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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Royal Society of NSW will publish Humboldt Symposium

Humboldt Symposium is to be published next year in a special issue of the Journal of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of NSW. I worked as a conference sketcher and it turned out a huge success. Many positive feedback came to my work. Really an amazing experience in my career. Please read here. You find me lots in the post and photos, Humboldt Symposium. In twitter, people most hit my sketch of a keynote speaker, Prof Siouxsie Wiles (Microbiology; University of Auckland).
Now, I've begun to understand Humboldt Foundation is the global PhD association. DAAD, too, supports PhD candidates and holders. 
The dinner party was a great fun, socialisation and net working among academics and top notches. 

I met Masako Fukui, a wonderful  bilingual writer, former social worker and journalist. She advocates non English speakers and fights for social justice. She's worked with Sheila, a language on the move team member, author, writer, editor, producer, radiomaker, scholar and comms professional.
Btw, Ingrid and other team members giggled and smiled at the 3 yrs old boy, a linguist’s son and me. He was very shy and would not come close to anyone, but soon he started to play with me that impressed others. We enjoyed a hide and seek.  
This conference sketcher work could pave my way to get more opportunities from academics and others. I thank for Prof Ingrid Piller's support. She always invites me and encourages me to restudy sociolinguistics. Thank you very much for Ingrid and her team. You worked so hard behind scene. You're the real heroes! 

Finally, Friends, thank you for a great patience for my post. I’ve been working hard to submit images, a deadline is in this month. But I’d keep posting interesting topics and good sketches. Have a great week. Friends, Happy Painting.