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Monday, June 21, 2010

Victoria Cancer Council Exhibit My Watercolour

Victoria Cancer Council has chosen my watercolor, "Joyful Song of Life" for Art Awards Exhibition. Anyone involved with cancer can participate a competition such as patients, family, friends etc, etc.
So, if you know someone involved with cancer and cancer patients, please pass this information.

Still a cause is unknown or idiopathic for the disability in my
leg. I share time with people with cancer and leukemia during a treatment at hospital. Lovely. Other patients and hospital staff encourage me.
"Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief," is true.

After the opening ceremony and the first exhibition in Melbourne, selected works will go around in Victoria from July to Christmas. A very long run.
Venues, Time

11 July - 30 July 2010
Bendigo 16 August - 2 September 2010
Warrambool 28 September - 17 October
Latrobe 6 - 30 November 2010

The Art Awards has become "international" from this year.
"People's Choice" is set as well as judges' selections.If a participant agrees, a submitted work is for sale, which contributes to fundraising for Victoria Cancer Council, cancer research, support and prevention programs.

Besides a bonus of friendship, as long as drawing and painting is with me, I'm certain I will enjoy life and share joy with others. Already, nurses, patients and I celebrated my achievement and had fun together.

I found the wonderful say on a hospital's wall.

"Live simply.
Love passionately.

Care deeply. Speak kindly.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Sometimes, life is not easy.
I cannot dance well physically.
BUT I want to be the best dancer in a storm in my own way!
Last night, I saw little girls at Town Hall for a dance party. Outside of Town Hall, I was sketching a church under stars. Some kids came to me. The girl tried so hard to straighten up herself for me. High tension. So cute and funny, as if she were having a first date. Oh, be happy!

I sincerely hope, one day, no one will suffer in any sickness

and my work will bring others joy of life!

*** for Brave Cancer Survivors ***
Lisa Daria responds my blog from the States.
Any cancer survivor can join her blog and a big project.
The Big C Visual Journal
Lisa makes lovely art work daily.
Lisa Daria's Painting a Day
Lisa, I send you my best wishes and cheers!!



  1. Lovely thoughts, lovely words, lovely watercolors, congratulations for you exhibition!!

  2. Dear Carlos,
    Thank you~~~~!!
    Love and smile,

  3. Very impressing and "moving" paintings. Best wishes for you and the exhibition!
    Best regards

  4. Very spontaneous, very moving - very authentic!

    Flying colors. Thanks!


  5. Hi - I'm a young adult cancer surviving artist and pleased to meet you - I'll stop by and visit you (on your blog at least) - only the best - lisa

  6. Dear Vertippsel,
    Thank you so much!! I love your beautiful and impressive work, too.
    Kind regards,

  7. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for visiting. I love your texture, colors and style. Your still life is ACTIVE life, full of joy & sooo charming!
    Me, too, paint/draw at least one work per day. Keep up your wonderful work!
    Cheers and big hug,

  8. Great


  9. Dear Skizo,
    Thank you for visiting. Your art work, too, gives great inspirations. Very impressive, unique and post-modern! Keep up your wonderful work.
    Kind regards,