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Monday, June 28, 2010

First Woman Prime Minister for Australia

Let's enjoy my cartoons and have laugh together.

The first cartoon is, "Chaos Leading Parliament."
Timely, really, Julia Gillard became the first woman and foreign-born Australian Prime Minister!! Exciting! My cartoon became true.

I put many famous Australian politicians. "All star cast."
A2. Watercolor, pen&ink.
Can you tell me who's who? A parody of "Liberty Leading the People" painted by Eugene Delacroix.
I sincerely hope Julia will advocate the voiceless and the powerless in
our society.

The following cartoons are my doodles...

"All That in Mouth, "

Satchimo--Louis Armstrong.

"Mother of India, "

...Mahatoma Gandi.

"Mr CleanHead,"

...Eddie Vinson.

"Be Aware John Bulls,"

...Winston Churchill.

I drew so many cartoons,
portraits and caricatures in school days and at uni... Many text books and notes became "victims" for my graffiti. My friends loved them all, even though some teachers were not happy to find that I did not take note in class. Hahahaha!?!

But a world needs a laughter, definitely!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Victoria Cancer Council Exhibit My Watercolour

Victoria Cancer Council has chosen my watercolor, "Joyful Song of Life" for Art Awards Exhibition. Anyone involved with cancer can participate a competition such as patients, family, friends etc, etc.
So, if you know someone involved with cancer and cancer patients, please pass this information.

Still a cause is unknown or idiopathic for the disability in my
leg. I share time with people with cancer and leukemia during a treatment at hospital. Lovely. Other patients and hospital staff encourage me.
"Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief," is true.

After the opening ceremony and the first exhibition in Melbourne, selected works will go around in Victoria from July to Christmas. A very long run.
Venues, Time

11 July - 30 July 2010
Bendigo 16 August - 2 September 2010
Warrambool 28 September - 17 October
Latrobe 6 - 30 November 2010

The Art Awards has become "international" from this year.
"People's Choice" is set as well as judges' selections.If a participant agrees, a submitted work is for sale, which contributes to fundraising for Victoria Cancer Council, cancer research, support and prevention programs.

Besides a bonus of friendship, as long as drawing and painting is with me, I'm certain I will enjoy life and share joy with others. Already, nurses, patients and I celebrated my achievement and had fun together.

I found the wonderful say on a hospital's wall.

"Live simply.
Love passionately.

Care deeply. Speak kindly.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Sometimes, life is not easy.
I cannot dance well physically.
BUT I want to be the best dancer in a storm in my own way!
Last night, I saw little girls at Town Hall for a dance party. Outside of Town Hall, I was sketching a church under stars. Some kids came to me. The girl tried so hard to straighten up herself for me. High tension. So cute and funny, as if she were having a first date. Oh, be happy!

I sincerely hope, one day, no one will suffer in any sickness

and my work will bring others joy of life!

*** for Brave Cancer Survivors ***
Lisa Daria responds my blog from the States.
Any cancer survivor can join her blog and a big project.
The Big C Visual Journal
Lisa makes lovely art work daily.
Lisa Daria's Painting a Day
Lisa, I send you my best wishes and cheers!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Came from Different Ships and in Same Boat now

Probably, watercolor is the most handy weapon to capture people at anywhere and anytime.

All of us immigrated to Australia from different countries except Aboriginal people. Each person has a precious story... I want to catch it.

I made these sketches
on streets, in train and at a library.
One boy silently looking beyond appeared to be very lonely. Later, I knew he was a refugee.Buskers from Latin America got a bit surprised at my sketching, but they really loved my work. I can sing a folkrore, "Carnaval" in Spanish and we had fun together.

Interesting. Most passengers were looking into mobile phones in train.
A young uni student was working hard on her
assignment. I assumed she was in a big rush before a due date in the morning train. (Good
luck! Thank goodness, I do not do it any more, yeah~~~!!).

Well, I made another sketch of the lady just next to me and we had a big laugh together. I gave it to her just before my jumping out from the cart. So, a bit shame, I cannot show you that sketch. Never mind.

This little child talked to me in Hindi. No worries! I had a nice "chat" with this girl.

Of course, I know nothing about Hindi and just repeated what she said with a big gesture and biiig smile. I feel, especially young kids do not care languages and they pick up my intonations and body language. Above all, my painting made her and her parents happy.I'm very happy to see my small works bring other people happiness.

In addition, so many different languages are spoken among people in train and on streets, even though we are losing one language every 4 or 5 weeks...
*If anyone is NOT willing to step over endangered languages, please read this article,

"Your language footprint."
This wonderful project team is struggling to archive our losing languages.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is Beautiful & People are Lovely

Life is beautiful and people are lovely... is my feeling
that motivates me to get on watercolor.

Light is very impressive in a church.

Children at Sunday
School are so cute.
They enjoy coloring pictures, games, singing and dancing etc, etc.

Especially, a little kid's concentration on work looks great.

Some people enjoy tea.
It's really lovely to look at other people's happy faces.

Students work on home work at a library.
Chat, chat, chat, giggle, giggle, giggle.

A busker is singing on streets.

Ah, we are surrounded by awesome beauty!
I always want to sketch anything and everything at anywhere and anytime.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Old Movies

My Doodles in black&white by a pencil.

Anyway, here we go!

Actually, I popped up a library and looked up famous guys in books for
rainy days.
The quicker, the better for me to make sketches. Thinking too much makes dull work.

I really love black and white. I've mainly used 6B or so, soft and dark pencils for these years. Once, I preferred to 2B, when I used colored pencils.

But when I got quicker and for watercolors, I began to choose bigger number pencils.

I will make drawings of old movie stars etc from time to time.

Hopefully, you can tell who's who and have fun!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Whisper of Autumn

chest nuts and tiny wild seeds are gemstones
Leaves change colors and fall one by one
Rain gets a bit cold
People wear long coats
Shrug their shoulders
on streets in a wind
Season for hot chocholate and...warm hugs