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Monday, February 18, 2019

Powerhouse Museum, Drawing Sydney

Between projects, I enjoyed sketching in Powerhouse museum held by Drawing Sydney. Imagination and creativity are our wings to fly across a sky. I chose this cart...imagined a crossed orphan girl with a step mother and a cheerful driver. From here, the girl's adventure and story would begin!-- is my imagination. 
Ohhh, Bleriot XI, brave Sadami waving at us, achieved the first flight from Melbourne to Sydney! -- is my imagination in Powerhouse Museum.
This is not from imagination, but from my observation. One of the organisers of Drawing Sydney. This sketch club’s facebook is private and closed to the public. Always the club takes a photo of all the participants, called a “school photo.” It’s inclusive and wonderful. Very happy to see members and the model loving my sketches. Thank you very much for an organiser and members warm friendship. 
Now, I’m gearing up for SCBWI international conference. I've already created my portfolio that includes black and white and colours. I'll finish up a dummy or a mock book this week. More closely updating info is available from my facebook. 
Authors and Illustrators, see you there!
Friends, Happy Painting!! 


Sunday, February 3, 2019

1)Sketching Statues 2) SCBWI Sydney Conference

Thank you very much for your patience to see this new post! 
Urban Sketchers Sydney enjoyed sketching "statues" in Hyde Park. Lovely to catch up with friends. Thank you, dear friends for warm cheers! The images : James Cook, Lachlan Macquarie, Queen Victoria. I've been very busy with the projects and organising a portfolio to an upcoming SCBWI conference this month. 
Captain James Cook
Click here, SCBWI Sydney Conference 2019. You can get the information. I'll submit my portfolio to "Illustrator showcase." Publishers will look around our portfolios during the conference. It's very popular event and highlight! My showcase site in SCBWI is here. You'll find my new illustrations for the project on haiku poet, "Basho."
Major General Lachlan Macquarie
I've joined SCBWI this year with mentors' advice, as the conference will be host in Sydney. Wow, I can't miss this and established author Libby Hathorn will help me, a novice, in the conference! I'll do my best for the portfolio. Exciting. I feel little by little, day by day, I'm making my dreams come true. Yet, certainly, I'm achieving it. I thank for all the supporters and peak bodies. Friends, keep your dreams and try them. I always send you my big cheers and hugs. 
Friends, Happy Painting!   
Queen Victoria (a half way through)