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Monday, February 28, 2011

Pleasure at Restaurant

Hi, Friends, did you have a good weekend?
This week, I'll chat over dinner at a restaurant.

As we, Australians have many different cultural backgrounds, food and dishes are full of variety. You can go round a world on streets. Looking at a menu is a great fun with family and friends. BUT foreign languages are tricky to make an order. Guessing is not helpful. Seek advice straight from a waiter or a waitress is the best option:). Or "ini mini mani mo"?!!--good luck! (*"Ini mini mani mo" is a kids song to choose something from more than 2.)

I love any dishes.
Observing cooking is another fun. It's a culture. Skilled chefs and workers techniques are art. Sophisticated and elegant movements astonish customers and guests.
A most fun is bringing bottles of wine to a shop and have dinner with close friends and family. Chatting over stupid stuff and exchanging dishes are my favorite.
Great stress busters.
Nice food, good wine and familiar faces make us happy.
Only the "side effect" is the fear of a scale. Gulp...??!!

Lastly, a bit punchy joke.
During WWI, an anthropologist was doing a field work on cannibalism in a tribe. One day, the academic explained about the ongoing war.
asked him, "What will you do with dead bodies?"
The scholar proudly answered that cultivated people would not eat human fresh.

The answer upset the barbarians so much,
"How savage! You kill others without any reason!"
...may peace be on earth.

Friends, have wonderful weekdays!!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oshima Internaitonal Handmade Picture Book Competition 2011

Hi, Friends, exclusive!

Little Sadami in summer
"Oshima Internaitonal Handmade Picture Book Contest 2011" (*English) invites you for a competition run by a Japanese picture book museum.If you win, your handmade picture book will be published in a year.Entry will open from 7th May to 29th May, 2011.Application form
In turn of publishing, the museum will keep the copyrights of a first prize book.

More info and my once-submitted work are here,
label PictureBookCompetition

By the way,
...I'm making cartoons based on my young day funny episodes:). One day, I will upload them.

Anyway, wish you good luck for the comp!!
Enjoy making a picture book!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Universal Language, Art

Have you ever thought of languages on the earth? 
A birds-eye-view sketching is from a shopping mall. A snapshot of us, Australians. People's movements in different directions coexist in a same glance. Very fascinating. 
Isn't it a "miracle" that each of us has a precious life story in rich linguistics diversity? So many languages are coexisting in NSW (source "Language Spoken at Home 2016" conducted by Community Relations Commission ). Last week, there was a Chinese new year festival. 
Actually, Korean Buddists ran a stall for paper crafts. Many children enjoyed making colourful water lily lanterns. Also, colourful languages were there! 
Oh, I did not come across a Chinese fortune teller, who had been extremely popular last year. A bit shame, I missed out the secret tips, how to become a millionair?!? 

In a daily life, language barriers could make communication difficulties. But any language speakers, young and old, whatever differences, communicate in drawing and painting. A sketcher is always popular at anywhere. People and children come around me and enjoy looking at the watercolor painting.
I'd make work that will bring others joy, love and hope.

Art is a wonderful device for communication, although sometimes, it needs a "bipartisan support" or an "informed consent"... :).

...I sincerely hope blog visitors will take a rest, share joy and happily exchange thoughts in our journeys on the earth.
Thank you for visiting.
Let us enjoy art work!! 
Friends, Happy Painting! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog-Versary, 1yr Old & Happy Valentine

Hi, Friends, Happy Valentine and 16th Feb is this blog anniversary. The blogging has lifted me up so much.

I could get many wonderful blogging friends. So many beautiful art works are on internet. Internet is an amazing world.
This blogging has given me wonderful leg exercises.
In order to upload something interesting topics, I've sketched anything, moved around or joined events every weekend like a journalist who hunts a subject.
Now, I can move the leg much better and stronger! Very happy!!

The light heart has imporved my art skills. Drawing skills get much quicker and better. In parallel, a watercolor style becomes more loose, vivid color use, spontaneous, free and full of joy. Better drawing skills and loose watercolor have given me wings to fly across a sky.
Not to be a "one-trick-pony," I've challenged any genres in art. From portraits, still life to cartoons, whatever I like. Challenging different areas helps me not to "beat a head against a wall" or not to narrow a view. "Tomorrow is another day. Try something different at the moment," is my mantra.
Then, in varied experiments, I've found new Sadamis. Very exciting!! Friends, make lots of messes and have fun! You'll find so many possibilities. No need to ristrict the individual potential.

Another bonus is enquiry of my work for use or purchase through the blog.

Thank you for the great support and encouragements. Special thanks for the linguistics professor and the lecturers who encouraged me to set up a blog.Blogging is lovely. Now, Sadami, go, go!!
ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ Cheers!! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ


Monday, February 7, 2011

Australian Summer & Good News

This week, I'll chat over my summer life and the medical good news.
 Are you enjoying summer or winter? Australia, it's in the middle of summer! More than 30 degrees everyday. Too much heat outside.I divide life into three : work, sketches and swimming.
I sometimes struggle hard before a due date like a guy above. Sketching might be the best time for me. Pure fun and joy. Especially, kids are great comfort in busy days crazy hot days.
Only children are full of energy and adults are melting away or down-and-out!

After work, I go for swimming!
I've SERIOUSLY started swimming after getting a disability, in order to keep leg
muscles. Now, I can swim 1000m easily. The longest record is 1500m. I've learned swimming all by myself.

A "rock bath(=ocean pool)" is the place I go. Try an "ocean pool" that does not have big waves like a beach. Become a jelly fish! Salt water seems much easier for us to float than an inside pool. While floating, looking up a blue sky and birds is fun. Many beautiful sea creatures are there -- crabs, octopuses, prawns, fishes, shells, dolphins etc. I love watching waves...nature is a poet.

Friends, good news, a specialist has claimed that I'm stabilized = the leg has stopped deteriorating. I heard the word, "recovering" for the first time in these 6 yrs. It gives me confidence!! My manmos efforts have resulted in holding or holding back muscles.

Neurologically, no dramatic changing. But If I can suspend the situation, I'm the winner getting over this cause-unknown sickness. The medical team recommends me to keep up swimming.
Happy Sadami also enjoys cartoons. It means I'm relaxing and joy stays with me. "A day in Sadami's Life" for your coffeebreak. Thank you for your great cheers that have helped me get through a tough time. Ah, life is beautiful and people are lovely!!
Soon, this blog will be a 1 year old on 16th February. I do not know how I can express my special thanks for you.
Please take care and see you next Monday!