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Monday, April 25, 2011

True to Myself : Get High With Help From Friends!

True to myself is the way I will go. 
I sketched this old lady reading the Chinese Bible. I could not resist her cute and lovely smiling. We easily overcame a language barrier with my watercolour painting. The lady, me and onlookers really enjoyed the sketch in the Easter afternoon.
Thank you for very precious feedback on money hunting and prizes or fame chasing up games. Many encouragements and candid advice encompas my direction to go. I'll be true to myself, although entitlements give an artist money and galleries = income in a commercial and business aspect.

I will keep up my own style. A
heart and a soul cannot be sold for 30 Drachmas. Above all, these wonderful Friends' cheers are my true honors. Indeed, many people love my sketches on streets and at exhibitions. What will I need more? Gallery searching is a bit good homework, but I will find a way. From now on, I'll check competitions in order to get some income, but that's all. Thank you for back-ups!!! I'm a happy artist! Yey!!
Now, the Garden Sketchabout was over, the "6 weeks sketch marathon." Even though I enjoyed some landscapes and architecture, I re-recognized myself as a portraitist. While I was sketching people, I was in a heaven. Also, always children picture book illustration is my priority and dream. The final day was a bit hilarious tragicomedy for me, who eassily gets lost on streets! I got lost at the Opera House to see other sketch club members. Eventually, even though I could catch up with others, a horrible hour for me, gulp?! What was worse, I and the sketchbook papers became "drawn rats" in the heavy rain. Anyhow, I made one watercolor. Friends, white spots on the watercolor are not salt, but rain drops!! While I was sketching, I was lost again. Already my feet were like "tea bags." I was worried if I could walk back from the Opera House to the Botanical Garden within the time.

Tadadada~~~! An angel came to me! One sketch club member was waiting for this lost sheep. Furthermore, I soon realized the lady walking along with my walking pace. How kind and caring she was! I'd really, really appreciate her help.

In the Tropical Centre, I sketched other members, as figurative work makes me most comfortable. The drawn rat came back to life and turned to be a woman again!

When I look back the sketch marathon, the greatest bonus is making friends with other sketch club members, the Garden Trust staff and ...even with rangers(*They helped this wondering sheep!). Second, it eases my "landscape & architecture allergy." Particularly, 2 sketches, the "Palm Grove Centre & Bats" and the "Government House in rain" were a great fun. I was surprised at myself ~(*o*)~. Third, another big surprise, this no-direction-sense girl walked around in the huge garden with a map! Oh, challening brings me confidence.
One more bonus is that we are invited for the opening night of
The Paginated Garden Exhibition
Rathborne Lodge in Royal Botanic Garden
(Friday 29th April to Sunday, 1st May, 10am-4pm).

Hey, this poor artist loves to eat away "freebie" food like Homer Simpson.
Friends, come and have fun.
You'll meet my big smile
ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. The map is below.

Finally, thank you very much for the Gardedn Trust staff and other backstage players and hardworkers who have organized the event with great efforts, sensitiveness and care. The success is your fruit. Let us enjoy it together at the party evening next Thursday!!
Once again, special thanks for you, Friends!!
True. Money cannot buy precious things all... but a "card" does, ooops, no, no, that's kidding!
Your friendship is one of my most precious assets on the earth.
Happy painting!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Archibold 2011, Most Famous Portrait Prize in Australia

I'll take you to Archibold Prize 2011, just opened Saturday 16th April at New South Wales Art Gallery.

Archibold prize is the oldest and most prestigious portrait prize in Australia. Any portraitist dreams to be a winner and a finalist. Of course, me, too. This year, 41 participants are selected out of 900 paintings. You can imagine how competitive it is. The winner is Ben Quilty, "Margaret Olley" (oil on canvas). Margaret Olley is the famous lady in art. 
 She did a model for Archibold 50 years ago as well. It has become a hot topic and public attention.

NSW Art Gallery
While I was copying the work, I really felt like making my own work, not anyone else. Above all, my media is watercolor. Unfortunately, no watercolor painting is in the entry this year.

Often people encourage me to try Archibold. Of course, I want to try it. But always I feel these difficulties....

1) The entry condition, particularly, finding a model.
A subject
is, preferably, "famous." So, often politicians, entertainers, sports players, etc, etc or big names in mass media.
I can hardly find a big name for my model. The quote from the entry form is below.

“preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics, painted by any artist
resident in Australasia during the 12 months preceding the date fixed by the Trustees for sending in the Pictures”.

If it's hard to get a famous figure, another option is a self portrait. Mmm....I'm still thinking over it. (NOTE : A caricature is not appropriate for entry.) 2) Many obstacles for watercolor painting
a) size
Most paintings(oil & acrylics are a main stream) are huge like a big door or a wall.
It always makes me sigh... My favorite size is A4.

b) framing
Archibald requires to frame watercolor work, while other work on a canvas does not need it.
Ouch!! It means a big work costs a watercolorist expensive. Honest, if a work does not get through a selection, is it possible to keep a huge frame like a wall...? Also, depends on work's colors, a frame should be changed. Not wise to spend a big money in framing each try.
Another concern is a style.
The Gallery also exhibits "SirJohn Sulman Prize" and "Wynne Prize."

I looked through them all. Have a look of the web.

The honest impression... my style is not like contemporary art.
Many years ago, already my friends said, "You have to make something sensational and controversial to get into it."
I feel a difficulty to follow a stylish trend.

So far, I've determined to challenge any prize in my own way and keep my own style. I assume fame and money will not come to me. BUT I feel many people love my sketches and watercolor on streets. I'm very happy. Be what I am -- is the most important for me ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ .

Oh, lastly, Friends, I'll show you a very funny and satirical work. In the Sulman prize, have a look of Ms Peta Morris, "An old English breakfast." She cut out an English royal family and put them into a tea set: tea bags, a pot & cups! Clever! Very subtle!! In addition, I've begun to feel confident in landscapes since the Sketchabout in the Botanical Garden. Hey, I'm overcoming my "allergy"!
Thank you for cheer up that enables me to move on.
Have a wonderful week and happy painting.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Time Travel In Macleay Museum

Hi, Frieneds, did you have a nice weekend? I had!
On Sunday, we enjoyed sketching at Macleay Museum in Sydney University. It's a museum of natural history, ethnography and history.

Let's enjoy a time travel from 18th C and from a micro to macro world. Indeed, the biiiiig bones welcome you at the entrance. Manmos? No, an elephant. Ohh...huge!Regarding nature, the museum has more than half a million insect specimens in the collection. Wow...!! A wide range of collections impressed me so much. Pioneers' passion and enthusiasm for study also touched me. The display showed used devices, too.However, the Macleay Museum is often overlooked by visitors. I have to confess I did not realize it and only know Nicholson museum till today. A bit shame, the Nicholson Museum seems to to be very popular. I wonder if the Macleay museum has got enough budget to maintain the collection. I saw one insect collection being damaged. Hopefully, more public attention and a financial support will come to this historical and precious Macleay museum.

Yes, I was sketching...

In respect of ethnography, more importantly, the Macleay museum has a great collection of Aboriginal people's culture and life. An amazing number of photographs are there. So, researchers and professors still visit here for study. I had a fun in finding a historical Japanese new year greeting card and Japanese old fashioned geta(="wooden sandals") in display.

(*Can you guess what animals are they?)

But some collections in ethnography surprised me such as an ornament made of human teeth. Another historical one is human foot bones used for an educational purpose.
(*I did not sketch them all...a bit scary at night?!)

Imagine. Once upon a time, no internet, no DVD, no computer! Certainly, lecturers and scientists have used these collections for education, research and study. These influential data has contributed to the development of science, anthropology and so on, even though
today, internet and computers are taking over some part of the museum. I sincerely hope we can maintain this museum for the future.

Apart from the serious stuff above, sketching was really a fun. Very dim and dark. One friend had to "keep dancing" on a floor in order to get light. Why? A light sensor turns off every several minute. Oh, poor girl, but we giggled. Other friends said, "feel a bit headache" from too much concentration. But Friends, you know, I sketched Chinese First Emperor at NSW Art Gallery nearly in the darkness. So, the Macleay was quite kind to me.

