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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reconnected & Sadami Update!

Hi, Friends, finally, the telephone company successfully registered the modem!! (My friend smiled at me, "...feel a miracle?" Oh, yes! Hallelujah!) Thank you for your great patience. Update, here we go!

Trade Picture Book & Education Picture Book
An education picture book project has come to me. A time frame is very tight (*This week is a due for "black & white roughs.") A book will assess children's reading ability. Very interesting from a linguistic view. Uni professors and linguists really celebrate this achievement and encourage me so much. Already, Editor is happy with my work and wants me to illustrate another project. We'll work together onward. I'm very happy!! 

I have a dream. In education picture books, I'd advocate disadvantaged children/adults and tackle other social issues. Next year, my trade picture book will be published. My another dream is to do a book launch at uni. I'll invite you and uni lecturers who have cheered me up.

Life Drawing & New Techniques
We had a wonderful time in a class(*self-directed). The uploaded work is very the last one (A2) in 15 minutes. Each model's face expression quite interests me. 
I've explored new techniques such as putting a paint first. Very much fun(see below, A2, 5 minutes). Although I still cannot get well how to create value without drawing, I'll keep up in a next term.
A challenging spirit is essential to grow as an artist. 

Happy Easter! --- Miracle Baby 
I was thinking over life and death in front of our church after the service. A second service was going on. One lady was holding a girl baby at an entrance, which made me smile. 
"This is a miracle baby," the lady proudly said. It puzzled me. 
"Her mother has cancer. At the 5th month, doctors recommended her to give up a baby. But she never and gave a birth. She has a strong faith." Wow...the mother was just in the service!! It touched me so much (as you know, recently, I lost the friend.) 
The little girl looked so cute and often smiled back at me. I shed tears.

I feel this paradox ; always hope stays with us as long as we can trust in hope.  That story inspired me so much. Based on it, I'll make an image soon.

Special Thanks For Supporters
Now, I'm reconnected to internet or civilisation. I was out of society for these four weeks from 5th March, no joke.
The telephone company and me enjoyed a last chat. They put a credit on my account (my internet use will be free next month). Happy ending. But I hope it will never happen on me! Never, ever!

A funny bonus. An Internet cafe manager says, "Oh, I miss you!" (It seems he hardly comes across an illustrator?!) Hahaha, I'll pop up there to have a chat with him from now on! Librarians at public libraries have always cheered me up at the tough time. 
Thank you for supporters and visitors for this blog. 

These days, the projects occupy me too much. If I cannot update a post regularly, please pardon me. But certainly, I'll visit your blogs! Thank you for your wonderful friendship. Have a wonderful week!

Friends, Happy Painting!!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Special Thanks & C U soon!

Friends, thank you for the warm cheers. I've come back to Happy Sadami. 
Also, thank you for Jane (Minter) who passed me a great honour and blog award. 
But the new modem registration is unsuccessful. A telephone company is investigating it. A very hard to define a cause. 
Ehum! It's young Sadami. Other illustrators really love her image. Sure, she will be a picture book character in the future. The current project is going well. Publisher/Editor Helen Chamberlin is so lovely and we work together well. I'd really appreciate kindness. 

Special thanks to dear friends. Please keep patience until the technical issue will be fixed up. 
See you soon! Happy Painting!!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Three Qs at Funeral

Hi, Friends, did you enjoy a weekend? I attended a funeral.
Have you ever thought of  "three questions"? 

What is the best time to do each thing?
Who are the most important people to work with?
What is the most important thing to do at all times?

A sudden death shocks anyone close.   
A former camera club member suddenly rang me up (*Once, me, too, a member). His wife passed away. The old couple cherished me like a daughter. The husband said he wanted to see me. 

... his call made me blue, dark blue. I began to wonder about life... thought of many things, which brought me down...
A bit strange feeling... the wife certainly remained in my heart. Indeed, she began to pull me back to the past. But was it a good thing to get stuck in a past? 

To refresh myself, I went to Narrabeen beach in the evening. Luckily, I could see a dear friend! I was thinking of flowers and etc for a funeral. The dear friend cheered me up.  "He wants to see you. That's the most important thing! You do not need to bring flowers. Church will organise them. There might be donation instead of flowers and a book you can leave comments." I see.    
We enjoyed a long chat over job, swimming, family business. We hugged each other, saying, "See ye next time!"

At the funeral, in a prayer, I promised the wife to make lots of beautiful picture books and art works! I thought of the ongoing picture book illu, not of the past. The husband, his daughter and me cried lot together. Sharing tears and hugs were lovely. It let out overwhelmed emotions and gone. The daughter said to me, "Mother was very fond of you. You came a long way. It has a meaning." Attendances had a good time over lunch that became like a camera club reunion!

On the same day, I submitted a reorganised storyboard to Editor.
Blog friends lifted me up, too.
One said, "We all can be gone tomorrow so cherish today fully (as if I need to tell you this - you are the poster child for positive thinking and seizing the day!!)" Brillinat! Yes, it's me!! Com'on Sadami!
How nice my friends are! They are more precious than gold.

Then, when I really got back to normal, cheeky Sadami, I  remembered "Three Questions" written by Leo Tolstoy. 

The answers below. Tolstoy's story shows how to live life fully. I like these answers, although, of course, different views and critical analyses are respected.
  • The most important time is now. The present is the only time over which we have power.
  • The most important person is whoever you are with.
  • The most important thing is to do good to the person you are with.
I seemed to answer well to "my life" in a sad context with friends' help. Friends, let us live life fully! I feel every moment is like my birthday, seriously!
Happy Painting!!



Monday, March 4, 2013

Personality & Instruments in Band

Hi, Friends, did you enjoy a weekend? I enjoyed swimming an ocean pool and saw many friends. Very good to refresh my heart and body between work. 
BTW, have you ever thought of a relation between a personality and a playing instrument? You know I often sketch music players. Once, I played a guitar and sang in a band. Well, this is my personal opinion, though, an individual's favorite instrument discloses a personality. Of course, a sample size is very small and generalisation is inappropriate from a research resultʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. But as far as I know, any band players agree with the analyses. Let's have a big laugh! (*NOTE: I'm not familiar with a keyboard. Please pardon me.) 
First, a base player.
I've really loved a base player and admired him. He hardly gets attention on a stage. But without him, we could not go on! Hail, a base player!  He is very caring and organized. 
In a gig, I always asked audience, "Please put your hands together for a base player!" 

Second, a drum player. A bit similar to a base player, even though a drum player has a more chance to get public attention. (*it depends on music.) I knew a guitar player who did a drum, too. Clever! 
Third, a guitar player. 
A lead guitar player does "Show off." Any band player nods and chuckles with my analysis! "Yeah, "some ego"" others say. But that's what he needs! You have to lead others and demonstrate how beautifully a band makes sounds! 

Well, what if should two guitarists do show off to beat another on a stage? "That's a hell!" any guitar players whisper me. Hahahaha!

Also, guitar sounds clearly show a player's personality, I feel. A rough person makes rough noises. A sensitive man creates soft and mild melodies. If you're familiar with guitar sounds, you can easily decipher "language." 

Oh, one more, how he treats his instrument reveals who he is very well! 
Girls, if a man looks after his guitar very well, he cares you and others, too.  Go and get him! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
If he scatters his guitar and never cares for it, say, "Next please." 
In addition, guitarists really love their guitars and spend both time and money in guitars. So, don't ask, "Darrrling, do you choose me or a guitar?" 

Playing an instrument enriches life and brings you friends. Let's enjoy music.
OK, have a wonderful week! 
Happy Painting, Friends!!