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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Bee My Baybee

I illustrated the poem as an assignment for Wayne Harris's picture book workshop at a final week at WestWordsFirst, I played around colours and composition. “Fresh! So fresh!!” Wayne gave me very positive feedback to the bee. He used my rough to explain about the features of watercolour painting and printing. Second, I put a curious boy in the illustration. Here we go!

Bee! I'm expecting you! Emily Dickinson

Bee! I’m expecting you!
Was saying Yesterday
To Somebody you know
That you were due—
The Frogs got Home last Week—
Are settled, and at work—
Birds, mostly back—
The Clover warm and thick—
You’ll get my Letter by
The seventeenth; Reply
Or better, be with me—
Yours, Fly.
Re the second image, below, Wayne praised at the boy’s body language, composition and light. Then, he suggested me not to put too much information and reduce blue in a sky, when I would illustrate this boy. Wayne defined an appropriate target group age setting, 6 to 8 years children, middle age. Little children will not be able to understand why the bee looks bigger in the foreground, while the boy is smaller in the middle ground. Also, in my rough, I put colours on only the necessary area, around the boy's face.  Thus, this image well sends the message of the poem and the curiosity of the boy. Wayne liked this style. 
Thank you very much, Wayne Harris! Each student enjoyed his feedback. He taught us with care and kindness. It's so useful to join workshops run by such established and experienced artists.
This class will keep up friendship and study about picture book workshop, regularly, at WestWords. I’ll learn more. Many people, publishers and the acclaimed give sweet comments on the bee's image on my facebook. Thank you. 
You, too, enjoy illustration and life! 
Friends, Happy Painting!


Monday, September 17, 2018

An Old Building, Nostalgia

I sketched an old house with a character in Sydney Sketch Club meeting. I love the smell/sounds of ordinary people' life. Nostalgia and good old days remain in a backstreet. It's fun to imagine what sort of history she has whilst sketching. A tenant, a lady proudly talked to me that how fabulous this creaky building. I've been collecting these old houses images for references for my picture book illustration. 
I thought of "The Selfish Giant," during the sketching. It's sad that children's merrily voices are disappearing from streets, nowadays. Children and adults are addicted to tiny mobiles or lap tops. When I teach children at school, oh, their games, shouts, screaming, songs, voices are certainly there, on a play ground! They sound very warm, which remind me of a spring and flowers. Oscer Wild's idea is superb, the connection between seasons and the existence of children, which empowers children. In this sketch, I was thinking where to set my characters, children. 

I hope my sentimental attachment to old buildings will NOT end up nostalgia. I hope healthy children's games will remain forever in society. Me, too, do not want to cling to social media or a computer. I want to create drawings and paintings. Papers are calling me! I feel it. That's a good day. Btw our projects are ongoing. 
Friends, happy painting and enjoy sunshine. 


Monday, September 10, 2018

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sketch Club

Brave Sydney Sketch Club members enjoyed a meeting in Milsons Point despite in a cold and patch rain. Milsons Point is called a hundred million dollar view that has Sydney Harbour Bridge, opera house, a wharf, City, Luna Park and etc. This is the Harbour Bridge from the bottom angle. I played with colours. "Have your own colours," (a psychologist, a source unknown) is my favourite say. A high humidity helped wet in wet.  
One member beautifully included the bridge, the opera house etc above in a clever work. We all did hats off to her at a cafe, uttering, "Ahhh, ohhh, whaa"! So, with respect, I sketched that member across a table, below. The kind and humble member gave me a sweet compliment on the sketch. Not me, it was her ; she was an amazing artist! Each member chose an interesting spot and a view. All of us enjoyed socialisation and looking around other's great efforts in sketches. Group activities are wonderful. Mutual encouragement is so nice. Our group is closed on net = don't need to worry about exposure. Any subject will do. It's up to each member.  
The projects are steadily ongoing, which include the workshop for children at Eastwood Library. Sydney Sketch Club always gives me a break, refreshing and an experimental attempt. I've been searching for my own colour use in landscapes, apart from realism. This Harbour Bridge sketch may give me a clue to find who I am. I'm not ashamed of my messes in sketches. Of course, sometimes, I feel a bit embarrassing to show them in "show and tell" in a sketch club. But it's the process of growing as an artist. I appreciate members' cheers and encouragements. 
Friends, Happy Painting and Enjoy Friendship with same heart people. 


Monday, September 3, 2018

Workshop for Children at Eastwood Library

Hi, kids, let's have fun in spring school holidays in City of Ryde! I’ll run a watercolour painting workshop.
When: Wednesday 3 October 2018
Where: Eastwood Library, Time: 10.30 - 11.45am
Ages: 8yrs+ , Cost: $10.00, Online Booking :
Do you want to play with crayons, salt, bubble wrap and watercolour paints? If so, come over Eastwood Library.   
Ryde Council has more fun events for you! Here, we go! 
Thank you very much for the librarian team. Ryde Council uses "My Dog Socks" images for the posters and online. 
See you there!