Well, I whispered to other club members... one day... after the explosion of nuclear power plants... we may find this display....
Of course, the friends burst into laughter!!!
But Friends, this is a scientific joke. According to a biological research data, cockroaches would survive radiation exposure.
"Sadami, they don't understand literature."
"Well, after the nuclear exposure, they will achieve a miraculous evolution--get a great brain! That needs education for kids, too. Excursion for Macleay Museum."
"Hahahahaha!!!" we laughed, but...hopefully, it will never happen on homo sapience in the future.
Anyway, have a wonderful week and happy painting!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rhythm & Blues in Autumn

Friends, I sketched jazz players last Saturday in the Botanical Garden. "Close-up" excited me so much and a great fun. Enjoy them all.Jazz players were happy with my sketches, whcih made me happy, too.
...a bit embarrasing, I missed out the meet up with other Sydney Sketch Club members in the garden. I expected it at 3:30. BUT it was 3:00! (Thank you, Liz for "baby sitting" of this big girl!)

The jazz players had concerts at Vista Pavilion. After separating from Liz, I went back there and sketched this. We, sketch club members often get together in front of the "Palm Grove Centre," the shop in the Botanical Garden. Friends, could you guess what's hanging from the tree behind the shop? Many nuts? No, too huge as nuts! Tourists' bags? No, too high to hang on. What's that?
They are BATs!! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
But, bats~(*o*)~ ? Yes, bats or another name, "flying foxes."
Bats hanging on trees always give me this image. Shhhh... once, I made this illustration for a picture book... ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
(*NOTE: It's a stuffed toy, not a puppy in the story.)
Bats are stars for tourists. Even though Sydney siders are not happy, becuase they enjoy farmers' fruits and do dropping, but being protected by law. Mmmm....from bats' point of view, we, humans are invadors. Hopefully, we can find a compromised ground to live together peacefully. Lastly, the notice from a friend, sketch club member.Melting Pot of Love-Charity Group Exhibition for Japanese Earthquake victims Created By: Nao Hirata.
Opening Night : Thursday April 21st (6-8pm) Exhibition Dates: Thursday, April 21 at 6:00pm - May 3 at 3:00pm Location: Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence St, Sydney 2000

Well, the Sydney Sketch Club makes me very busy and productive.
Brillinat. How many sketches do I make per week?? My updating date is Monday, but in fact, I need upload work more. Otherwise, sketches will be piled up!

Anyway, I hope one day, I will enjoy sketching with You, my blog friends all over the world
Have a wonderful week and happy painting!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Sketches In Australian Autumn

Hi, Friends, in this post, I'd share my daily sketches in autumn. Today, our day light saving is over. (* Later, this Wednesday or Thursday, sketches on jazz players in the Garden come up.)Unlike the northern hemisphere, we do not have a "sentimental" fall in Australia. But winds get cold. Big waves mercilessly crashes into white and a sky gets grey--is autumn. I sketched this a few days ago after swimming.By the way, I still search for specific leaves that represent an Australian autumn. If anyone knows it, please let me know."Chanson d'automne" (Autumn Song) Paul Verlaine is my favorite poem. What sort of image do you have for an autumn? My image, Autumn weaves life and death into her colorful cloth. Probably, life and death is the most impressive drama in autumn that captures our heart and thoughts, even though it's always happening on at anywhere and anytime. Life and death are like a coin's heads and tails. Two in one. Unable to separate them. End is beginning. Vice verse. If so, always hope stays with us in any context.

While adults feel sentimentalism, children enjoy playing around outside like other seasons(who cares sentiment?!). Their energy is like a go-around-clock for "36 hours per day." Any child loves watching my drawing and painting. Soon we get friends.

Once, my friend's son came to me and clang to me till I had to leave. The friend confessed me with a surprise, "My son is so shy...a slightly autism-like child. Amazing... he likes you at once."

Another friend's daughters wanted to keep me playing with them and would
never leave us talk together. At last, the friend said, "This is mom's friend!! Please let us have a chat!" I had a big laugh. Those children have grown up to teenagers. Their memories are in fallen brown leaves.

A bit strange, when I was little, time stayed with me. Today, time flies away quickly, unless I grab it.
Well, it means I'm getting older?--I smile in falling leaves.
Also, autumn is a good season for art, sports, ride, and any outside activity. The other day, I saw a sexy bike with attractive purple. The owner said, "Women love this purple." Huge money was spent in the bike, more than a usual car price. Men's passion for bikes is beyond girls' understanding. (Of course, they nag?! at our enthusiasm for shopping.)
Friends, enjoy EVERYTHING in autumn...and live fully