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Monday, April 12, 2021

Colourful White Lilies like Fire Works

I enjoyed Yuko Nagayama workshop on lilies! She always taught us how to draw a lily meticulously and even biologically! But this time, I played with colours and chose not to draw exactly accurate. She gave me feedback that my colourful "white" lilies looked like fire works. Yes, that was my image. Lovely to enjoy still life for the first time in my life. The pandemic is a great opportunity to study my unfamiliar areas such as still life. I want to grow as an artist. Also, Yuko had passionately talked about the importance of drawing skills. Drawing skills are equivalent to a person's car driving skills which allows a person to go anywhere she wants to go in work. Yes, I want to improve my drawing skills more than ever. 
Friends, Happy Painting. Take care and stay safe in the pandemic. 


Friday, April 2, 2021


Welcome to this global conference, created in the spirit of exploring the inner worlds of Poetry. The amazing line-up of Australian and International speakers will educate and inform delegates. Thank you for including me in the presenters. Celebrated author and poet, Libby Hathorn interviews me on our picture book project (below, front cover), "We Children and the Narrow Road to the Deep North”. An online experience for those who love poetry, wish to discover its power and empower others, students, teacher and the broader community, with a love of poetry. Come and join this conference and let us share joy!


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Poetry Conference March 30 to May 31 2021

 See you in the Online Poetry Conference from March 30 to May 31 2021
I’ll show many originals, storyboards and how to illustrate the text by Libby Hathorn’s lead. In the filming, Libby shooed away all the butterflies in my stomach! I admire Libby’s enthusiasm, dedication and love for poetry, literature, children and education. It always moves me. 

What a joyful moment! Libby, cameraman David and I so much enjoyed the filming our workshops. “We’re a good team!” proudly claimed David. Yes, indeed. I sketched him.  
Libby’s place was full of sunshine like her heart. An extra bonus, I enjoyed Libby’s presentation, too. Thank you for Libby’s guidance, the cameraman David, CBCA and all other supporters. 


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Work with CBCA Kids Corner

I’m so busy with the preparing the picture book publication, the filming Libby Hathorn and my workshop for International Conference and the other projects. Honoured that I'm a featured artist CBCA Kids’ Corner! Kids' Corner invites children and anyone to Literature and Reading. My image is the cover. I created it with hope and wish for inclusion and a world peace. Also, my haiku arcile is in. Enjoy, students, anyone who loves poetry. It’s a universal language. Can you see Kids' Corner Mouse is flying in the cover? Thank you very much for your hard work, CBCA, Kids' Corner team! 楽しい 子供 ナー 大人も 小学   しめる, CBCA 発行する本や文学に誘う刊誌 です. 3 月号, 私は 特集され イラストレーター , 私のかいた 俳句 記事 が採用されました. 世界平和 への をこめて, この カバー イラスト をかきました.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Wine Bottle and Still Life

Whilst working on the preparation of my presentation at the International Conference on Poetry run by CBCA I enjoyed and learned a lot in Yuko Nagayama's online course. Yes, I inserted the favourite wine name. Very busy with the projects though, it's very content and happy. We'll challenge a wine bottle or something around us as still life. #stilllife #yukonagayama #online #workshop #nhk #watercolour #pencil #drawing #winebottle #cabbage #eggs #nカルオンライン永山裕子 #水彩画 #透明水彩画 #スケッチ画 #オンラインレッスン #オンライン講座

Friends, let's enjoy life!


Friday, February 19, 2021

Haiku, Japanese shortest poetry style

I’m preparing for the presentation in the International Conference on Poetry run by CBCA for the Children's Book Council of Australia. I'm writing the article for children, being asked by CBCA. Haiku is the world shortest poetry style developed in Japan. Today, it has become very popular in the world! In English, three lines or one breath. My own haiku and the translation.

A baby the first step
in all fresh green
sunshine showering.


Haiku comes out from your heart and reaches others in any language.
Look forward to my article in the CBCA's newsletter. 

について 国際会議 での プリゼンテーション 準備中 です. 俳句 , 世界で, 最も 短い 定型詩 です. 英語 では, 3 or 一息 なります. 自作 の俳句 です. 俳句はどの言葉でもあなたの から 出て, 相手に 届きます.
Thank you for support. I'm enjoying my work everyday! 


Thursday, February 11, 2021

Call for Papers, International Conference of The European Network of Picturebook Research

Very excited for the research essay opportunities on picturebooks!! The time frame is a bit tight. Friends, you can use research skills and academic essay writing skills.   

The 8th International Conference of The European Network of Picturebook Research (DATES: October 3–4, 2021.) the Call for Papers Due Date 26 Feb 2021
Write on the picturebooks outstandingly contributed to the development of picturebooks in cultural and historical phases.

- Picturebook histories: Milestones in the development of the picturebook
- picturebooks as primary sources for study of a specific culture’s history
- Histories of technology and production
- Histories of interpretations

I’d say special thanks for Prof Ingrid Gogolin, a sociolinguist, an enthusiastic advocacy of the disadvantaged in education who kindly introduced/led me to international scholarly peak bodies of children literature. I’m grateful for Language on the Move Team and Prof Ingrid Piller. I met Ingrid G through the international conferences run by LOTM and their activities. (*Oh, Ingrid Gogolin is so sweet and caring!!) Then, I’ve begun to study about such as IBBY, International Board on Books for Young People and above,IRSCL International Research Society for Children's Literature. Interesting. This scholarly institution was originally from Goethe University, Germany. Two Ingrid, too!   

When our picturebook “We Children and the Narrow Road to North” comes out, it will help readers understand cultural and language diversity, yet our commonality or humanity and the eternity in haiku poem / literature  – is author Libby Hathorn and my hope, wish and dream. I’m preparing for my 20 minutes presentation for another  2021 International AAAProfessional Development Conference Poetryas you know the below blog post. 

Friends, dream big and enjoy our small achievements. One day, they will lead to our big goals, I believe. Best wishes, special thanks, Sadami