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Friday, July 29, 2016

My File has got in 10 most clicked-on @ Australian Society of Authors

My Style File has got in top 10 most clicked-on at Australian Society of Authors, over the past 12 months. ASA interviewed me in Aug "Member News"Very happy! Thank you for a great support. The Stylefile is famous for its high quality, indeed, the best of best Australian illustrators's showcase. 
How to apply is here. 
Apply and Stylefile Information 
ASA kindly assists your application. 
This image is in my folio.  
The Stylefile is the hot meeting spot for publishers and illustrators. Publishers directly "buy" illustrators from the Stylefile. Always publishers look for good illustrators and new talents who will meet their need. Although it's very difficult to crack into market for emerging illustrators and artists, Friends, it's a good idea to try Stylefile and begin an illustrator career. Many illustrators have got projects through the Stylefile. Your own Stylefile will be a wonderful registered portfolio to prove your drawing skills to publishers and literary agents among the prominent Australian illustrators. 
This image is in the folio. 
How I use the Stylefile :   
  • demonstrate my work via Stylefile and respond to publishers’ enquiries along with further samples of my work. 
  •  linked my own blog "Sadami's Graffiti" with the stylefile. 
You can find the stylefile at the right side of my blog. Like my self introducing, I always enjoy a chat with publishers, showing my blog and the stylefile. To have a good and appropriate internet site is handy and important to respond or approach publishers. ASA also has "rates and conditions," the recommended minimum wages for ASA stylefile portfolio holders. It's very helpful to discuss about payment and contracts. Here's ASA helpful services Being a member is great help for an illustrator. Information of "Join In."

My new team, Ford St Publishing is very happy with my publicity. My mentor, Ann James and a publisher, Helen Chemberlin, and ASA, too, celebrate my achievement.  
I hope all of us will fly like a big pelican following a dream across a bright sky.  
I'm thinking of adding new images to my stylefile such as a clock maker, below. See how it goes. 
Friends, Happy Painting!  


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Picture Book Project My dog Socks @ Ford Street Publishing

I've started exploring a dog's image roughs to Ford Street Publishing in Melbourne. I deeply thank for giving me the project, "My dog Socks" written by Robyn Osborne! I'm a crazy dog lover! I am also very happy to work with a lovely team to create quality children picture books. The most important point is to have a good project and share a dream in an enthusiastic team for children literature. I'm exploring a dog's images. Have fun. Here we go. 
Btw, my quick roughs have amazed Ford St Publishing and excited them. These roughs are not fixed yet. The characters may change though, I'll enjoy drawing dogs for more roughs.  
A big name once said to me, "It's your strength. You can do a quick response to a publisher." My "hands" are always thinking. It enables me to quickly respond! Daily sketches are great references and my treasure box to check the necessary information. You've seen my many sketches of different subjects, which respond to any topics at once in children picture book illustration. 
I'll have fun in creating "My Dog Socks." I'll give life to a great dog! Ah, that's the illustrator's joy!! I love dogs so much!! Look forward to what sort of dog will come up. A small pug? A long tall Australian Kelpie? A short stout bull dog? What else? I hope you'll enjoyed them all with me. 
I'm getting another project, too. I enjoy being busy. 
Thank you for cheers.
Friends, Happy Painting! 


Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Picture Book Project Contract Signed

Thank you for waiting! I signed a contract of a new picture book project with Ford Street Publishing. The text "My Dog Socks" is written by Robyn Osbourne. Do you like drawing animals? Publishers enquiry me and clients ask to create images of animals from time to time. Yes, if you can demonstrate good animal drawings, there's a chance to get a picture book project. 
Since childhood, I've loved animals and sketched or illustrated any animals, particularly dogs. When I was at primary school, I started to illustrate animals from zoology, biology, the animal kingdom in a very precise way by pencil and watercolour painting. Young Sadami also copied illustrated books such as "The call of the Wild," "Wild Animals I Have Known," from English literature and Japanese wild animal literature. 

Well, it was my first illustration job in life?! I showed sketched birds and mammals and copied drawings to my parents and friends. Innocent Sadami was very happy to hear "Ohhh, whoa...!" from them. I got absorbed in drawing animals. As I already knew the content of animal books by heart, I always chose the books by their illustrations that matched my taste. In a pocket, I kept a small encyclopedia of animals all the time ... until high school = until I had more interest in boys than mammals and insects!  
Even though I left the pocket size animal book behind a door, my enthusiasm would not go down. I kept on reading Joy Adamson, Jane Goodall and so on. Our family kept cats and dogs. They became my good friends and models for drawing when I was in school. I particularly loved sketching dogs. By drawing, I realised that well understanding of the structure of bones helped precise and good drawings. Eventually, I studied about bones and habits of animals, while sketching. 
Museums are another nice spots to "see" or "feel" knowledge and deepen knowledge of animals. Those huge "preliminary research" in young days has nurtured my current drawing skills of animals. 
Friends, especially, boys and girls, spend time with animals and insects! Go to a zoo, a museum, an Easter show and local events! That experience can give your future direction to go. *My mentor Ann James gave very positive comments on my rabbits' images, saying "You can illustrate a rabbit's story!" Publisher Helen Chamberlin and all other people in publishing industry comment, "You draw beautiful animals!" Thanks! 

Here in Australia, we have very unique animals!! It's fun to look at them and they are so adorable. I would like to depict Australian animals in picture books to pass on them to a next generation. There's an interesting and famous story of why "Possum Magic" has become a million seller on market. But I'll chat over it another day. 

Any life is beautiful and precious. It's our meaningful task to pass on such important creatures to a next generation. Right now, dear blogger friend Rhonda creates very beautiful insects. If you like, please visit here, "Watercolours and Words."  
Friends, thank you for your great patience and strong support!! 
Happy Painting. Happy Drawing of Animals and Insects!