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Monday, November 12, 2018

Centenary of Armistice, The Australian War Memorial

Armistice Day. I sketched "Fallen Soldier," a statue in St Mary Cathedral with a sketch group, "Drawing Sydney." A lady left a poppy on the soldier's chest. I prayed for soldiers, families and all involved people. Above all, for peace like my previous post on "ANZAC Centenary, Peace Forever." Tears were up in my eyes. A great bonus. A shop's lady gave me the beautiful sketches of the Cathedral and encouraged me (a second photo). Oh, thank you!! I'll keep up!
I imagined a lot, put myself into this young soldier and worked on this drawing, whilst praying. Although the bone structure of young soldier looked masculine (such as a face), his face expression was full of pain, especially, around the eyebrows on the forehead. How much he suffered on the battle field and died…. So, I focused on his face that would convey the message, “Peace.”     
The dedication for the young soldier is, “To all Australians who died on war,” and the quote, “Their name lives on for all generations. Ecclesiastics, 44 : 14.”  
What did you do on the Remembrance Day? If you do not mind, could you share it? 
Thank you for the little sketch group, “Drawing Sydney.” A nice group!  
Friends, have a wonderful week. Happy Painting. 


Monday, November 5, 2018

Government House Open, Sydney Living Museum

Let's go to Government House Sydney. I'll show you a sketch and photos. A part of "Sydney Open 2018,"  Sydney Living Museum!  We accessed very beautiful, interesting, historical and socio-politically important places. The people in pink uniform at the entrance are volunteers in my sketch. Sydney Sketch Club enjoyed a visit! A gothic style reminds me of Sydney uni.
NSW governors welcome you and me with a chocolate moose at the entrance. Personally, I liked that lady, Prof Marie Bashir who also served Sydney University Chancellor from 2007 to 2012. 
The desk in a study. I imagined a governor sign docs and return them to parliament. 
Full of histories.
Staff and volunteers kindly answered my questions. 
Friends, you have to come! 

Close up of the display
Ante Drawing Room used for intimate meetings and luncheon.
This table setting amazed and amused me!
Drawing Room. Quite decorative.
I hope you enjoyed a short trip of an Australian history with me in the government house. Thank you very much for an organiser and volunteers. Thank you very much for police, too, who worked as security and took a photo of me. When you come to Sydney, let's have fun together. 
Friends, Happy Painting!


Monday, October 29, 2018

Portia Geach, Female Artists Only Competition

Friends, I'll take you to Portia Geach Award, the most prestigious portrait prize for women artists in Australia. Enjoy some of great finalists work! The level was very high. Delightedly, this year, the taste of judges overlaps mine! My many favourite artists are in. My watercolour study of the winner, Zoe Young, "Drawing Storyboards". Colour use, contrast and composition are lovely and interesting! I've learned a lot. Bruce Beresford, a famous film and opera director is the subject. 
A b&w and value study tells me how to use colours. 
Original, acrylics
It’s a good practice and a free private tutoring by a topnotch. National Trust staff and I enjoyed a chat over the sketch.

Some finalists impressed me. Jeska Valk. 

Esther Erlich

Katherine Longhurst

Jude Rae

Ildiko Hammond

Joanna Braithwait
Janne Kerney 
Seeing is believing. Come and see this great exhibition. 
To see other good works is a great and essential study for me. Subjects, themes and techniques inspire me and encourage me. Also, thank you very much, Sydney Sketch Club!! I sketched the exhibition. Others sketched landscapes. A member gave me a ticket for my birthday present. Wonderful.  
I'll keep up! Have a wonderful week. Happy Painting. 


