Only members can access the site. You don't need to be worried about public exposure). 
1st May.  a map 
This inspiration came easily, when I was observing children playing outside. They always stimulate our imagination. 
I made the boy smile a bit more with colour. Colour is my play tool. 
2nd May.  Something that specifically relates to Melbourne. 
This cartoon may need a bit explanation for Friends in other countries. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria State. It's famous for a "tram". Australian Labour Party (ALP) won last year in the election in Vic. Two caricatures are famous Australian politicians, John Howard (the former PM from Coalition party, the longest served in our history) and the current PM, Coalition party leader, Tony Abbott. Tony denies "John is his mentor" to the press. 
"Get an inspiration" and "develop an idea" is the hardest and the most fun process. Also, for me, the goal is to stimulate viewers' thinking with humor. This exercise is a little bit similar to create cards for a commissioned work. To work on a given theme is not easy sometimes. A due date exists. Can you imagine? An illustrator hangs around on streets or read books or desperately do whatever to get an idea. 

Do you feel like joining it? This daily sketch is a part of our activities. 
Click on “Join Us” to be advised of a wide range of activities 2-3 times a month. We go to interesting places for sketching : a theatre, a movie, a museum, a university and local events. (I always admire Jennifer's research skills. She's already listed up fun places years ahead!) Current our members are more than 1,700 people! It's steadily increasing. There's no obligation to do something. It's perfectly up to us, which date we catch up, how we sketch and what we sketch. For example, you do not need to sketch architecture, if you do not like, even if we visit a famous building. I've often sketched members faces and members have had fun. We just enjoy our friendship and encouragements. The most beauty of our sketch club is the variety of styles in outcome, freedome of expressions and mutual help. We often exchange interesting techniques over lunch! 

Our organiser Jennifer is so sweet and caring for each of us, members. 
Jennifer is so nice. She sets the final day for celebratory lunch! 
"May 31. and finally, draw a meal (if you don’t have a chance to do your fruit’n’yog at brekky time and have RSVP’d to the celebratory function you can always finish your book/page with your lunch?)" We'll celebrate our survival of this challenge. Hahaha! 

Ah, I have to work on today's theme, a "mushroom." I've got an idea. Later, you'll see them! Any feedback is welcome. 
Friends, Happy Painting!!