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Catch Up With My Dear Friends in Deaf Festival

We enjoyed DeafFestival 2018 in Parramatta. I did "catch up with" good friends, Riona, Sue and Kristina, my superheros at Accessible Arts NSW, Contemporary Art Museum and peak bodies. We say "Good" in Auslan and smile. *Auslan is an Australian sign language. Face painting was fundraising for Deaf Society at the festival. Children and volunteers were enjoying communication in Auslan. Lovely. Many people were coming and having a cheerful chat in Auslan. Visitors looked so happy. 
I'd introduce my great friends : Riona Tindal, Sue Jo Wright and Kristina Tito. 
Riona Tindal has overcome her difficulty and gained a PhD. She's become the expert of Australian frogs and a visual artist. Her guts and a story encourages me. She could not hear frogs, but her team assisted her and examined collected frogs' data. So, a bonus, her team members, all became PhD candidates! Furthermore, she precisely recorded each frog by drawing and watercolour painting so that they would bear a scientific argument. Her paintings and drawings are very beautiful. Breathtaking. Imagine, even people without disability cry in the painstaking process of PhD research and a thesis. It demands a huge energy. Riona challenged herself, prejudice and has overcome them all. What a woman! Sadami, your leg is not a problem at all!   
Museum of Contemporary Art stall
Sue Jo Wright has already come up in my blog post on Arts Activated Conference 2016 held by Accessible Arts NSW. She was born with no sound, but she's a promising photographer and today, an Auslan interpreter at Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia. 
Kristina Tito advocates the disadvantaged in society. She's been working for access, equality and social justice at peak bodies. She's one of my strong supporters. I have nothing, but good friends. I'm very proud of being their friends. 
Accessible Arts NSW stall
Nice! The friends' smile always gives me energy to move forward. I'm enjoying the projects. You, too, have a productive week and enjoy life! Happy Painting, Friends. 


Monday, October 15, 2018

Endeavour. Sail to the world.

We, Drawing Sydney members had a great fun time around the museum. I sketched Endeavour that Captain Cook sailed at Maritime Museum. I sketched a front and a side view of this tall ship. "On life's vast ocean diversely we sail. Reasons the card, but passion the gale," (Alexander Pope), my favourite say since a teen age. I've loved tall ships since childhood! The proportion is the key to create a successful ship's image. I enjoyed adding ropes on the ship.
We had a wonderful sketching time in sunshine. Luckily, it stopped raining while we were sketching. This small group offers a very friendly mood. Most of us belong to other sketch clubs such as Sydney Sketch Club and Urban Sketchers. So, we know each other well. Group activities are fantastic to have mutual support. 
Museum staff says they will share my work's picture among colleagues. Wow, pleasure and honour. I hope I will sail to the world and life. Friends, you're my precious ports in storms. Thank you. 
Sometimes, life is not easy though, I want to enjoy this adventure in a positive way. 
Friends, have a productive week! Happy Painting!  


Monday, October 8, 2018

Curiousity 1

Have you ever tried machines? Only me picked up the inside of a car engine in Urban Sketchers Sydney meeting. Being honest with myself is my policy and important. To distinguish each part, values and colours are emphasised. I've sketched around the world from curiousity since childhood. I want to draw like a little kid. 
Btw, the three projects are ongoing. They keep myself busy. 
I've joined another sketch club, "Drawing Sydney." See how it goes. Many people seem to join different clubs at once = We bump each other at varied clubs. Balancing my work and life, I want to enjoy group activities. It's lovely to foster friendship. 
Friends, Happy Painting!  


Curiousity 2, two value drawing

I've sketched around the world from curiousity since childhood. I so much enjoyed this monochrome sketching in a dark concert room at a fringe festival. It was challenging to define values. I carefully observed a singer and decided to use a two-value drawing technique. Once, I got the "feeling" of sorting out values, it became easy! I chose the grey mixed of French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna. Then, interesting colours came up naturally. Have fun! 
Night scenes and dark rooms require different approaches and techniques. Have you ever tried them? If you know how to do it and share it, please inform me. I want to capture light and shadow. This experiment gives me some idea. 
Now, hope you'll have a wonderful productive week. 
Happy Painting, Friends!!